Friday, August 29, 2008

White Supremacist nutcases no threat says Secret Service

It is curious that three white supremacist nut cases arrested in Colorado, loaded with drugs and weapons, including one scoped high-powered rifle, and who admitted to a desire to kill Barack Obama, were not charged "with threatening an assassination."

The reason? They were high on drugs.

Meg White, writing for BuzzFlash, says that "After what they call an 'intensive' ... investigation lasting only a couple of days, the FBI and Secret Service say there is no real threat to Obama ...
U.S. Attorney Troy Eid seemed to say that because the men were on drugs, they shouldn't be taken as a serious threat."

The three druggies were discovered after a "chance traffic stop." That's bad enough, as it indicates the federal authorities had no clue these clowns were out there. Even worse, though, is that they were carrying "...two high-powered rifles, including one with telescopic sights, along with radios, wigs, a bullet-proof vest, a high-magnification spotting scope, three identifications not belong to Mr. Catrell, and 44 grams of the stimulant methamphetamine. One rifle had a threaded barrel so that it could be fitted with a silencer."

What does it take to be considered an assassination threat these days?

It appears that the FBI and the Secret Service believes if you're on drugs you couldn't possibly carry out an assassination threat.

And why, as Ms. White points out, was some man arrested in Miami earlier this month and charged with "verbally threatening Obama's life" when these clowns are not charged when attempting to carry out a plot and loaded with assassination gear? The Miami man faces up to five years in prison.

It's all very weird.

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Anonymous said...

One must wonder at what is considered a real threat. It these guys were after anyone reading this, I think they would be concerned.
Bob Poris

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