Friday, August 29, 2008

A delayed Repugnican Convention?

According to a story in today's Washington Post, the Republicans are posing the possibility of delaying their convention, scheduled to begin Monday in St. Paul, Minnesota.

They feel threatened by Tropical Storm Gustav, no doubt soon to be Hurricane Gustav, which is on track to hit somewhere along the Gulf Coast early next week.

White House poohbahs are also talking about canceling the prezident's appearance which is now set for Monday.

It would be difficult to mount a convention during a major national disaster. But the Repugnicans can do it if they try. When Katrina hit, Bush and McCain celebrated McCain's birthday on the tarmac of Luke AFB while New Orleans drowned!

And what would Bush do if, instead of bumbling through some speech written for him by a neoncon, he headed to the scene of the disaster and scratched his head while looking around for "Good Job," Michael Brown? He could, of course, get in a plane and do a "fly-over."

There are two items of good news for the Republicans in this, though. First of all, it would be of great benefit if Bush failed to show. His appearance would simply reinforce, in the minds of millions of Americans, how badly the Republicans have screwed up. Secondly, if a hurricane should strike, the Repugnicans could pretend to be all concerned and run around giving orders and watch as cities and lives are swept away. Then they could put survivors in chemically-diseased trailers. Hell, any hurricane would do.

It's appropriate, though, that a natural disaster strike while the Republicans gather to celebrate, what? Although the last eight years have not been a "natural" disaster, they certainly have been a "national" disaster of unprecedented proportions.

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they need more time to get Palin educated enough for the job of VP. I guess even Rove was surprised at this one and needs more time to prepare her.
I think I should retire from reading about politics. I worry about where we are and where we are going. One would think this election is for the President of some social club, not the most important office in the world.
Bob Poris

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