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Theocrats mired in bullshit in Kissimmee

[Photo from The Onion]

The following derives from Barbara Hijeck's weblog at the Orlando Sentinel.

If'n you've never heard of Kissimmee, Florida, you should know it is located in the heart of Walt Disney's various theme parks and is surrounded by tons of other, much more tawdry, entertainment venues.

Kissimmee, Florida is pretty much one big street filled with goofy castles, motels, mini-golfs, souvenir shops, restaurants of every type, and places to buy tickets to Disney's theme parks, among other things.

It's a smaller, scruffier version of Orlando.

Kissimmee seems to be run by christianist theocrats these days. Ms. Hijeck tells us that the old city logo (Kissimmee used to be known as the "cow capital of Florida") "featured a Brahman bull" along with "palm trees against a lake and setting sun."

Well, horror of horrors, that city logo lacked something very important, crucial even; a lack that was likely to really piss off the "man upstairs" - it made no reference to the deity of the christianist movement!

So, now, christianist city commissioners, like one Art Otero, want to "incorporate the motto 'In God We Trust'" on the city logo!!!

Yup! Now why would he want to do that in this land of the free and of no official religion; a land which includes people of all or no religions; and in a city in which there are probably lots of Chrsitians who disagree with him, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, and even an atheist or two?

Well, that's easy: Otero wants the city logo changed to include "In God We Trust" because, according to Ms. Hijeck, "he doesn't agree with the direction the country is going under the Obama administration."

Heh. Heh. Unfortunately, this is not funny. Kissimmee citizens have obviously elected at least one brainless moron to the city council. Otero thinks Obama's leading the nation down the wrong path - the path to "homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion and the legalization of marijuana."

It looks like this is a done deal. The city manager is already talking about the process of "carving the phrase into the wooden seal adorning commission chambers." Hell, he's willing to cough up half the cost!

So, I was wrong. Kissimmee has elected several brainless morons to its city council and has a brainless moron for a city manager!

Good god, don't these people read history? Have any of them ever looked at the U.S. Constitution? They should all be impeached for violating their oath of office and the Constitution!

Or maybe they've been walking in bullshit for so long they think their shit don't stink!

Crooks in power or Connecting the dots on health care opposition by Rachel Maddow

Sometimes Rick Sanchez gets it right

The people - screwed on health care reform

There's an article in Business Week. It's title is: The Health Insurers Have Already Won: How UnitedHealth and rival carriers, maneuvering behind the scenes in Washington, shaped health-care reform for their own benefit."

Here's a quote:

The industry has already accomplished its main goal of at least curbing, and maybe blocking altogether, any new publicly administered insurance program that could grab market share from the corporations that dominate the business. UnitedHealth has distinguished itself by more deftly and aggressively feeding sophisticated pricing and actuarial data to information-starved congressional staff members. With its rivals, the carrier has also achieved a secondary aim of constraining the new benefits that will become available to tens of millions of people who are currently uninsured. That will make the new customers more lucrative to the industry.

This is a fascinating and horrendous look at how we, the people, get screwed and don't even know it! Talk about date rape!

You can read the whole thing here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jesus prophesied Obama is the anti-Christ

Dan Florien at Unreasonable Faith posted this video on his blog, expressing at the same time his amazement that anyone would take something like this seriously.

Here you will find a biblical moron who likes to play with words, who hates Obama and has figured out a way to mess with the biblical literature to come up with the idea that Jesus prophesied Obama is the anti-Christ.

Please note: NONE of what he says has any validity whatsoever!

Like I've said many times before, the Bible is a very dangerous collection of ancient scribblings. Put it in the wrong hands and you'll end up with hatred, violence, sexual perversion, slavery, prejudice, character assassination, wars without end, and not least, the proliferation of religions that deny science, reason and truth. One might even conclude that Obama is the anti-Christ!

More on the murderous Blackwater outfit

Critics suggest ... and duly reported by the idiots in the media

[John Cronyn photo from]

This is an AOL headline: "Critics suggest White House is compiling 'enemies' list."

Yup, that's what "critics" suggest. Let's see, tomorrow critics will suggest that Obama is going to kill your grandma. Oh, wait, that's already been suggested. OK. So maybe critics will suggest that Obama was really born in Kenya. Oops, that's already been done, too. How 'bout this: critics suggest Obama plans to confiscate all privately-owned guns. Nah, that was in the NRA ad I just got in the mail!

