Saturday, August 30, 2008

The people of New Orleans are on their own

Hurricane Gustav is coming. Where, exactly, is uncertain. Probably somewhere near the city of New Orleans.

The city of New Orleans is not opening the Superdome this time. No rowdy crowd is again going to get stuck in there for days without sanitary facilities, food or water!

In fact, the city is not planning to open any shelters.

Insteady, the city is preparing to evacuate 30,000 resident in 700 buses. I'm not sure where they will be going.

New Orleans has between 310,000 and 340,000 residents - nobody knows for sure the exact number. Notice the evacuation is anticipated to move less than 10 percent of the residents!

Here's the situation. You can leave on your own or you can get on a bus. If you decide to stay, well, you're on your own. Good luck and farewell!

Oh, never fear, Bush, with Katrina on his mind and a Republican Convention to consider, has already done the politically-correct thing and declared an emergency which means nothing to people left behind in New Orleans, but will allow the feds to get busy before the storm to try to do something of value after the storm.

Don't let them put you in a FEMA trailer, though!

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Anonymous said...

I also assume that he will try to legislate from the bench to get his way. Such cynicism is harmful to our system but apparently that does not matter. How do we get politics out of such decisions? For some of us the name Bush will be forever suspect as destructive of our system. It started with Senator Prescott Bush and has continued to the current crop of draft dodging warriors trying to protect their millions, rather than do the job they were elected to do. Now Florida has added Crist to the equation. Too bad. Maybe Florida can drop down to last in education with a little effort. It is shameful that a few can keep Florida from becoming a state that can do so much for its citizens. Not all of us are rich enough not to care what happens to the vast majority of people living here. If I got mine, the rest can struggle. That is not very nice, nor is it in keeping with the pious mouthing’s of rich people doing God’s work.
Bob Poris

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