Monday, August 9, 2010

Cindy Jacobs, "prophetic" minister, calls for prayer

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We've written about Cindy Jacobs before. She's not a "prophetic" minister, she's merely pathetic and just another christianist con artist!

Adrienne Gaines, in a Charisma magazine article, tells how Jacobs, "co-founder of the Texas-based Generals International," got a divine "word" or sign on July 17 (that was a Saturday in case you were wondering) telling her "the U.S. economy was teetering."

Isn't that funny? Where has she been? The U.S. economy's been teetering since Reagan's devotion to tax cuts for the rich and his trickle-down stupidity. Of course Georgi W. Bushski didn't help matters when he got us bogged down in two illegal wars costing the U.S. taxpayers about $1 trillion so far and possibly as much as $3 trillion before the proverbial fat lady sings.

But halting U.S. warmongering, raising taxes on the rich, closing loopholes on the corporations so at least a few of them pay taxes - none of these things play a part in Ms. Jacobs' revelation from her god.

Nope! "She ... saw a vision of the economy on a justice scale and says her god told her that Christians must fast and pray for solutions that balance righteousness and justice to avoid another Great Depression."

Aha! Fast and pray! Oh, and send money so she can flit around the world telling other people to fast and pray and send her money.

But an important question arises: What doth Ms. Jacobs mean when she talks about "righteousness and justice"? It ain't what the biblical prophets spoke of and it has no resemblance to anything the legendary Jesus was supposed to have said!

Nope, according to Jacobs, our economic health depends on voting for the "right" people in the next election, our "returning to biblical values" and "continuing to support Israel." Such actions "will cause the U.S. economy to stabilize and strengthen. If we do them God will send "supernatural solutions ... that our natural minds could never reason, nor grasp and they will heal the land." seems these Christianist wingnuts have been flailing about praying for years, causing all kinds of hell in legislatures everywhere, marching and chanting, piously panting their hope that their god will love the good ol' U.S. of A. more than any other country like he always used to do! So what happened? Wasn't god listening?

Listen to this claptrap: "If we do not heed His word in this hour, there will be a tumbling of our economy and dark days will come such that our nation might never fully recover and have the greatness that God has favored us with for generations."

Oh, my goodness. The poor woman doesn't have a clue. What kind of god would favor the U.S. over other countries in the first place? And there is no "supernatural solution." There's no daddy in the sky that needs our prayers to entice him to do the right thing. There's no Republican god up there who hates gays and liberals and progressives and Keith Olbermann and especially Rachel Maddow! There's no conservative god sitting on his golden throne waiting for good christianist nutcases to vote for candidates authorized by fools like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin before he will make American great again!

But the daffy Ms. Jacobs thinks there is. Of course she does. And by preaching this crap she gets richer and richer because suckers all over the world, ignorant and naive, keep sending her money!

Ms. Jacobs is careful to continue the facade and pretend she knows what she's talking about. So she's going to "lead a 40-day fast beginning Sept. 24 and ending on Election Day, Nov. 2."

We've got to elect "pro-biblical values" candidates, she whines. Not! Those are the creeps that got us into this mess and will destroy the nation and perhaps the world before they're done!

Some of the clerics and other nutjobs who are supporting Ms. Jacobs in this endeavor include the imbecilic Lou Engle (supporter of the law in Uganda that would execute gays in that country); Charles Colson, ultra rightwing fundamentalist christianist and former crook who made a killing imposing his religious views on captive audiences in our prisons; and Richard Land of the Southern Baptist persuasion, perhaps one of the most moribund old nasties in christendom today; among others.

Engle, being loud and brash and never one to worry about looking hateful and stupid, said "We're saying it's not enough to pray, we must act. We must stand for the foundations of the sanctity of life, of marriage and religious freedom, but that's not enough. We must act. We must live a lifestyle of justice to the poor."

Ho, ho, ho.

All of this is so sad considering the fact that our nation and our world is indeed in dire straits. First of all, these religionists claim to know for a fact there is a god, and to know the mind of that god, who, of course, believes exactly as they do. Their pretensions are bullshit but they are able to convince a lot people, including many clowns inhabiting the hallowed halls of Congress!

Secondly, they think their god is going to destroy their beloved country if their beloved country doesn't force everybody to believe the way they do.

Thirdly, their god is very narrow-minded, concerned with the same old issues all the time: gay marriage, abortion, prayer in the public schools, blah, blah, blah. If their god really wanted those things and had any power at all, he'd just click his fingers and it would be done. He could do some supernatural magic. But this god in which they believe is weak and powerless and also fickle and very vain - he will do nothing unless people fast and pray and vote for "righteousness"!

The really sad part comes when we realize we are indeed facing an unhappy and uncertain future if we don't take action on certain issues now. But they are not the issues the christianist kooks crab about.

The issues that threaten our well-being include climate change caused by global warming. And in spite of those noted scientific minds, Beck and Limbahger, climate change is no longer debatable. It's happening now, big time, and is a massive threat to millions of people the world over.

This means we must immediately stage a huge effort to find alternative sources of energy. Time is of the essence.

But what climate change doesn't destroy, our human proclivity for continuous war just might! Guess which side these fundy christianists are on: the god of war's side. Which means they ache for Israel to bomb Iran to set off a conflict to bring about their moronic longing for Armageddon which is nothing more than the nightmare of a tortured 2nd century screwball. Jesus ain't coming back. And this roar for war will bring only the blackness of death over the planet.

It is also sad that these screwball christianists don't give a rat's ass about the jobless, those without health care, the erasing of our middle class, the corruption that swaddles Congress and politicians everywhere on both sides of the aisle, and the destruction of our environment, among other things.

Their god is a joke. Cindy Jacobs is a joke. The trouble is, the joke's on us. We've got too many "righteous" in places of power now! Georgi W. Bushski is a good example of what happens when a "righteous" man takes over the government and thinks he is doing his god's will. The result is death and destruction, poverty and homelessness, a nation in which the rich are becoming wealthy beyond belief while the middle class disappears and the poor get poorer and millions of families live on the street and do not get enough to eat.

If you believe in prayer and feel the need to pray, it might be wise to pray that all those things Jacobs and her entourage are praying for are negated and struck down.

Of course if there really were a omnipotent and omnibenevolent god, he or she would have put all the Jacobs of the world in their place a long time ago; perhaps on a small island in the South Pacific where they could crack open coconuts and preach to the empty shells!

If you want to read Ms. Gaines article along with news about other christianist fruitcakes, click here.

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