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An Atheist Meets God

Keith Olbermann - Republicans strategy - Stall

Keith Olbermann - Worst Person in the World

Alan Grayson, whores, K Street and Congress

A whore is a prostitute according to the American Heritage Dictionary. A prostitute is one who sells sex for money; or one who devotes oneself or one's talents to an unworthy cause.

When Alan Grayson, a Congressional Representative from Florida (yeah!) called Linda Robertson a "K Street Whore," he was not off base at all. According to Howie Klein at the Huffington Post, Ms. Robertson, now "the Fed's head lobbyist" (formerly Enron's head lobbyist) began "attacking congressmen pushing for an audit of the Fed--primarily Grayson and Ron Paul-- ... Grayson reacted by pointing out that Robertson has a long and well-known career as a 'K Street whore.' She shills for whoever pays her. When it was Enron, she helped them steal billions of dollars from taxpayers and rate-payers and now that it's the Fed, she is crawling about DC starting whispering campaigns about members of Congress who are demanding the audit that the Fed dreads more than anything."

When the nogoodniks in our political life come under attack, they rally around the flag and scream bloody murder. Thus, Grayson quickly became the bad guy. Instead of considering whether or not what he said was accurate, he was beaten bloody by pious hypocrites who just couldn't believe he could so gross and uncaring and actually call a whore a whore.

A spokesperson for the RNC thought Grayson "a vile and vulgar man" who doesn't belong anywhere near Congress (because Congress is comprised of so many upstanding people, dontcha know). Even some Democrats jumped on the anti-Grayson bandwagon.

All of which is understandable for as Klein says, the word, whore, could be applied to "almost any member of Congress," as they take "immense sums of money from the very corporations on whose interests they are legislating." One of the biggest whores in Congress is none other than the man who ran for president on the Repugnican ticket in 2008, John (who never met a lobbyist he didn't like) McCain!

So the problem of whoring is one thing. And it infects most everybody in Washington, DC. But, it's not quite that simple for there are good whores and bad whores. Bad whores (most every Repugnican) take the money, provide the services for which they are paid, and ignore the needs of the people they are supposed to represent.

Good whores (some Democrats) take the money, provide a modicum of services for their benefactors, but also try (on occasion) to legislate matters so as to benefit the people they are supposed to represent.

It's not about whether the term "whore" was appropriate. Of course it was. It applies perfectly to Ms. Robertson and most members of Congress. What it's about is the difference between the good whores and the bad whores.

What's really funny, though, is the feigned indignation from the nogoodniks on the right. These are the same people who defend Limbaarger's racism, Glenn Beck's weepy tirades which include calling the president of the U.S. a racist; the same people who stand with a Michele Bachmann in front of the Capitol and scream that a bill to provide health care to Americans in need is the worst threat America has ever faced.

Our future doesn't bode well. Whores overrun Washington, D.C. like rats overrun New York City. Many of the representatives in Congress are certifiably insane. The people of our land consists, to a large extent, of broomsticks who, even if they had a brain, don't know how to read or comprehend anything more complicated than a McDonald's menu.

So, when an Alan Grayson shows up, all we can do is stand and cheer. And when he's attacked for speaking truth to power, we need to stand behind him. For even if we don't always agree with what he says or does, he is a light unto the darkness, a beacon of truth, a laser that might just blast away some of the blight that now covers the capitol city.

Read all of Mr. Klein's article here.

And for information of Mr. Grayson, click here.


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Rachel Maddow - Bachmann aide abandons ship

Some folks don't want to go down with a sinking ship!

Rachel Maddow - Post script on the Preamble

Friday, November 6, 2009

Carrie Prejean - God's little Objet d'tart

Carrie Prejean, the California beauty queen with plastic tits paid for by the Miss California pageant, who became the darling of the religious right for her stand against gay marriage, has gained new notoriety for her well-developed sexual prowess.

You'll recall, I'm sure, how Ms. Prejean claimed she was denied the Miss California title because of her religious beliefs and how she went around telling the world about the pain she suffered. Then she lost her runner-up status, too, because she didn't seem to have the wherewithal to perform her pageant duties.

