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Racist Homophobe Buchanan to be on "Meet the Press"

NBC has invited the homophobic racist, Pat Buchanan, to be a guest on "Meet the Press."

Why?  A fan of Adolf Hitler is about as low as one can go.

Chuck Todd is responsible.  And this is another example as to why Chuck Todd ought to be put out to pasture.  He's quite at home with bullshit.

Fire Chuck Todd now.

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Alan Grayson on Social Security and Medicare

What follows is an email I received from Alan Grayson this morning.  I thought it was worth sharing and deeply wish that every senior in Florida could read it!  Especially those who are living on Social Security and Medicare but still somehow think those are bad things.

By coincidence, the same day that Jeb Bush was caught saying that Medicare needs to be "phased out," I was on Fox News Radio with national host Alan Colmes, talking about Medicare and Social Security. Our discussion went quite differently, though. Listen to this specific blueprint for how to improve Medicare and Social Security:

COLMES: I'm Alan Colmes. I'm always happy to welcome to our microphones Congressman Alan Grayson, representing Florida's 9th district in Congress, and now seeking the seat of Marco Rubio in the Senate. Mr. Grayson, thanks for coming on the program tonight.

GRAYSON: Thanks for having me on. As one Alan to another, thank you very much. . . .

COLMES: All right, let's talk about some serious issues here with Alan Grayson, who is seeking the Senate seat that is now controlled by Marco Rubio. What are your plans for Social Security and Medicare? Those are the things I know that are very important in your state of Florida and they're important nationally. It seems like those governors who expanded Medicaid coverage are the ones that are doing better by their constituency in terms of the ACA.

GRAYSON: Well, it's very simple. Seniors deserve a raise. That's what it comes down to. Seniors have been cheated now for decades, because of the way we miscalculate these cost of living adjustments. They fall further and further behind every year. That has to change. We have to make up for some of the losses they have incurred just by remaining alive and living through these miscalculations, year after year and month after month. The [adjustments] should be calculated on the basis of what seniors are actually spending their money on and not on the basis of some skewed CPI thing that the government comes up with that has nothing to do with how seniors spend their money. Does it really matter how college tuition changes if you're a senior and you don't have a child in school and you're not in school? Does it really matter? Of course not. It's like the tree that falls in the forest and nobody hears it. Beyond that, Medicare also has to be expanded. We make a promise to seniors that we're going to take care of them and their health in their old age, and somehow we exclude their eyes, their ears, and their teeth.


GRAYSON: That's never made any sense to me. It just doesn't make any sense. So I'm proposing three specific things in regard to seniors. First, expand Medicare to include eyes, ears, and teeth. Secondly, we expand the cost of living adjustment to be fair to them and to help to give them back some of what they've lost over the years. And third, we eliminate the double taxation of Social Security. You pay taxes on Social Security when you pay into the system, and then you pay taxes again when it pays out to you. And let me tell you something -- Democrats, Republicans, Independents, everyone's upset about that.

COLMES: So does Social Security need to be saved? Is there a problem with it?

GRAYSON: I have drafted a bill that makes Social Security solvent until the end of time.

COLMES: Until the end of time?

GRAYSON: Until the end of time, at least according to the people who actually evaluate these things on behalf of the government. It's very simple. We have to -- you've heard the term before - "scrap the cap." We scrap the cap, and make sure that everyone pays equal amounts of their income into the system. Not even a progressive amount, just an equal amount. We stop zeroing out people once they get to $125,000 of income each year. [That makes Social Security] solvent forever.

COLMES: What about raising the [retirement] age?

GRAYSON: My goodness, well what's the need for that? If we have a system that's solvent forever, why would we want to cheat seniors [that way]? People pay into the system for 40 years. Why would we want to change the rules?

COLMES: Because people are living longer, you know. People are. Is 65 even a reasonable age at which people should retire at this point?

GRAYSON: I would say so. I know plenty of seniors in Florida, and I will tell you that you reach a point when you simply can't work any longer. You can't work. You're too frail. Regardless of the fact that you're still alive, that doesn't mean that you can show up for work at 8 o'clock in the morning, and operate a pneumatic drill. There's plenty of work that seniors simply are [physically] unable to do. And, in fact, 1/3 of seniors get no income at all except for Social Security. So what are we going to do? Force those people to work until they die? . . . .

COLMES: I appreciate your coming on the program. Obviously this will be a campaign we'll be watching, and I always appreciate your graciousness and goodwill to come on this show, Congressman Grayson, and I thank you for your time tonight.

If you want someone who will be a champion not just for "preserving" Social Security and Medicare, but improving them, you've found one. Support our campaign today.


