Saturday, March 6, 2010

God weighs in on the health care debate

This is from Salon. The cartoon and accompanying article, very well done and right on target is here.

Waiting for the perfect man

I laughed out loud when I saw this. Found here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

God is really pissed!

So what's next? What terrible calamity is coming next? I mean, God went after those non-believing no-good Haitians with a devastating earthquake to punish them for their terrible sins, such as refusing to be good slaves!

Now, God has hit Chile! So what did Chile do that was so bad? Oh, yeah, they got rid of their terrorist leader and are trying to be a good, decent country.

Not only so, but God caused panic throughout a large part of the world by threatening Hawaii and Japan and lots of other degenerate places that don't care about Jesus with a tsunami!

But the worst is yet to come! God is so damn angry with the United States for not putting him in its Constitution, and not teaching about Jesus in the public schools and not putting his ten commands in the courthouses, and allowing so many abortions and in some cases, authorizing gays to get married, and worst of all, electing a Marxist as president ... well, I've heard from the grapevine that God may not wait for Armageddon! I've heard he's got another horrible disaster in mind; one that will flay the nation with a terrible punishment (like bedbugs) for years; one from which the United States may never recover...

I've heard that God is considering making Sarah Palin president!

That'll show us!

Lester & Charlie: Last of the Last Straws

I'd not heard of Lester & Charlie ... until now. And just in time, too, 'cause if Palin is elected to anything, I'm moving to Canada!

So funny. Enjoy!

There's much more Lester & Charlie here.

Jim Bunning - Small man, big fraud

[Photo from Fox News]

One has to wonder why any sane person would vote for a Republican these days. The party of "No" just keeps getting worse. Jim Bunning, a Repugnican member of Congress from Kentucky, exemplifies the Grand Old Patch of hypocrites.

Joe Conason excoriates the nogoodnik in a recent article in Salon. Bunning has filibustered against extending unemployment insurance benefits which means that as of today, those benefits run out for hundreds of thousands of men, women and children living on the edge!

"Loutist, eccentric and mean, he [Bunning] says that his filibuster ... is spurred by his concern over the federal deficit." Of course, he had no problem running up the deficit to cut taxes for the rich or engage in an illegal war in Iraq!

That's bad enough, but Conason points out that Bunning is operating a "phony 'charitable' operation as a front for his business selling autographed balls. As this outfit's sole employee, working one hour a week, he has paid himself hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 10 years -- considerably more than the amount donated to any actual charity.

"... Clearly Bunning is a man of low character, even for someone who belongs to what Twain described as 'our only distinctly native American criminal class.'"

There's much more and you can read it all here.