Friday, March 12, 2010

Texas Textbook Controversy - ABC Nightline

We've written about this moron before. But what you see here is just plain scary! Welcome to Texas, 2010. Maybe we could help the state secede?

The Colbert Report - Karl Rove's New Book

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Karl Rove's New Book
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rachel Maddow - Bart Stupak's non-issue of abortion funding

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Stuff God Can't Do

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Rachel Maddow - Va Gov plays games with gay civil rights

Here's more on Pat Robertson's "gift" to the State of Virginia.

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What If God Disappeared?

Gary Herbert: Big Brother Repugnican in Utah

The party of fear and desperation has struck again. The party that proclaims it's abiding desire for small government, for personal freedom, for less interference in people's lives, has once more proven that it is the Grand Old Hypocritical Party.

Beginning with Reagan and through the Bush years, we've seen what happens when the GOHP gets the reins of government. First of all, the government expands exponentially despite the Gipper's stupid comment that "government is not the solution; government is the problem."

Secondly, we've seen a concerted effort, especially during the last Bush administration, to dismantle our Constitutional guarantees with regard to free speech and personal liberty. The GOHP speaks with forked tongue.

Today, in Utah, a state controlled by Mormon Repugnicans, a woman who is involved in an illegal abortion can be charged with homicide! Such a woman is now considered to have killed her unborn child.

The governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, a Mormon, signed the bill making this atrocity legal and was "extremely happy" to do so. Not only so, but he's hoping other states will enact legislation based on the Utah law.

Gary Herbert, a real estate broker turned politician, is a typical Repugnican. He not only thinks it's right to impose his religious views regarding abortion on everyone in Utah, but he is also a global warming denier.

But people like Gary Herbert should not be in politics. They don't seem to understand that they serve all the people, even those who hold views they might find abhorrent because of their particular religious views.

So many Repugnicans these days, believe God is on their side, and will stop at nothing to impose those religious views on their constituents, thereby denying those constituents their constitutional rights.

They are sick puppies and are leading our country down the primrose path of totalitarianism.

And the SOB's dare to call Obama a "Marxist"!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Missionary

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Return to Earth

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Rush Limbargher to leave country?

Rush Limbargher, scumbag extraordinaire, has threatened to leave the good ol' US of A if Congress passes the health care reform bill! I don't think he said where he would go. It is possible that countries more refined with governments more sane than our own would refuse him entry. He may be able to return to the Dominican Republic, I suppose, where he's engaged in various shenanigans previously, or maybe he will disappear in a cloud of Oxycontin.

Whatever. This threat (or promise) of Limbargher is probably one of the most important reasons justifying the passage of health care reform.

Can you imagine a country free of this lying, nogoodnik bastard?

Repugnican Big Brother in Virginia

These are Repugnican principles: Hate is a virtue. Government has the right to decide sexual orientation and persecute those who don't conform. Welcome to the State of Virginia under Repugnican rule!

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