Rep. Alan Grayson
Candidate for the U.S. Senate

From the Sources 2

FTS 2 (From the Sources)

The Israelites as described in the Hebrew book of Leviticus believed strongly that Yahweh desired, indeed demanded, sacrifice for the expiation of sins.  There are numerous rules for making such sacrifices in order to get back in the good graces of God.

Here's an example, from Leviticus 5:

If a person touches anything unclean, such as the dead body of an unclean animal, whether wild or domestic, or of an unclean reptile, or it he touches anything unclean in a man [not sure what that means] ... and it is concealed by him although he is aware of it , he shall incur guilt."

"Unclean," in this passage, does not refer to physical dirt, but to a spiritual or ritual uncleanness.   In the Roman church today, it might reference something like missing Mass on Sunday morning, or dropping the Host out of your mouth.  In fundy Christian churches it could mean masturbation or failing to tithe.

The point we're making is that in order to get back into harmony with Yahweh, the ancient Israelites had to offer a sacrifice, usually of a bull or goat or even two turtle doves or two young pigeons.  "[T]he priest shall make expiation for the sin the man has committed and it shall be forgiven him."

Such a theology is best described as a sacrificial cult.

In the book of Matthew - written a generation after Paul came on the scene, which means Paul never had access to it - Jesus is presented as one who insists on upholding the entire Law as laid down in the olden days.  But, he carries things much further!

He does NOT say that he will become a human sacrifice which will save people from their sins if they just have "faith" in him.  

He goes back to the Law and then way beyond.  Jesus is all about action, real action in the real world, not about ritual action in a temple.   One needs to change his life not his offering at an altar!

From Matthew 5:21ff:  "You have learned that our forefathers were told, 'Do not commit murder; anyone who commits murder must be brought to judgement.'  But what I tell you is this:  Anyone who nurses anger against his brother must be brought to judgement.  If he abuses his brother he must answer for it to the court; if he sneers at him he will have to answer for it in the fires of hell. ...

"If someone sues you, come to terms with him promptly while you are both on your way to court; otherwise he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the constable, and you will be put in jail. ...

"You have learned that they were told, 'Do not commit adultery.'  But what I tell you is this:  If a man looks on a woman with a lustful eye, he has already committed adultery with her in his heart. ...

"You have learned that they were told, 'Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.'  But what I tell you is this:  Do not set yourself against the man who wrongs you.  If someone slaps you on the right cheek, turn and offer him your left.  If a man wants to sue you for your shirt, let him have your coat as well.  If a man in authority makes you go one mile, go with him two. ...

"You have learned that they were told, 'Love your neighbour, hate your enemy.'  But what I tell you is this:  Love your enemies and pray for your persecutors; only so can you be children of your heavenly Father, who makes the sun rise on good and bad alike, and sends the rain on the honest and the dishonest."

Now, we're beginning to get an idea why Paul, the itinerant preacher, would not care much for what Jesus is reported to have done and said.  All of these passages blow Paul's theology out of the water.  The religion of Jesus had to do with acting in loving and responsible ways; going the extra mile; turning the other cheek.

Those things are hard to do.  It's much easier to say "I accept Jesus into my heart," as the fundy's insist you must do to be saved; or to go to church and sing hymns of praise or to go to confession and admit you've sinned.

You may remember the scene from "The Godfather," where a mafia family gathers in a church to witness a baptism of one of their own at the same time their orders to murder a rival are being carried out.

Not that Paul was a murderer, but that is an explicit example of the difference between what Jesus taught and what Paul preached.

Let's bring Jesus up-to-date.  How many self-described Christians these days follow his admonitions?  Christians in 2015, for the most part, totally ignore and thus deny what Jesus taught, betting all their chips on Paul's notion that one is saved by "faith." 

One cannot expect that non-Christians follow the teachers of Jesus, but ask yourself if Ben Carson, a Seventh-Day Adventist and a pious man, or Rick Santorum, a strict Roman Catholic who thinks the Pope is walking the wrong road, or Mike Huckabee, a Southern Baptist preacher who lies as a matter of course, etc., show any evidence they have read or heard of or remember or give a damn what Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew.

To claim to follow Jesus and then neglect to do so is, I believe, a powerful example of hypocrisy!

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From the Sources

Lots of people claim to believe the Bible.  Some even claim to have read it.   But most are ignorant of the different types of material in the Bible, when the various "books" were written, who wrote them, or what the Bible actually teaches.

Everyone without exception, including those who read the Bible literally and believe the Bible contains no error of any kind and is God's unchanging word to the world, takes the bits and pieces from the Bible which suits them and ignores other bits and pieces which doesn't fit into their theology.

