Monday, February 27, 2012

More on Santorum and religion

 "My lie was this big!"
[Photo from the Christian Science Monitor]

Joan Walsh, writing at Salon, has an excellent article dealing with Santorum's phony attack on JFK's statement about separation of church and state.

She begins it this way:

"We establish no religion in this country, we command no worship, we mandate no belief, nor will we ever.  Church and state are, and must remain separate.  All are free to believe or not believe, all are free to practice a faith or not, and those who believe are free, and should be free, to speak of and act on their belief."

Santorum went after JFK, a fellow Catholic, but a Democrat, claiming that JFK said people of faith had no role in government.  As Ms. Walsh points out, that was a lie on Santorum's part.  As I would point out, it's what we've come to expect of Santorum.

Regarding the above quote:  that was not JFK speaking, it was none other than Ronald Reagan when he was running for re-election in 1984.

Read all of Ms. Walsh's article here.

Santorum, throwing up and the Grand Inquisitor

News item:   The "saintly" Rick Santorum said that John F. Kennedy's take on the U.S. Constitution as to separation of church and state was just plain horrid.  I mean, really!  Kennedy actually believed and had the gall to say that his allegiance to the Constitution as president was more binding than his allegiance to a bunch of priestly old men in skirts who pranced around chancels!  How could that be? 

Santorum was so incensed by this thought that he "almost threw up"!  Well, you can understand that.  I mean doesn't everybody think that the US of A ought to be ruled by Canon Law, by Santorum's perverted view of Christianity?

Not so long ago a group of people gathered to listen to lil' Rick explain his view of the Constitution, religion and the place of religion in our government. 

Lil' Rick explained the best he could.  It was like moving back in time.  I mean, the sun revolves around the earth?  The earth is flat?  The pope rules?  Jews are bad?  Muslims are worse?  People do not have a right to have sex within the confines of their homes?  Homosexuals are like dogs-on-dogs?  Public education is terrible?  No woman should ever have an abortion?  Sex education is of Satan?  The United States is under the spell of Satan?  Birth control must be outlawed?  Let's bomb Iran?  Never apologize, even when you're wrong?  The president must follow Catholic theology?  The Crusades were about American values?  The glaciers are not melting?  Drill, drill, drill so we can send even more oil to other countries?  Immigrants are bad and should be driven from our shores (unless, of course they are Irish and Catholic!)?

Then, when lil' Rick got to talking about Kennedy and the separation of church and state and how religion is supposed to play an important role in the government (the Catholic religion, of course), all the people stood up ....

... AND THREW UP!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Romney and Santorum: Liars and perpetrators of nonsense!

Willard Romney, the richest of the nogoodniks running for the GOP nomination, thinks that everyone should be, and, in fact, is proud of his success and is happy as punch that his wife runs around in two Cadillacs.  Not one, but two.  And Willard has other cars too.  He's been successful, he says, and that means he can have as many cars as his little black heart desires.

He's right.  He can drive Caddies 'til GM goes out of business.

But he might be wrong about flaunting his success in the face of people who have no jobs, who have lost their homes and their savings and wonder where their next meal is coming from.

You think?  Maybe?

All of which doesn't mean Willard is a bad man.  Stupid perhaps.  Uncaring, certainly.  An elitist?  Sure.  Unable to empathize with other less fortunate people?  Absolutely!

But the latest gambit of Mr. Romney is a blinding example of the fact that while he may have money he has no class.  He is not honest.  Nor is he concerned about the country he wishes to lead.  He is says that the auto industry bailout was a mistake.  It was money that should not have been spent.  He doesn't mention that it saved the industry,  and that much of it has been paid back.

But Romney slithers deeper into the slime that is GOP politics these days.  He claims that the role Obama played in the auto bailout was corrupt; that Obama wasn't concerned about the auto industry but only about his union backers and that the bailout was a payoff to the unions.

This is a desperate ploy on the part of Willard and may well backfire.  And it raises the question that if he's really concerned about corruption in government why he hasn't gone after the Congress, the members of which are assumed to be corrupt as they are primarily concerned with the welfare of those who paid for them to be elected rather than the welfare of the people of the United States.  

Certainly, the unions benefited in that UAW members went back to work as their jobs were saved.  But to conclude that makes Obama corrupt is a far reach that compromises only Romney's ethics.

And then there's Rick Santorum.   Far from being the saintly character he pretends to be, Santorum is a slimeball of inordinate proportions.  He is ignorant and he is stupid.  He has a mean streak!

His persona and beliefs derive from the fact that he is essentially a fascist theocrat and believes the USA needs to be run according to the Roman Church and under the rule of Canon Law.

Consider what he has said:

Life begins the moment sperm and egg meet.  Every single sperm is sacred.  Thus, birth control should not be allowed.  You may remember his infamous statement that contraception is a huge danger in this country:  "It's not OK.  It's a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be."

How are things supposed to be?  Exactly as the Roman church has ordered.  Sex is a privilege granted by the church and not a right.  Santorum said that the Supremes were off base when they ruled that consensual sex within the confines of our homes was a right.  "Then," cried this moron, "you have the right to bigamy, the right to adultery...the right to anything."

This paragon of Catholic virtue, ignorant as doggy doo, said "This right to privacy doesn't exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution."

There's so much more:  homosexuality he compares to "man-on-dog" sex.  He thinks the Crusades were a good thing, they had to do with our "core American values."  He doesn't believe in Global Warming.  He hates public education (which makes some sense because he gets paid big bucks by the private education industry) and the Catholic Church has always hated public education for the same reason Santorum does:  Public, secular education is about helping people learn the difference between truth and bullshit while religious education is always first and foremost about indoctrination in bullshit! 

Santorum epitomizes the rationale for disbelieving in a god.  If there were a god such as the one which Santorum espouses, she would be a monster unworthy of worship or obedience.

But Santorum's wife is convinced that Santorum's god wants him to be prezident!  Dear Karen told Glenn Beck "I personally thing this [Santorum's candidacy] is God's will.  I think He has us on a path.  And I do think there's a lot more happening than what we are seeing."

This is important because as she told Beck, "...I do believe if President Obama is elected again, I do believe we are going to lose our nation as we know it."

And now the latest:  Santorum pontificated that Obama should not have apologized for the accidental burning of the Qurans in Afghanistan.  It made Obama look weak.  This is rampant stupidity on Santorum's part   To most, if not all Muslims, the Quran has sacred qualities which trump just about anything else on earth.  To deface, defile or destroy a copy of the Quran is unthinkable.  People who do such things will earn the enmity and animosity of the great bulk of the Muslim population.

The burning was an accident.  It seems the people involved were not paying attention.  Thus, the United States inadvertently but seriously insulted many millions of people around the globe.  Why wouldn't we apologize for such a thing?  How does such an apology make one look weak?  It doesn't, of course.  It shows that we respect other people and their beliefs.  Which is something Santorum doesn't understand.

I wonder if Santorum has ready any of the gospel stories about his Jesus.  The Jesus of the Gospels would find Santorum an incredible asshat and disavow him and his policies in a heartbeat!  The truth is Santorum doesn't believe in Jesus.  He believes in the Catholic Church and there's a huge difference, a gulf the size of the universe between the Jesus of the gospels and any of our current Christian churches!

Finally, Santorum had the gall to call Obama a "snob" because the President thought every child should have the opportunity to go to college.  Santorum was merely playing politics, of course, for he went on to say that not everyone was college material and lots of people work with their hands, blah, blah, blah.  Meaningless pap designed to play to his ignorant and gullible base.

Romney and Santorum - these are the best the GOP can do?