Saturday, October 6, 2012

Paul Broun, ignoramus extraordinaire!

Paul Broun is a U.S.  Representative from Georgia.  He is also an MD. Unfortunately, he is stupid and ignorant!  He doesn't believe in science.  Naturally, the Republicans put him on the House Science Committee!

Mr. Broun has said many really ignorant things in the past but this time he's proven he's also a lunatic and does not belong in our Congress or any law-making body.  He's a fanatic christianist who cares nothing for science, or evidence, or reality!

But his previous lunacy has followed the path of most christianist fundy politicians:

Broun has voted to ban federal health coverage that includes abortion.  He sponsored a bill to define life beginning at fertilization.  He voted to ban federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  He wants to declare the unborn persons under the 14th amendment.

Broun voted to end the Home Affordable mortgage program.  Voted NO on the stimulus program.  Voted NO on an economic recovery package.  Voted NO on monitoring TARP funds to ensure mortgage relief.  Voted NO on the GM and Chrysler bailout.

This nogoodnik voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation.  He wants to amend the Constitution to define "traditional marriage." He voted against enforcement of anti-gay hate crimes.

His record is almost entirely negative when it comes to funding for education.  On energy, he's a typical Republican bought and paid for by the oil and gas industries.  He wants more drilling, and he doesn't want the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases.  Anything to do with protecting our environment, Broun is against.  And he's a prodigy of the NRA, believing that most everyone should have guns almost everywhere!

Health?  Well, he's an MD, but he's against it.  He voted to defund Obamacare and voted against any resolution that would offer more health care opportunities to the American public.

But he loves Jesus and the Bible.  So, back in 2007 he suggested that Congress "Recognize Christianity's importance to western civilization, and in April of last year, he wanted to "Designate [the] first weekend in May as Ten Commandments Weekend.

The man is a nasty piece of work which he proved last month when he got up in a Baptist church and said:

"All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell. ...  And it's lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior."

Jesus Christ!  This clown is on the House Science Committee!  Talk about irony!  Talk about stupidity!

Evolution isn't in question - it's the basis of everything we know about life on earth!  Without evolution we're absolutely lost.  Science is our way of understanding the universe and who we are!  Evolution is true.  The Bible is not!

Perhaps we need a method of recalling our representatives if they prove to be so stupid they are a danger to themselves and the rest of the nation.  Broun would qualify.

There was a report today that climate change is impacting our life much more rapidly than we had thought.  What the scientists believed was decades away, is happening right now and nations in the South Seas will need to take immediate action to save their populations.  The ice is melting and the seas are rising.  Broun, being a relatively young man, may live to see the waves wash over him even as he pontificates about religious nonsense and fights any attempt to deal with global warming!

Couldn't happen to a more stupid person!

You can read more about Broun's speech at the Liberty Baptist Church here.

Christianist pastors plan to preach politics from the pulpit

Christian pastors plan to defy the government on Sunday!

This particular witches cauldron has been brewing for some time.   Fundy Christianists following the fascist right believe their "religious" rights are being trod upon if they can't tread upon the U.S. Constitution and its notion of separation of church and state.

Part of the problem for the rest of us is that Christian fascists have been treading upon us for some time but under different venues.  They've submerged their nastiness by supporting far right causes and programs under different names, such as Americans for Prosperity, for years.

 Now these unchristian pastors plan to give the IRS (and the rest of us) the finger by participating in "Pulpit Freedom Sunday."  Fourteen hundred christian fascist pastors plan to stand in front of their congregations "preaching biblical Truth about candidates and elections" tomorrow, October 7.

This is against the law.  The IRS has specified that tax-exempt organizations such as churches may not preach politics from the pulpit; they may not "campaign for or against political candidates."

This so-called "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" is, as noted by Salon, "a project of the Alliance Defending Freedom ... [a] Christian legal group which specializes in taking cases where they think 'religious liberty' is at stake.  Christian pastors have a right to preach whatever they wish from their own pulpits,  says the ADF.

It would be fun to test their theory about "rights" by having an Imam stand in front of his Muslim followers and preach a sermon favoring the take-over of the country by Islamists, specifically naming a Muslim leader chosen to complete such a project - in the name of Allah, of course.

Fundamentalist Christianists like to yammer about the anti-Christ, scaring the bejesus out of their parishioners.  The truth is they are the ones who are anti-Jesus.  Almost everything they say and do is opposite of what Jesus either taught or the way he lived--according to the Gospel tales.  Jesus said  "Pay your taxes to Caesar" and shut up.  Stop whining.  Get about God's work on earth - take care of the poor and the needy.  Don't be a hypocrite.  Don't pray in public.  Turn the other check.  Walk the extra mile.  Visit the sick and those in prison.  Jesus said if you are a rich person you're not going to get into the heavenly kingdom.  Jesus never spoke of turning Rome into a Christian empire.  He never mentioned overthrowing the temple and turning Palestine into a Christian state!  He said to obey the law and that he came to fulfill the Jewish Law!