"From the Sources" will be an occasional study in which we do little more than quote from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament; from the actual sources.

You might be surprised.

[Note:  Quotations are from The New English Bible]


Leviticus 3:12-17 - This section of Leviticus discusses how to deal with animals brought as sacrifices to the Lord.

If a man brings a goat as an offering to be sacrificed to the Lord, the fat from the entrails, the two kidneys, and all the other fat must be burned as a pleasing odor to the Lord.

v. 17 - “The priest shall burn this at the altar … All fat belongs to the Lord.  This is a rule for all time, from generation to generation wherever you live: you shall not eat any fat or any blood.”

[Notice there’s no disclaimer about a later human sacrifice by a certain Jesus which would nullify this “rule for all time.”]

So, you must obey if you care about pleasing God.

Matthew 5:17ff - Jesus said, “Do not suppose [as St. Paul taught] that I have come to abolish the Law and the prophets; I did not come to abolish, but to complete.  I tell you this: so long as heaven and earth endure, not a letter, not a stroke, will disappear from the Law until all that must happen has happened.”

That’s pretty clear.  Those who do not keep the entire law will, Jesus says, “have the lowest place in the kingdom of Heaven, whereas anyone who keeps the Law, and teaches others so, will stand high in the kingdom of Heaven."

If you are a Christian, you must ask yourself if you’ve been keeping the Law.  And you cannot claim that Paul said his Christ superseded the Law and the Law was no longer in effect, because Paul, nothing more than an itinerant preacher, cannot nullify the teachings of Jesus, the Lord!

We'll find another surprise as we go along.  Paul wrote several of the earliest books in the New Testament.  The Gospels were created a generation or more later.  Paul knows essentially nothing about Jesus' life and ministry and shows no interest in it.  Which is probably one reason there are so many contradictions between what Paul taught and what Jesus taught.  Of course, Paul never met Jesus and never knew him and the Gospels hadn't been written when he was wandering the Mediterranean  preaching about his "Christ," so he was at a disadvantage.

Dinosaurs - Making a Comeback!

In a potentially terrifying case of life imitating art, the renowned paleontologist who served as the inspiration for Jurassic Park protagonist Dr. Alan Grant is spearheading genetic research that could engineer dinosaurs back into existence within the next five to 10 years, he says. 

While Dr. Jack Horner, who has consulted on all four Jurassic films, initially believed the key to recreating the prehistoric creatures lied in working with ancient DNA strands, further study about DNA degradation over time has since ruled out that possibility. 

Instead, a group of scientists at Harvard and Yale have turned their eye to -- wait for it -- the modern-day chicken. “Of course, birds are dinosaurs," Horner told People magazine. "So we just need to fix them so they look a little more like a dinosaur."

--The above is from Geoff Weiss, a writer at

Well, I've got to pour a little water on this particular fire!  We don't need any more dinosaurs.  They supposedly went extinct eons ago.  What good would they be?

Furthermore, if you've not been stranded on a desert island for the past 50 years, you know we have a political party that is comprised almost entirely of human dinosaurs.

The halls of Congress are riddled with them.  Many state governors are parodies of them.  Dinosaur manure needs to be cleaned daily from our state legislatures!

These dinosaurs are stubbornly stuck in the past, unwilling to see the light, incapable of intelligent discussion or legislation, and fervently worship an ancient god of sacrifice at the altar of mammon - money!

To put it another way, they have, for the past 60-70 years, fought every progressive, humane, humanitarian, decent, worthwhile piece of legislation that has been proposed!  Fortunately, another party consisting primarily of non-dinosaurs, was able at times to pass laws that worked for the benefit of the common people in this country, and not the oligarchs.

These contemporary dinosaurs, as you know, are called Republicans.  To get a sense of their spurious beliefs and their deadly ideas as to how to run the country, listen to any of the 16 wannabees running for president as they rise from the darkness and flay us with their threats.

One example should suffice:  T'he dinosaur governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, has just recently cut $200,000 of the state's budget which was supposed to go to the university system, and gave it to the owners of a Milwaukee sports team to build a stadium.

Walker has said that if he's elected president, he will repeal Obamacare on his first day.  He can't do that, of course, but it plays well with the base still stuck in the tar sands.  He also said one of his first actions would be to nuke the deal with Iran.

A final thought:  Perhaps dinosaurs recreated from chickens isn't such a bad idea.  They'd certainly have more common sense and discernment than the group of dinosaurs which currently defines the Repugnican Party!

Sam Harris simply destroys Christianity

Jesus: the cover-up

RWW News: Robertson to Obama: Listen To 'Fellow Africans,' Ban Homosexau...

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A "Christian" Flag Flew Over An Alabama Police Station

The town is Glencoe, Alabama.

