Thursday, August 28, 2008

John McCain just doesn't get it!!!

John McCain just doesn't get it!

Michelle Obama gets it!

Hillary Clinton gets it!

Brian Schweitzer gets it!

Mark Warner gets it!

John Kerry gets it!

Bill Clinton gets it!

Joe Biden gets it!

Barack Obama gets it!

Hell, even Joe Biden's mother gets it!

But, John McCain just doesn't get it!!!

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Anonymous said...

I thought the speeches were all wonderful! I found it interesting, when watching Jon Stewart to find that the pundits of Fox News thought they were “generic”. Why can’t they give credit when credit is due? If they didn’t like the contents, they could refute them or discuss them.
I know that many people have made up their minds and don’t like elitists (whatever that means); young politicians (like so many that have been elected in the past); black or half black candidates for President; secret Muslims; spouses that are secret radicals; etc. they prefer the record of McCain and four more years of the Bush policies that benefit them or make us safer, etc.
Obama was not my first choice, but I give him credit for all he has managed to accomplish. He managed to beat out many very good prospective candidates. He also “managed” to become the first black man to be nominated by a major party. That indicates that we might be past prejudice and that is good for all of us. It will allow us to use any and all talent available. The Army showed us it could be done. Business showed us it could be done. Obama shows us it can be done in politics too. That is good for the USA. Now we should listen to the issues and ignore the stupid charges of “elitism” , secret religions; etc. We have problems as a nation and either Obama or McCain will be the next president. So far, McCain has not shown that he even understands the problems.
We have only a few months to really listen and weigh the proposals, without regard to party labels.
Bob Poris

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