And then came the news about her plastic tits and a sort-of-nude photo which she insisted was the only one ever in the whole wide world.

And the christianist wingnuts forgave her instantly for her fake boobs and her sort-of nude-photo and took her into their collective bosom and even invited her to share the stage with Repugnican poohbahs at the recent gathering of really freaky broomsticks called the Value Voters Summit.

As the Value Voters cheered and applauded their buxom hero, (who was introduced as "our Miss America), she stepped up to the mike to explain that "even though I didn't win the crown that night, I know that the Lord has so much of a bigger crown in heaven for me."

Not only so, but God had a plan for her all along, she said, and "he knew I was strong enough to get through all the junk that I've been through. I was a woman who stood up for the truth and people don't want to admit that. I had the courage and the bravery that a lot of people don't have."

Miss Prejean is supposed to have a book coming out this month titled, "Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks."

But that may be in jeopardy. Seems that Carrie decided to sue the Miss California Pageant folks for a bunch of stuff, including "public ridicule, anxiety, depression and a loss of sleep stemming from the official's handling of her career." (Salon)

Carrie showed up for court. It might have been her day in court except for the fact that "the defendants started playing an extremely graphic homemade sex tape starring none other than Miss Prejean, herself."

Michael Rodgers writing at Open Salon says "... it took only about fifteen seconds of playing the tape before Prejean decided to drop her lawsuit."

Heh. Heh. It seems Miss Carrie knoweth not the truth. But she does know how to make a man happy.

Keith Olbermann - Coup DeTwit

The Repugnican Party is now officially the party of hatred, racism and violence.

Led by Congressional broomstick, Michele Bachmann, the Repugs stepped off the plank into an ocean steaming with mythical ideological sewage. One by one, Repugnican congress people followed her lead, a group that included Paul Broun, the creepy from Georgia, and the House Minority Leader, the weepy John Boehner.

Bachmann, a truly demented lover of Jesus (which means she's crazy as hell), is also traitorous, villainous, and worthless. Unfortunately, voters in Minnesota keep returning her to office!

To watch these Repugnican thugs march lock-step with Bachmann, defining her dementia as sanity, is quite amazing. It's as if they believe they no longer have anything to lose; as if they can finally come out of the closet and show the world just how bad they really are! As is pointed out in this tape, the Repugs no longer have any deniability: They are racist hatemongers, pure and simple.

And this so-called "rally" or, which Bachmann tried to insist was a "press conference" (which actually turned violent in the halls of Congress) consisted mostly of people bused (and provided signs to wave) in by Americans for Prosperity, a right-wing group of CORPORATE wingnuts who refuse to acknowledge Obama as President and are dedicated to keeping 45 million Americans without health care!

Watch it and weep!

Jon Stewart demolishes Glenn Beckie

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it is official - new jersey IS run by thugs

This is a guest post by Dianne who writes at Forks Off The Moment. We present it with thanks!

Imagine Tony Soprano without the good looks, the charm, the humor.

Meet NJ's new governor. The (not so) honorable Chris Christie.

Here he is with his future defense attorney. Considering that our new governor likes to drive recklessly and then threaten the police Rudy should come in handy.

And here he is looking for his brains.

I can't say I'm surprised by what the news is calling an "upset". I am disappointed. My fears about my fellow citizens have come to light - when push comes to shove they only care about their little tiny patch of toxic land.

And there are those intellectual giants who probably thought they were voting for Christ. Or maybe they liked how CC looked on the shiny magical voting box. I met these folks at healthcare town meetings.

Homer Simpson could have won this election - all you had to do was bark as loudly as possible about property taxes.

And pander to those who have never lived anywhere but here and never read a newspaper - convince them that NJ has it worse than any other state (not true) and blame it all on a one term governor. It didn't help that Corzine has the personality of mulch. He couldn't excite a room full of imprisoned women if he had a vibrator stapled to his head.