The city fathers thought it a good thing to fly, not just the U.S. flag and the Alabama state flag, but also the Christian flag over the town's police station.

Well, yeah, there might be a few non-Christians in town, but who cares.  They have to understand this here's a Christian nation, and if they don't like it, they can move elsewhere!

Except that is bullshit.  The U.S. is not a "Christian" nation and never was, in spite of the fact that a lot of so-called Christians live within its borders.

Furthermore, the so-called "Christian" flag is a relatively recent invention.  It was first conceived on Long Island, New York, in 1897 and spread out from there.  Now, while many denominations use the flag, it really has very little meaning.   I'll bet that 99% of Christians could not even describe it correctly.

Today, many churches have both the U.S. flag and the Christian flag placed usually in the front of the building or on the chancel/altar area.  I can understand the Christian flag but why the U.S. flag?  Their message is that God loves all people equally; that Jesus went to the cross so that ALL people all over the world could be saved through faith in him.  God's love is not limited to people in the United States.  That's the message they preach.

Of course they don't believe that.  They just mouth the words.  We see that hypocrisy every day in every way in every community in this country.  And because they don't believe their own mission is precisely the reason they put the US flag in their churches; it's as if their lack of faith can be covered up by flying the country's flag.

But the US flag has no place in a Christian church.  The only flag that should be flying in the chancel of a Christian church is the Christian flag and even that makes very little sense.

I've always thought the Christian flag was kind of a joke.  Why do Christians need their own flag?  Are they marching to Pretoria, or to Jerusalem, or to Chicago?  Do they need a banner of their own to which they can pledge their allegiance.  Isn't their pledge of allegiance to their Christ enough?

What happened in Glencoe, is that the atheist organization, Freedom from Religion, threatened to file suit arguing that the Christian flag does not belong on a city police station.  The town fathers caved rather quickly because, they said, they didn't have the money to defend themselves in a lawsuit.

In that regard they were smart.  They doubtless realized they would lose.  The law is against them, the Constitution is against them.  And even if the good Christians of Glencoe came out in droves to protest this attack against their religion, their protests are to no avail.  Sorry, Charlie, but you can put the Christian flag in your homes, in your churches, in your vehicles, in your bathrooms, but it is not to wave over your city police station!

And why do Christians do these stupid things?  Are they so unsure of their faith they have to fly a flag to prove they really believe?  Do they think God's gonna get 'em if they don't have the Christian flag flying over their police station?  Do they want to offend non-believers, the people they are supposed to be loving in order to win them for Jesus?

None of it makes much sense to me.

You can read more about the origins and development of the Christian flag here.

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Zach Johnson thanks Jesus for his Open victory

I thought he was going to make it.  I really did.  He was humble, and polite and said all the things expected of the Open champ as he stood in front of the officials and the gallery at St. Andrews last Monday.

It went down hill when he started thanking people.  And he thanked everybody.  He thanked his wife,  his caddie, all the folks at St. Andrews who worked so hard to pull off the tournament.  He thanked everyone who turned out to watch him win in a playoff and to all the people who ever had anything to do with golf since it was invented in Scotland.

In other words, he went on and on and it was very nice.  But then as he wound down his remarks, he bowed his head meekly and said something to the effect that he wanted also to thank his Lord Jesus who gave him the strength to carry on to victory.

Zach Johnson seems like a nice guy.  He certainly is a good golfer.  But he blew it for me when he pretended that God gave him the victory at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia, a few years back and he blew it again with this paean to the legendary Jesus after his win at St. Andrews.

Zach is a fundamentalist Christian and has been written up in the extreme Pentecostal Charisma magazine.  He has the right to believe anything he wants and I will defend his right to express his religious notions.  But, please, if the man really thinks there's some sort of deity, the god responsible for creating and running the universe, who gives a rat's ass as to who wins a golf tournament, even if it is the (British) Open, he's delusional.

So, go ahead and keep playing golf, Zach, but please ask your Lord to keep you the hell away from political office!  We've got enough asshats in Congress and in other political offices who live under the delusion they have received the Word from their "god" to remake our country into some kind of fundamentalistic Christian theocracy!

One final note:  There are a number of fundamentalist Christians on the PGA Tour.  I would think that if they agreed with Zach's notion that his Lord Jesus helped him win the tournament they'd be pretty pissed off.  Why didn't God help them win?  Is Zach so special?  Is he more pious than the rest of the Bible-thumpers?

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Quiz Show (Bible Contradictions)

Flags and Treasonous Fathers

The following is part of a longer essay which appeared on Daily Kos.  It was written by Joan Jacobsen who is a Civil War historian.

