Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A President's Prayer

Thanks to Atheist Cartoons.

We can't afford anything but war in the good ol' US of A

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Social Security is in trouble "they" tell us. It isn't, but "they" (meaning Repugnicans, mostly) lie as a matter of course. Repugs also call Social Security an "entitlement" program which is another bald-faced lie. It is no such thing.

Medicare, these nogoodniks claim, is also in trouble. And we sure as hell can't afford decent government-sponsored health care like our politicians get. We don't have enough money for our schools, for our teachers, cops, firemen. We can't afford to fix our ailing infrastructure.

The word is out that those of us who receive Social Security should not expect a cost-of-living increase again this year. In spite of the fact that prices are rising quite rapidly...that a few groceries set me back $200 today and to fill my gas tank cost $53, the government (which supposedly is "my" government) has no money to fulfill its promises to me or "we, the people"!

But we've got enough money to wage war. We've got plenty of money to spend if it's about killing people we don't like.

And any talk about Afghanistan or Libya or Iraq having to do with our "security" has long lost its validity. It's all bullshit. We're not in any of those places because we care about the people or because we care about democracy or because we want to help the poor souls who live under Middle Eastern or any other dictators.

If any of that were true, we would have attacked Saudi Arabia long before we sent in troops to destroy Iraq or to bring regime change in Afghanistan. We would have blown up Yemen and Egypt and Iran, not to mention China, Cuba, Venezuela years ago!

In fact, historically, we have cared about nothing except to ensure that our corporate overlords were able to continue to rape and plunder the earth for their own profit, whether it involve bananas or oil or anything else.

And I'm pissed. The idea of America has gone to hell.  What America is supposed to stand for is a joke!  We've got a Congress filled with rich morons (about 300 members of Congress are millionaires, and a majority of the Repugs in Congress think global warming is a hoax and evolution is false) who are wedded body and soul to the corporations that have bought and paid for them and their services!

Many of our representatives in Congress and our state legislatures believe in the legendary Jesus as their personal savior. That, they think, gives them the right to lord it over women and women's bodies. Thus, over 300 anti-abortion laws are currently in process in the various states!

And these Jesus lovers, wherever they are found, evidently see nothing wrong with murdering folks if those folks happen to live in a foreign country and follow a different religion!

But right now, at this moment, reading of our freaking stupidity in Libya, I'm angry as hell!

Pauline Jelinek in an AOL article, describes how the Pentagon has spent $550 million "extra" dollars in Libya. But this, of course, does not begin to describe the real costs. One official believes that the Libyan operation will cost us another $40 million "over the next three weeks" and then the costs will settle in at $40 million a month.

Jelinek says one "lawmaker" "... estimated last week that Libya could be a $1 billion campaign."

Hah! Anyone in their right mind knows that the military lies routinely when it comes to operations and expenditures. The likely cost will be millions more!

We've already spent over a trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan and those costs just keep on coming. And for what? And why do we give a damn about Libya?

It's oil. It's always about oil. It's always been about oil!

So don't listen to those sons-of-bitches who say the U.S. is broke; who whine about the deficit; who blithely claim we can't afford a cost of living increase for our elderly! They all lie. Big time.

If we can afford $1 billion to kill people in Libya and $1 trillion plus to kill people in Iraq and Afghanistan, we can afford a cost of living increase for our Social Security recipients!

A final observation: It doesn't occur to Repugnicans because they don't seem to have to worry about how they're going to make a mortgage payment or buy groceries, but there's something wrong in this country when many corporations pay little or no taxes on their income.

There's something hugely wrong when a company like General Electric can post a profit of $23 billion plus and pay ZERO taxes!!!!

You can read the entire article by Ms. Jelinek here.