Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Rain" falls on the unjust - Faux News

You'll recall that Jesus told his disciples that the rain falls on the just and the unjust. Meaning, I suppose, that god does not discriminate when it comes to handing out his heavenly benefits. Even the bad guys get their share.

Sometimes that works out well.

For example: Recently we noted certain fundamentalist Christian wingnuts were praying for rain in Denver on the night that Obama is to deliver his acceptance speech. That, they believed, would show that god was on the side of the Repugnicans.

Well, the "rain" (so to speak) fell, but it was on the wrong night and the wrong site. The Denver Fire Department was called out yesterday morning to respond to a flood report. Evidently, a sprinkler system at the Pepsi Center went off and flooding part of the building.

Denver's 9news.com says "The sprinkler was located on the club level in a skybox which had recently been renovated to host a news crew. It appears the skybox belongs to Fox."

Read that again: "the skybox belongs to Fox," better known as "Faux News."

Thanks, god.

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Anonymous said...

Does Fox recognize God's hand in this?
Bob Poris

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