Friday, January 6, 2017

Topsy Turvy

The world as we have known it has been turned upside down.  Not long ago, the Soviet Union or now Russia, was considered to be a menace - the "Communist Menace."  Citizens of the United States were expected to be vehemently opposed to all things Soviet or Russian.  Politicians had to be especially circumspect so that no tint of "red" colored their policies or beliefs.  To be called a "Commie" or a "Communist sympathizer" was a death knell.

When I was much younger, I remember how certain members of our Congress, in particular a alcoholic moron from Wisconsin, instigated "witch hunts" with the specific purpose of identifying and removing anyone who had the slightest connection, past or present, with the Soviet Union or a Communist group.  These witch hunts extended as far as Hollywood where good ol' Ronnie Reagan assisted in destroying the careers of actors, directors, producers, etc., who in truth or by rumor had showed any inclination to favor anything Soviet.

People who many years previously might have thought positively of Karl Marx or Marxism or Communism were ferreted out and tormented before being shunned by friends, family and employers.

Much of this anti-Redness derived from the right wing in this country and conservative Christians.  Thus, in 1956, our stalwart congressional representatives decided it was necessary and timely to include "In God We Trust" on our coinage while previously, in 1954, the words, "under God," were inserted in the Pledge of Allegiance precisely because they wanted insurance against the Communist threat and surmised that the almighty deity (not almighty enough to halt the Commies in their tracks, however) would note the piety of America's leaders and protect us from the ravages of the pestilence known as Soviet Communism.

No one, and I mean, no one, would dare stand up and declare anything positive about the Soviet Union or its leaders!  To do so would be political suicide and perhaps a sentence of death for treason.  We were engaged in a "cold war" with the Russian oligarchs and fears of an atomic attack had our children ducking under their desks to practice what to do when the Russians sent atomic bombs our way.

Our world has turned upside down.  In this last election, 81% of American "evangelical" Christians voted the Trump/Pence ticket.  They did this in spite of the fact that Trump proclaimed great affection for Putin and declared him to be a much better leader of his country than Obama was in the U.S.

Trump then publicly invited Putin and the Russians to hack into the emails of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The first instance of proclaiming affection for a leader of the Communist Menace might be considered merely stupid but it should have meant immediate disqualification for anyone running for president of this country!'

The second instance of inviting the leader of the Communist Menace to interfere in the election of a United States president is more than stupid; it is treasonous on its face.  Trump should not have been elected, he should have been arrested and should currently be looking at Washington from behind vertical bars.

In recent days, Trump has refused to meet with our intelligence leaders or to bother reading their daily briefs which would keep him informed on the world situation relative to the United States.  And, in spite of the fact that our intelligence community has in concert investigated and declared that Russia was engaged in sabotaging the recent election in favor of Trump, the president-elect has not seen fit to acknowledge the veracity of those investigations while at the same time singing the praises of Putin.

Where the hell are the so-called "conservatives" and so-called "evangelical Christians" at this point in time?  Why in hell are they not enraged and calling for Trump's removal and imprisonment?  There's no confusion about the facts. Trump has acted in treasonous ways against our country!  Why are the anti-Commies suddenly mute.  Why is our media pretending it's no big deal?

It's topsy-turvy.  Can you imagine for one second what would have happened to Barrack Obama if he had said just one percent of what Trump has said about Russia or Putin or if Obama had invited Putin to insinuate himself into the American electoral process?  All hell would have broken loose and Obama would have been hanged, figuratively or literally.

An acquaintance of mine, fervently anti-Obama, sent me material (see below) showing Obama to be a commie sympathizer or perhaps a Communist himself. In his mind such a thing would put Obama in league with Satan himself.  I wonder what he thinks of Mr. Trump at this point in time?

But there's more...

We have not yet mentioned the fact that Trump is a self-confessed sexual predator who has as yet failed to acknowledge that his behavior was wrong and, indeed, actionable.

Where are all the Christians now?

Consider also his business dealings, his many failures, his multiple bankruptcies. To file for bankruptcy is often a device to avoid paying what you are legally bound to pay.  Then there's those accusations of racism.  He deliberately kept minorities out of his housing projects in New York City.  He and his father paid millions of dollars in fines for those actions.  Time and again we've read how he's refused to pay people who work for him.  This very day it is reported that personnel involved in building his "landmark" hotel in D.C. have been stiffed out of millions of dollars.

His so-called university was early on identified as a sham and he settled that problem out of court to avoid the negative publicity the multiple lawsuits would bring.

Very recently a judge ordered that his "charity" stop raising funds for it appears that the money raised did not find its way into any charity other than the Donald's pockets.

Where's the "evangelical" outcry now?

And how has Donald responded to all this?  He's on Twitter most days hurling insults at people who he feels have dissed him.  Instead of reading intelligence briefings this adult child believes it is more important to blast away at those involved in a Saturday Night Live skit.

Finally, I'm not as angry at Donald as I am at all those self-righteous, stupid, religious nincompoops who were willing to destroy this country by electing a totally unqualified candidate in order to somehow get back at the "liberals" or "progressives" or "minorities" or "atheists" or whomever else they didn't like.

If you voted for Trump you have given up all right to be called "Christian" or a "patriot," or "sane."