Because of hurt feelings in the South, because of the “Lost Cause”-myth and because of the general American adulation of anything or anyone wearing a uniform … a cultural trait which honestly confounds and bewilders many non-Americans … the Confederate soldiers and leaders are considered heroes to this day. Great men who fought valiantly for a “Lost Cause”.

But it is a lie.

They were traitors to their nation. There is no other term that applies. I realize that they felt differently, and that for example Robert E. Lee felt saddened by the rebellion, while at the same time feeling that Virginia was his "country" and that he couldn't take up arms against it. But Virginia was not an independent country, nor was any other state. I find it difficult to believe that highly educated men like the Confederate leaders generally were, did not know the difference between a confederation of independent nations and a federation of states. The issue of "states rights" did not make each state an independent, autonomous nation. States rights simply gave each state a certain level of autonomy on some issues. Today, we'd call that kind of thing "home rule" and it is still in use in various parts of the world. It gives certain areas or territories, such as Greenland, which is formally a part of Denmark, the right to self-determination on certain internal affairs, although they are still subject to being overruled by the parliaments of the "mother country". The same thing went for the rebel states in 1861. They could make decisions on internal affairs, subject to being overruled by the federal government.

This included the issue of slavery. While ostensibly an internal affair, a federal emancipation of the slaves would have overruled the legislation of the individual states.

This was not only known to the state assemblies in the rebel states. It was precisely the reason why they seceded. Ergo, they acknowledged that states rights were superceded by federal legislation. It was never, as later Confederate apologists would have us believe, a matter of the federal government overreaching. The precise and exact reason why the rebel states seceded was because they knew they were subordinate to the federal government, and they wouldn't accept it.

That makes their act of secession treason by definition.

Please read the entire article here.

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Gun Nuts Guarding the Military - The Downside

I suppose there are rare occasions when handguns might be useful.  Maybe your gun would be effective if an intruder were in your home and you got the drop on him/her.  But it's my understanding that in such situations people can freeze, or shoot wildly, so there's always the chance you'd shoot your spouse or one of your children, or miss the intruder, in which he or she shoots you dead.

There are very few situations when a gun is going to help you defend yourself if you are a normal, law-abiding citizen going about minding your own business.  If you get into a verbal fight, it could escalate to the point your opponent might draw a gun and shoot you.  But you probably wouldn't have a chance to respond because you'd be dead.

If you were in a road-rage situation and your antagonist stops his car, pulls a gun and shoots you, it's lights out.  Same goes if he slows down and you try to pass him.  Bang, you're dead!

Or let's say you're in a movie theater watching a movie when some crackpot sneaks in the back and, standing in the shadows, opens fire with an AK47.  That wee little gun in a holster on your hip will probably do you no good at all because your first reaction is going to be to dive under a seat.  And if you lift your head to get a shot at the perpetrator dressed in black standing in the dark you're likely to get your brains blown into the next county.

It is a rare situation where you will be able to perceive a mortal threat via a handgun or any kind of gun in time to react accordingly.

I've already commented on the fact that the Second Amendment does not authorize every man, woman and child in the U.S. to be armed with any number or kind of weapon available.  In fact, it has very little to do with individuals at all.  It has to do with a "well-regulated" militia such as a state's National Guard.  Members of such a "militia" shall have the right to arm themselves.

Additionally, I've noted that in the real Wild West, contrary to the Hollywood version, people were generally disallowed from carrying weapons in the towns cropping up in the hinterland.  The leaders of these towns were adults who understood the danger of having armed citizens wandering around carrying Colts on their belts, especially after they had a few belts at the local saloon.

Unfortunately, we have an awful lot of non-grownups in this country who have been fed a line of bullshit by the NRA and who have come to believe they should not only be able to own whatever weapon their miserable little hearts desire, but should also be able to carry them openly into any venue they so please, no matter if it scares the crap out of normal people; no matter if they're angry, no matter if they're drunk, no matter if they're crazy!

It is estimated that there are 283 million guns loose in the United States.  Approximately 30,000 people are killed by guns in this country every year.  That record is worse than most every other industrialized nation.

Doubtless you have heard of the recent shooting at a military recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  All told, five people were killed, including four marines.  A similar shooting took place in Little Rock in 2009.

This has led the gun nuts to cry for, naturally, more guns.  Politicians and other crazy people are yelping that we must arm the military personnel in the recruitment centers.  Give them all guns and all will be well.

But, the military authorities have been slow to act.  They know a little bit about guns and the dangers involved and are making no rash decisions.  They might even be trying to determine if the outcome would have been different had the military personnel in the recruitment center been armed.