Our new governor thinks women do not have the right to choose. He thinks gay people should not be allowed to marry. His children all attend parochial schools and he thinks early childhood education is "babysitting". He loves insurance companies. He adores big corporations.

He is a match made in the hell that I fear we are sliding toward.

And the funniest thing of all is that most economists say his proposals to lower taxes won't work anyway. Most say that Corzine would have kept taxes stable while continuing to save basic services.

I know this because I did my homework. I read both websites and then I checked their claims with third party sources.

My fellow NJ'ers apparently didn't have the time - they were far too busy screaming at town hall meetings and setting up their little anti-Obama tables outside the post office. Hell, it takes time to draw in the Hitler mustache.

This very same "upset" happened in Virginia. Be proud all ye Christie-ites - you're slipping closer and closer to the Mason-Dixon line.

Yo Democrats! Wise up. If you party doesn't start fighting back the only blue you'll have is the balls you sadly lack.

As for me and my new governor. I will bestow upon him the same respect Fox News gives the President. I hope he fails. I think he's a racist. He is absolutely part of a conspiracy to destroy American ideals.

Christie challenged Corzine to "man up and just call me fat" - Corzine didn't. I will.

You're fat Chris. A fat liar. A fat bully. A big fat slug in the Garden of this State.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Catholic sings to the cracker, "You gotta have heart!"

It happened over in Poland. A piece of a cracker (Communion wafer) was dropped during a mass and it fell into a container which contained some water.

Viola! It was transformed into human heart tissue! Yes! Isn't that amazing? Cracker to heart! You gotta love it!

Most medical university professors are dedicated scientists, and thus skeptical of outrageous claims such as this. But not Professor Maria Sobaniec-Lotowaska, who teaches at a medical university in Bialystok.

She says the material found in the container was indeed heart tissue.

How does she know that? No one knows. But she's very religious, said one colleague. And evidently forgot about her scientific training, as it appears she did not "carry out molecular and genetic testing."

Another colleague, a biologist, claims this so-called heart tissue was nothing more than a bacteria growing on the bit of cracker.

Scientists think "The professor saw what she wanted to see."

You think?

I mean, the holy Roman Catholic Church nutcases say it was not a hoax and the local police say there was no fraud, so what else could it be but heart tissue.

From cracker to heart. Right in a little Polish village. Jesus be praised!

And the deity laughed so hard at such nonsense, he fell off his golden throne which created a universal disturbance which further depleted the ozone layer which resulted in a rapid increase of global warming.

See, global warming isn't man-made after all!

It's god's fault. And that damn little cracker!

Virginia Foxx - Broomstick extraordinaire

[Image from here]

A broomstick is a human with the brains of a broomstick. Most broomsticks are Repugnicans and not remarkable in any sense. They are easily led into all kinds of dilemmas, none of which are helpful to them or the nation. But being essentially brainless, they believe and say frightful things, things that have no basis in reality.

One of America's foremost broomsticks, a broomstick extraordinaire, is a Congresswoman from North Carolina, Virginia Foxx. Naturally, she is a Repugnican.

We present her latest oral diatribe as the quote of the day and as an example of how stupid some broomsticks really are. Unfortunately, Rep. Foxx's broomstickiness is hurtful to millions of people in our nation:

Speaking of the health care reform bill being considered by Congress, Foxx, the broomstick saith:

"I believe we have more to fear from the potential of that bill passing than we do from any terrorist right now in any country."

Rachel Maddow - Republicans turn away from the middle

I don't know if this is news but it is newsworthy - the Repugnican Party has become the party of extremist nutcases, living in some netherworld where neither truth nor compassion has a place.

It's the world of Limbaargh, Palin, Coulter, and almost 99 percent of elected Repugnicans across the country.

Keith Olbermann - Paul Broun, Worst Person in the World

Paul Broun of Georgia typifies the GOP these days. Elected by the people, Broun and his cohorts ignore the needs of the people in order to shill for the corporate interests that finance their political careers. Seems that's quite close to the definition of "traitor."