Thursday, August 28, 2008


Finally, after eight long years of hopelessness and despair with no light to be seen at the end of the tunnel, but rather only darkness and bleakness representing more of the same, Barack Obama stands up as the man for the times and he really gets it!

His speech tonight at the Democratic National Convention had to be one of the greatest political speeches of all time! Not merely for what he said, although he said all the right things, but because he offered this weary, cynical, angry, hopeless, older American, and millions of people around the world who share my feelings, HOPE for the future!

The entire evening was wrapped in an incredible aura of expectancy and beauty. As the cameras panned through the crowd, a sense of hope leaped in my heart as I saw the incredible diversity that defines the American people, and more importantly, that Americans can come together and work together toward a mutual goal of reclaiming the American dream.

Obama is not divine. He is as human as any of the rest of us. He may be smart and wise but he can't possibly know all there is to know or everything a president needs to know. But the spectacle tonight at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado, exemplified his ability to attract other talented and wise people who, because they believed in him, constructed perhaps the most impressive closing ceremonies of any political convention in modern times. It also was indicative of his ability to think and move "outside the box."

Let the Repugnicans whine and growl and snarl and lie. Who cares! They've become the party of defeat and despair, of war and torture, of lawless programs and unconstitution actions. They are irrelevant to the future of the United States of America.


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Anonymous said...

I thought the entire evening was uplifting and encouraging! After he wins, we will still have a difficult time solving all the problems we have. I believe he and the Dems have a better chance at making change. We already have seen what the Republicans have done and wish to contiue, We really can not afford four more years of that inefficent and illegal crap.
Bob Poris

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