Then there are the wackos and rednecks who have decided to defend the military who defend us.  It's only right, they say.  These military people who fight for our freedom should be spared from attack, they say.  So, civilians, armed with a variety of weapons, are now taking turns guarding the military in Chattanooga.

Let that seep into your consciousness for a few minutes.

I have a message for all you civilian guards with guns:

First:  If you are so enthralled with guns and military action and the possibility of dying, then join the Army.  Give it your all, not just an hour or two.  If this is so important to you, become one with those "defending our freedoms."  Put yourself in the ring of fire!

Secondly:  A word of advice and a word of warning:  Be very, very careful and be very vigilant.  And be prepared to die.

Here's why:  As I understand it, the situation in Chattanooga was a drive-by shooting involving automatic weapons.  If you're standing in front of that recruiting center and a car drives by and sprays hundreds of bullets in a few seconds, you will most certainly expire on the spot.

And sadly, I'd guess you are not a Muslim and therefore will not have 72 virgins awaiting your arrival in Paradise.  Damn!

Depends on whose ox is gored

First of all, I do not think John McCain is a hero.  He even says he's not a hero.  His record as a Naval aviator is less than heroic.  He graduated at the bottom of his class from the Naval Academy.  His poor flying skills cost the Navy several planes. He was shot down over North Vietnam because he disobeyed orders not to fly that day.  To be shot down doth not a hero make.

Nevertheless, he spent five years as a prisoner of the North Vietnamese.  No matter what happened in those five years, he suffered through them as a military officer of the United States Navy.

It is, therefore, less than stupid to cast aspersions on the man for getting captured as The Donald has done recently.  Does Mr. Trump have any military record whatsoever?  Does Mr. Trump have the wherewithall to give up five years of his life, to be treated harshly, beaten on numerous occasions, with no hope on the horizon?  My god, what would happen to his hair?

Republicans, especially those other 15 running for president, don't seem to hold much affection for Mr. Trump.  Why, they've been literally falling all ass over heels to suggest that Mr. Trump should never say such nasty things about Mr. McCain.  One should never castigate a veteran of the US military.  It's just terrible, what Mr. Trump has done!

Ho, ho.  What a crock!  What a flock of hypocrites!  When little Buski the 2nd was running for a 2nd term, his opponent, Mr. John Kerry, was vilified by the Republicans as a phony, as a faux hero, as one who had doctored records, one who was using his military service as a means of gaining votes.

And the president's brother, the guv of Florida supported them!

On January 1, 2005, Governor Jeb Bush wrote a letter to Colonel Day of the Swift Boaters on his official stationary.  It said, in part:

"Colonel Day, I know you'll be joining other Swifties--POWs in Orlando soon.  Please let them know that I am personally appreciative of their service to our nation.  As someone who truly understands the risk of standing up for something, I simply cannot express in words how much I value their willingness to stand up against John Kerry.  Their efforts, like their service to our country, speak volumes about what matters most."

[An aside:  I don't know what the hell ol' Jeb risked to stand up for except the chance of going to jail for doing everything legal and illegal in his power to get his brother elected four years earlier!  Other than that, he led a charmed life with more money than he knew what to do with.]

If you were around in 2004-2005 you may remember "the vicious campaign Republicans waged against John Kerry for his service in Vietnam ... Secretary of State Kerry received not one, not two, but three Purple Hearts, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star during his combat time in Vietnam.  [I'd add he served in a particularly difficult situation in that war.]  Nevertheless, Republicans mocked and belittled his military service throughout the campaign.  It was a key feature of the 2004 Republican National Convention, when delegates and supporters wore cutesy purple bandages in an effort to degrade the Purple Hearts Kerry was awarded."

None of this should surprise anyone.  Lies, deceit, gaming the system - this characterizes the Republican Party as a whole.

Thanks for Daily Kos for some of the above material.

Fracking the Poor

From early on I realized that Christianity in all its myriad forms was not about the legendary Jesus, but mostly had to do with the establishment and perpetuation of a religious institution which quite quickly became a method for controlling a population, which was formalized when the emperor Constantine came to power in the 4th century.

Today, with some exceptions, Christianity continues on that course set so long ago.  In the United States, it is, for most adherents, the basis for their capitalistic economic policy and the basis for the laws they wish to enact to bend all citizens to their will.

The result of this has been a growing "wealth gap."  In the past 40-50 years, the rich have become much richer and the rest of us much poorer.  The middle-class has shriveled and the poor have been left out of the conversation, often because they are considered to be lay-abouts and shirkers.  If you listen to Republican presidential wannabees you'll hear about their concern for the middle-class, which, when you consider the sources of their finances, is very suspect, but you hear little or nothing of concern for the poor.  It was Jeb Bush, the scion of the very wealthy Bush dynasty, who said recently that the poor need to work harder and longer hours.

