Saturday, August 30, 2008

God is sending Gustav

Gustav, now a category 4 hurricane and forecast to become a category 5, is a monster and extremely dangerous and people living along the Gulf Coast are in its path. There isn't much to be done except prepare by taking all precautions possible and getting the hell of out its way!

Ironically, down in New Orleans yesterday, they were commemorating the three-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, laying to rest the "last seven unclaimed Katrina victims. A horse-drawn carriage brought bodies for entombment at a memorial site, and the mayor helped guide a gleaming casket into a mausoleum."

Ray Nagin, still the mayor of New Orleans said that "We look forward to a better day, as we also prepare ourselves for another threat."

But the quote of the day came from retired Army general, Russell Honore, the man who was responsible for rescue efforts three years ago:

"I think God is reminding us on the eve of Katrina, God can bring nature back."

What does that mean? Does he think, ala John Hagee, that Katrina was god's punishment for New Orleans' acceptance of homosexuals? The general's statement is incredible on the face of it. Why assume, without any evidence whatsoever, that a deity is involved in sending a hurricane to the Gulf Coast?

Perhaps he just wasn't thinking. A lot of public people these days believe they have to introduce god into every conversation, no matter how innocuous.

I'm sure the general is a good man, but his statement is moronic.

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Anonymous said...

Why would God do that to New Orleans? Is God’s aim so bad, that nearby, devout, praying people will also die? These people that blame and give credit so easily to God or gays, or whatever are nuts! Bad things happen to good people too. Leave God out of it and get busy doing what can be to help people. Why not assume that God has other things to do elsewhere. Maybe he gave three years warning to Bush and is not happy with how the three years were spent. Isn’t it time to take responsibility for our actions and allow God to do His thing?
Bob Poris

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