Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dobson flip-flops, will vote for McCain

Maybe it was Sarah Palin.

James Dobson, the fanatical Christian fundamentalist goofball who runs the massive monument to ignorance and superstition, Focus on the Family, has flip-flopped and said he will now vote for John McCain for prezident. Not so long ago he said, unequivocally, he would never vote for John McCain!

Why? Nothing has changed. McCain's still the same old guy he was before. He's still John McSame.

Could it have something to do with McCain's choice of the vapid Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate? Could Palin's opposition to abortion and homosexual rights be all that it took for Dobson to stagger into the McCain camp?

It is beyond comprehension that in this world with so many massive problems facing us nationally and globally, Dobson and hundreds of others of his ilk base their support of a political candidate on one or two issues - in Dobson's case, abortion and homosexuality.

Good people on all points of the political spectrum disagree on these issues. Furthermore, they are of minor significance when compared to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; or the threat that nuclear powers might decide to blow up the world; or in the face of Russia's seeming new belligerence; or in light of Bush's incredible missile posturing; or an economy down the toilet; or the refusal of the Bushites to so much as begin looking at alternative energy sources; or the threat of global warming, which in a few years, may make all the other threats moot...etc...

What is really sad is that millions of people will walk into the polling places on November 4 and, like the sheep they are, will punch the ballot as James Dobson's told them to do.

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Anonymous said...

I have often wondered why so many people do ignore all the real problems that come across any President’s desk, that are actually life or death for many, but only judge who to vote for based on one or two narrow items of interest to them. The wars have cost more lives and put us in debt. Surely who is the next president will have to work in a less than perfect world where abortion, gays, etc will remain personal choices. Had a less religious man been in the White house for the past eight years, we would be better off. Was it wroth it to have a religious man in office but one that made terrible mistakes that will create problems for years to come? We will never get our entire population to agree on religious issues. They are personal and truly between the individual and his or her God. God does not change our economy or wage war. People do. We have the privilege to elect people to run the country. If God wanted to change things, He can do so in a wink of the eye. He doesn’t need some person to decide what He wants or doesn’t want. He created the world in six days, and can destroy it n one. We are trusted to run our own affairs and have had religious and less that religious leaders during our history. Politics are not the same as religion. Render unto Caesar etc…was a basic principle of Jesus. How dare Dobson or others to violate such a basic idea? They are free to vote and pray but should stay out of politics. I doubt if God is happy with all the things any Bush has done, or Nixon or Clinton, etc. They all have free choice and their choices have an impact on all of us. Dobson will not change the virtues or faults of McCain or the ability of Obama. For everyone’s sake, vote for the one best suited to run our affairs. That is the choice we each have. Their religious beliefs will remain the same and private, as they should be.
Bob Poris

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