Kai Wright, in an article titled, "What Recovery?", [Harper's Magazine, August 2015], clarifies the economic situation:

"Not counting the elderly, among whom Social Security has driven a sharp and lasting decline in poverty, a greater share of Americans are poor today than at any time since the 1960s.  In the United States in 2013, 45.3 million people lived below the official poverty line, with incomes of less than $12,000 a year for a two adult, two-child family.  A third of them were children.  Twenty million people live in what economists call deep poverty, with incomes of less than half the official poverty line.  That's almost three times the number of people who lived in deep poverty in 1976."

President Lyndon Johnson introduced legislation that declared a "war on poverty" in his State of the Union address on January 8, 1964.  The national poverty rate at that time was about 19 percent.  The "war" worked for awhile, but by the end of the 60s few people cared anymore.

Today, our millionaires in Congress and in our state legislatures, don't give a damn about the poor as they are funded by and beholden to the very rich.  Thus, they worry about projecting their beliefs upon the people and they pass legislation to control the lives of their constituents, such as the recent abortion bill signed by the wacko governor of Wisconsin.  They worry about drilling for oil in such places as Florida's Everglades.  They worry about oil pipelines which would profit very few but put millions in danger.  They protect practices such as fracking which are a clear and present danger to the citizens.  They get involved in privatizing our prisons and our schools which has no benefit except to their friends who pocket the public monies involved.  They worry about pleasing an ancient deity who they, in their delusions, believe will protect our country if we just put up signs and monuments in his name.

And they're very, very good.  They've conned so many people with their smooth talking ways that they continue to be voted into office in spite of the fact that their actions are constantly detrimental to the needs of those same people.

God help us!  (That's a satirical comment!)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Repent of Your Unbelief

Lordy, lordy!  I love this.  Found it on YborCityStogie.

It's a sign for all Republicans and DINOs and other political and religious neanderthals. 

Trust Jesus!  Yes!

And here's what that means (according to what the New Testament Jesus taught): 

1.  Give away your money as rich people are going to hell.
2.  Tend to the sick.
3.  Feed the hungry.
4.  Visit those in prison.
5.  Don't judge other people.
6.  Understand that we are all related.
7.  Pay your taxes.
8.  Forgive others.
9.  Know that God loves all people equally.

It does not mean:

1.  Go to church.
2.  Believe your pastor.
3.  Take the Bible literally.
4.  Oppose all abortions.
5.  Be a political conservative.
6.  Oppose gay marriage.
7.  Insist on going to war in the Middle East.
8.  Worry about the "End Times."
9.  Believe that the U.S. of A. is special in God's eyes.

I would further suggest that to trust the Jesus of the New Testament means to promote an economic system that is fair to all people, a health system that provides health care for all people, and a tax system that ensures the rich pay their fair share!

The Continued Confusion of Delusional Christian Crackpots

[Photo of Franklin Graham pretending to speak for his god.]

You may remember the goofy Christian televangelist, Jim Bakker, who got into a lot of trouble a few years back when caught putting it to a woman other than his wife, Tammy Faye, she of the overblown hair and overdone makeup.

But that was not the worst of it.  He was tried for a couple versions of fraud and convicted.  He went to prison and Tammy Faye divorced him.

Well, believe it or not, Jimmy is back with a new wife and a new TeeVee program called, "The Jim Bakker Show," which features all kinds of screwballs - preachers and "Christian" rabbis who can predict the future based upon their interpretation of obscure biblical passages.

The latest message from Jimmy is that the agreement designed to prevent Iran from building an atomic weapon is the cause of the drought in California.  Not only so, but is also a sign of the 2nd Coming of Christ (who, of course, never came the first time!)

The "End Times" is a favorite theme of these Christian TV crooks, and one recent guest, an Alabama pastor by name of John Kilpatrick, informed the viewers of the show that God is punishing America because of "abortions, idolatry, homosexuality and fornication."

You'd think his pissant little god would have better and bigger things to worry about.

Now to Scott Walker, the ethically-challenged governor of Wisconsin.  It seems every election season we get delusional candidates who claim their god wants them to be prezident!  Palin was one and Rick Perry another during the last go-round.

Walker has the same notion.  He sent out an email to his supporters which claimed he was running for president as that was God's plan for him.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  Sure wish this god would make up her mind!  And if this god wants Walker to be prez, she's the dumbest god I've ever heard about.

The right-wing Christianists are especially upset in these "End Times" with the Supreme Court ruling which gave homosexuals the right to marry.  They pontificate as to how marriage has never changed, and how God commanded marriage to involve one man and one woman;  even from those, like The Donald, who believe in serial marriage.

