Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Senator Ted Stevens - Unrepentant thief

Ted Stevens, known most infamously, recently, for his "bridge to nowhere," has been in the U.S. Senate too damn long (40 years!)! He's 84 years old, corrupt as a rotten barrel, under indictment by the federal government, and still 60% of the Repugnican voters in Alaska punched his button which won him the primary election!

That doesn't say much for the Repugnicans in Alaska. Actually, it tells us that Repugnicanism is about the same in all 50 of our states.

Stevens says he will win the senate race in November. It will be, says Ted, "a piece of cake."

But it will be rather difficult for Stevens to do much campaigning, as his trial starts on September 22 in Washington, D.C. He tried to have his trial moved elsewhere, but that was denied. I guess he figures too many people know him too well in the capitol city.

But Stevens is not concerned. The people of Alaska, he said, "trust me. This is still a Republican state."

Does really cold weather scramble the brains?

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Anonymous said...

The people of Alaska will get what they deserve. that is how democracy works. Look at what Texas got and kept for too long.
Bob Poris

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