If Jesus were to return to earth today, he would be appalled at what goes on in his name by these fundamentalist christianists who spend their time telling other people how to live their lives, or turning their religious beliefs (which have nothing to do with Jesus) into law, or trying to promote their biblical illiteracy in our schools and our military and our government!

Jesus would not recognize groups such as the Alliance Defending Freedom.  Such a group is contrary to everything he taught. 

Personally, I hope all 1400 of these unchristian pastors get arrested and tossed in jail for breaking the law.  What's funny is that these christianist churches are exempt from paying taxes (even though Jesus said they should pay taxes); they get all kinds of tax breaks for their schools and parsonages and other pursuits!  Soldiers in Iraq still carry weapons with Bible verses inscribed on them! 

The government is not anti-Christian, it promotes Christianity and for many of us that is an abomination!  And unconstitutional. 

And finally, Christianist fundys, as we have noted, are, almost without exception, tied into the fascist right in this country.  They are ultra-conservative and serve the rich and powerful.  They are against science, freedom for people different than themselves, people in need and the sick.  They are skilled liars operating on the principle that "the ends justifies the means," and thus fundy Christianists such as Sarah Palin can fantasize about health care "death panels" even though she has to know there is not, and never has been, any such thing!  They lie about capitalism and about socialism.  They do not follow Jesus, no matter what they claim, but rather use Jesus to bolster their right-wing political ideology.  They are fascist because many of their leaders have stated publicly that if they ever gain power they will ignore our constitution and enact new laws based on their understanding of the Bible, a collection of material written by ancient and ignorant men who knew nothing of science and thus precious little as to how the world really works and how life came to be on this miserly little planet.

As someone once said, "God save us from his followers"!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Romney & crew exploit old video to bring Obama down

Thanks to my good friend, Art Woodstone, for the following precise critique of Mr. Romney and gang.  Mr. Woodstone never fails to undercut the pretensions of politicians who would have us believe their lies are true!

If you don't read Drudge or the Daily Caller or watch Fox News, you may have missed this:  a 2007 video of then-Senator Obama praising the Reverend Wright and blaming governmental ineptitude and inefficiency in response to the Katrina disaster on white racism.   Romney's gang dug the video out of the files and are now trying to breathe life into their "discovery" to prove Obama is a threat to our country and the human race!

The Republicans tried to exploit the same video in the campaign of 2008 without obvious success.  But when you're desperate and you're Romney, it seems you willingly rely on the devil and his disciples for help.

The re-emergence of this video reflects the extreme lengths to which Romney and his cohorts, most of them way way right of sanity, will go to see their candidate elected.  This video is merely the particular method they are busy exploiting this week.   And that leads to a question or three.  Will the Goebbels gang ever stop attacking Obama?  No!  That's their sole purpose in this presidential contest.  Thus they're using this video to cast aspersions on the president's character feigning outrage that Obama would play the "race" card, as if racism had nothing to do with the government's farcical response to Hurricane Katrina.  

Does the Romney gang honestly think a) Bush's boys did enough and b) that there wasn't an element of racism in their lack of performance?  Whether they believe that or not, these "geniuses" from Drudge and the Daily Caller are bending over backward to fault Obama for his 2007 speech and to pour salt into the wound would also have the American people believe that praising the loudmouth Wright constitutes a fatal character flaw in our President.   Right?

Okay.  In that case, it's only fair that we examine a flaw or two in the character of the man Drudge and the Daily Caller would prefer to lead us as president.  In a moment of honesty, while speaking to his rich friends, he said he's not going to worry about the 47 percent (which undeniably includes the black majority in New Orleans devastated by Katrina) as they don't contribute to society [or to his campaign].

What does that say about the character of Mr. Romney?   It says he honestly doesn't care about almost half of the American people as he believes they are not worthy of his respect or support.

Furthermore, also relating to Romney's character or lack thereof, he obviously has no problem with his gang weaving long strands of lies into the fabric of his campaign.  Romney has had ample opportunity to tell these hate mongers who embrace the seductive mantra from the legacy of the Nazi, Joseph Goebbels, [who believed telling a lie often enough transforms it into truth] that he rejects their support and repudiates their distortions and outright falsehoods, as [in theory] he would any band of outlaws who lie solely to bring down another human being.

But Mr. Romney chooses not to do that.  Which makes him an accomplice in this maelstrom of lies.  So much for "character"!