Thursday, August 28, 2008

GOP wants to ban private funds for stem cell research

According to a post today on "The Daily Dish" by Andrew Sullivan, the authors of the GOP's party platform have been co-opted by the extremists on the Christian right.

"The party is now formally comitted not just to forbidding government from funding research [re: embryonic stem cells], but also to banning private funding for such research."

Sullivan says "I'm unaware of any previous commitments to banning private scientific research because it violates Christianism."

Then he asks the really big question which hits directly at the heart of our mainstream media which is so enamored of McCain, so disregarding of truth, so caught up in the minutiae of the moment:

"Why isn't McCain asked about this? Why is this not a major story? Not as vital as whether a campaign set is Greek or Roman or just, well, columns for large TV screens?"

The Daily Dish here.

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Anonymous said...

Sad!No one forces a Christian to get an abortion; use any benefits from stem cell research, stop praying silently anywhere they wish to do so. What is the rationale to stopping all research concerning stem cells?
Bob Poris

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