Friday, March 16, 2012

Frozen Planet - a Trailer

Frozen Planet is a BBC production and will be premiering on The Discovery Channel on Sunday, March 18, at 8:00 p.m.

Invite all your global warming deniers to take a look!

h/t to my friend Jose Mendonca. Please take a look at his marvelous photoblog here.

Sir David Attenborough on God

Monday, March 12, 2012

Santorum, doggy doo, and other funny stories

Rick Santorum, that 16th century Roman Catholic candidate for president of these United States, has decided that teleprompters are evil.  That's right.  Teleprompters!

One of the things about people who live via firm creedal affirmations, even though they may be highly educated, is they act stupid.  Santorum may have a couple of college degrees but he's still as dumb as doggy doo!

Lil' Rick (by "Lil'" I'm referring to his mind's grasp of reality) thinks that people who use teleprompters are not saying what's in their "hearts"!  Thus, this bit of "Trail Mix" from Lil' Rick on the campaign trail advising potential voters:  "It's important for you to understand who the person is in their own words, see them, look them in the eye...hear what's (in their) heart."  Evidently, in Lil' Rick's mind, teleprompters don't allow one to use his/her own words, look the audience in the eye or say what's in his/her "heart."  What he means by heart, of course, is your brain, as there's nothing in your heart except vessels and lots of blood!  And when you speak you're saying what your brain is telling you to say!  Your heart has nothing to do with it!

Lil' Rick plans to ban teleprompters just as soon as he's elected president!  I wonder if he'll ban speaker's notes; if he'll disallow memorizing a speech; if he'll make practicing a speech in front of a mirror illegal?

One never knows with someone as dumb as doggy doo!

Did you hear about the priest who denied a lesbian the Sacrament of Saving Grace?  Well, actually he covered up the paten so she couldn't take a cracker when she came to the altar!  It happened at the funeral mass for the woman's mother.  The priest mumbled something about the woman living with another woman which is a sin and against the rules of the church.

Think about this a minute.  All surveys conducted of priests in the Roman church indicate that a minimum of 25% of all priests are homosexual, and the number actually is probably more like 50%.  Who knows, maybe this priest was gay?

Every time I think the hypocrisy of the Roman church couldn't get any worse, it gets worse.  However, the priest was suspended pending an investigation.  So what's to investigate?  If the woman is a lesbian, then by god, she doesn't deserve saving grace.  She deserves to spend eternity in hell.  That's the teaching of the church!

And not just the Roman church but every so-called "evangelical" Christian church on the face of the earth!

Oh, yes, but remember God is luuuuuuve!

Harold Camping, you may remember, is that freaky fundamentalist who decided that the world would end on a certain date and then when it didn't he said it would end on another day and then when it didn't a few months went by and now he's saying he was wrong.  You think?

Mr. Boehner, the Republican who's Speaker of the House, said the other day that some of the GOP members of Congress are pretty smart but a lot of them are real dummies.  Good grief, what took him so long to figure that out?

You'll be glad to know that Roman Catholics in England are amassing to fight gay marriage in their fair country.  Gay marriage, they assure us, will destroy traditional marriage, blah, blah, blah.  And god hates gay stuff so we can't have any of that.

It's all rather funny, because recent surveys indicate two things:  Fewer and fewer people are getting married these days.  They are living together and having children together but they aren't getting married.  I think god has condemned them to hell, also.  That's what the Bible says!  Secondly, over 50% of all heterosexual marriages end in divorce.  Divorced people then go out and get married and divorced all over again.

But the church doesn't worry about those people even though the bible says they're all terrible sinners.

Why do you suppose that is?

What these English Catolicks show us is, that once again, as has been the case for 2000 years, the Roman church and a lot of other churches are on the wrong side of history!

Six of our states in the United States are offering a lottery in which the winner will receive $1,000 per day for life. The lottery is very profitable and sucks money out of the suckers who play it!  We also know that the lottery is most attractive to those least able to toss money down the drain!  It's a shame that our state governments are engaged in such a sham!  And once again, rather than make those who gain the most from government pay for it's blessings, the government socks it to the poor!

In Mt. Sterling, Ohio, a police person tased a 9-year old boy.  The police department then tried to cover up this tasing.  The mayor found out.  He suspended the entire police department and the city is now "guarded" by the county sheriff.  It's rather sad when we can no longer trust those who are entrusted to guard our safety!

Katie Couric has mentioned that she is in awe of Hillary Clinton's brainpower.  I think that is true of many people around the world.  Gee, I wonder what Ms. Couric thinks of Sarah Palin's brainpower?   Oh, stop laughing!

The Russian Orthodox Church wants to ban "gay propaganda." Can't their god do anything about gay propaganda, especially if she's really opposed to gay stuff?  Maybe the best thing would be to ban the Russian Orthodox Church from promoting Russian Orthodox Church propaganda.  That would be a much more creditable step toward making the world a better place than banning "gay propaganda."

Stupidity rules! Not a good thing. The other day, in the downtown area of the city in which I live, I ran across some teapot crackpots setting up to protest President Obama and high taxes and the government in general.  I stopped to talk to one of these crackpots as he was pulling a sign out of his car which read, "Obama Must Go!"

This gentleman, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, complained that Obama has done nothing for the country, was probably not an American citizen, and most likely was a Muslim.

Recent surveys of possible GOP voters in Alabama and Mississippi indicate similar sentiments.  In Alabama, for example, 14% of these voters think Obama is a Christian; 45% think he is a Muslim; and 41% are not sure. 

In that great southern racist state of Mississippi, 12% of 656 possible GOP voters think Obama a Christian; 52% say he's a Muslim, and 36% are not sure.

What we're facing is a massive denial of reality among undereducated and ignorant people who have come to believe that if they believe something it must be true!

Not a good sign for the future of our country.

Speaking of a denial of reality:  The freakish Republican Senator from Oklahoma, James Inhofe (who just happens to have a new book out denying the reality of global warming), says that global warming is a hoax because "only God can change the climate."

He bases his thinking on some obscure biblical passage written by ignorant tribesmen wandering the desert some 3,500 years ago who also believed the world was flat, the sun could stand still in the sky, and that god created everything in just six days (then got so tired he had to rest and now demands that all people rest on the 7th day and if you have children that refuse to rest of the 7th day you should stone them until they lie dead and bleeding on the ground!). These ignorant tribesman knew nothing of science, medicine, philosophy or much of anything else.  They did know some silly stories passed down from one generation to another about some guy name Noah, another guy named Moses, a fellow who was called Abram or Abraham, oh, and some gent with a colorful coat who was called Joseph.

Inhofe is way too ignorant to be serving in our government or any government for that matter.  Faith is not what counts when you're involved in running an enterprise that holds the life and death of the planet in its hands.  Reason is what counts!  Knowledge is what counts.  Science is what counts.

Religion kills.  It always has and it always will in spite of its tendency to wrap it's killing in pious cloaks and cliches and "faith" traditions.  It's God's will! Catholics killed millions.  Lutherans killed thousands.  Followers of Calvin killed a bunch, too.  Muslims have a mandate from the Quran to kill infidels and they have done so with impunity down through the ages.  Most every religion in the world has a similar history.

And I'd be willing to bet that if the Roman church ruled the world, it wouldn't be long before gays and other pariahs like Jews and Muslims and lots of Protestants would be literally running for their lives.  So watch out for Santorum!  And Gingrich!