You'd think people who claim to be Bible believers would know something about the Bible.  The old Hebrew patriarchs all had multiple wives and mistresses and of course, wise ol' King Solomon had the most of all.  A thousand.

Not only so, but their savior, Jesus, was born out-of-wedlock.  His parents were never married so far as the Bible story goes! 

You may have heard about David Barton.  Barton claims to be an historian but he's nothing more than a Christian right-wing nutcase who enjoys rewriting American history to suit his narrative that the US of A is a "Christian" country.

Barton, who, unfortunately, has a lot of clout with the so-called "evangelicals," has
commented on his "WallBuilders Live" radio program that in the GOP primary, Christians must not vote for any candidate who "will not pledge to nominate Supreme Court justices who will overturn the court's recent gay marriage ruling."

Then there's Tom DeLay, the crooked former Majority Leader in the House of Representatives.  When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the ruling by the Supremes relative to gay marriage was the "law of the land," DeLay called on members of Congress to ignore McConnell "and start punishing the entire federal court system for the gay marriage decision by cutting courts' budgets, limiting their jurisdictions and impeaching judge (sic)."

So much for the Constitution, heh, Mr. DeLay?

On a more humorous note:  One of the more extreme Christian crackpots is Janet Porter.  She is full of conspiracy tales and has put together an anti-gay film called, "Light Wins."  She also is more delusional than most and has an ego the size of California.

She has let us in on a little secret.  It was her prayers that got George W. Bushki elected prez, and thus it will be her prayers which will reverse the gay marriage ruling of the Supremes!

Franklin Graham is a disgrace, a disgusting and perverse man who gives his religion a black eye every time he opens his mouth.  He, like other Christian nutcases, believes it is President Obama's support for gay marriage that will usher in the "End Times."  I would think for someone who is so ill-equipped to deal with reality, this would be a good thing, but evidently not.

He also noted on his Facebook page that the decision by the White House to celebrate LGBT Pride month and the Supremes' "decision with Rainbow Colors may incite a lightning strike from an angry God."

My thought we would be so lucky if such a strike hit him in the ass!

And finally, I thought you'd like to know I ran into Jesus on the street the other day.  He was in central Florida because he was concerned about all the racism and hatred which continues to prevail in the area.  He thought it disturbing, especially when we have over 200 Baptist churches alone in our community.  

Actually, I didn't "run into" him.  I was walking by our downtown square when I noticed someone tending to one of our many homeless persons.  It was the Lord.  Jesus pulled out his iPhone and called 911 as the man was very ill.  Then he wiped the man's face and put his jacket around the man for he was shivering with the chills.  As the EMTs drove up, Jesus gave the man some money and blessed him by touching his head and chanting a few words which I didn't understand.

As the EMTs drove away, I asked Jesus about the coming election and about those who claim that God wants them to be president.  He looked puzzled and asked "Who are these people?"  I gave him some names.  He said, "I've never heard of them," and then went to tend to another homeless person sleeping on a bench. 

It's Just Fracking Flooding!

 [Image from]

If you listen to most Republican politicians these days you would think fracking is one of the deity's greatest gifts to mankind.  This, in spite of the fact, that some folks in fracking areas find their water on fire!  

The politicians and their friends in the energy business to whom they are beholden continue to pressure states and communities to allow fracking.  The State of Texas recently forbade a Texas town from disallowing fracking within its borders.  Texas is crazy, of course, but still.

The following is part of an message by Ken Kimmel, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, a message designed to garner public support for banning the practice of fracking:

It wasn't raining when the streets flooded around Arlington, Texas on a recent Saturday.
Dozens of families were evacuated from their homes as thousands of gallons of toxic fluid surged up from deep inside a fracking well through the city's storm drains and sewers and leaked into surrounding streams.1
Yet when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally released a report on fracking after a five-year wait, they led with the headline that fracking doesn't represent a "systemic" risk to groundwater—despite noting numerous incidents of spills and leaks of fracking fluid at drilling sites like the one in Arlington within the report.
Unfortunately, the headline didn't capture the body of the report, but that's what the news outlets picked up on.2
Fracking companies and politicians will use the EPA's report for years to come to influence public policy. We need to make sure the final report provides a truly balanced look at the fracking risks we know about. The agency is accepting public input on it now, and we have just over a month to demand a more balanced statement from the EPA. One that takes into account the noted adverse effects and potential future contamination of drinking water resources through known pathways, spills, leaks, faulty well construction, subsurface migration, and wastewater disposal.

You can read more about the Union of Concerned Scientists and its work here.