Well, critics will suggest something, that's for sure. And the news media will report that critics suggested whatever it is they suggest, and some people, dumber than stumps, will say, "Oh, I just knew it! Happens everytime we get a black man from Kenya in the White House!"

The "enemies" list. Seems that there was a suggestion on the White House blog that if people get some strange crap in their e-mail boxes, they might let the Obama people know, because there is so much of this insanity, the Obama folks can't keep up with it all. And when people are out to get you, it's better to know than not to know.

Aha! An enemies list! Yes! Just like Tricky Dick! Oh, wait the dick that was tricky was a Repugnican. Really? Is that possible? A crook, too? Yup! But he loved Jesus.

So Sen. John Cornyn, a Repugnican from Texas, loves Jesus, too, and he's received word from on high somewhere that "Obama wants to do more than just keep track of the debate." Big Bad John (that's what Cornyn likes to call hisself!) knows Obama's up to something dastardly. "It is inevitable that the names, email addresses, IP addresses, and private speech of U.S. citizens will be reported to the White House." Heh. Heh. Right! The White House is concerned about the "private speech of U.S. citizens." When someone like Cornyn makes such a statement, you don't see it as a condemnation of the Obama White House but a condemnation of John Cornyn and his ilk, for that's the first thing in their minds and exactly what they would do and indeed, have done!

But where was Big Bad John when the Bush administration was willfully and flagrantly violating the United States Constitution and the laws of this country by illegally spying on American citizens? Why didn't this Lone Star dipshit complain about that?

Cornyn, as we said, loves Jesus and he claims he's doing the Lord's work for Texas which means he'll no doubt fight any attempt to stop global warming, want to post the Ten Commands in courthouses around the country, and git rid of thet terrible evolution stuff in our public schools.

He also said recently that we needed the F-22's because we might need to bomb India. Heh. Heh.

Methinks he's been wading knee-deep in Texas horseshit for so long he can't smell anything wrong with the stench coming out of his mouth!

Here's the link to the AOL article, which I hesitate to publicize for AOL is usually indistinguishable from FAUX news and that's true of the overall tone of this essay, also...Oh, hell, wash your hands after reading! Linky here.

Watch this video from his 2008 campaign for re-election to the Senate. Big Bad John! Heh, heh. What a moron!

A walk in the park

Thanks to Atheist Cartoons.

Healthcare and lying right wing bastards!

At, by Mike Madden, you will find an excellent article titled "Obama wants to kill your grandma," which deals with "Five right-wing myths about health care reform, and the facts."

But, before we get into that, we must declare it is true: that Corporate America is embossing every rational discussion as to how to heal our country with unmitigated hate; that the mainstream media, now almost wholly-owned by Corporate America, is on the front line of the increasingly vitriolic and racist attacks on President Obama; that the Republican Party has no moral core and acts consistently in unethical ways; that the right-wingers in this country are perpetrators of evil as seen in the corporate sponsorship of the so-called "tea party" anti-tax protests and the more current violent protests at political town hall meetings; that in the debate about health care reform, the right wing, scripted by their corporate masters, has consistently lied about the content and intent of the suggested reforms; that the conservative movement has no soul, is crowned with self-interest, is incapable of speaking the truth, and will bring down the country in order to regain power.

On to health care reform. There are five myths being promoted by Corporate America and its minions relative to health care reform. Actually, the word, "myth," is not strong enough. How about "bold-faced lies" or "straight-out fabrications" or "evil distortions of the truth"?

Here are the five:

1. Democrats want to kill your grandmother.
2. The government -- i.e., you -- will have to pay for abortions.
3. Obama will ban all private health insurance.
4. The government can't possibly run a healthcare program.
5. Unlike private insurance, government bureaucrats will ration care.

If someone begins to spout the above crap, you may, in good conscience, walk away because that person is a no-good, rotten son-of-a-bitch who cares nothing for the truth.

For all the details, please read Madden's article here.

Olbermann's Worst Person in the World on August 5

More from Rachel on the "protests"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yahweh's Delicious Creation

Dick Armey - A pretentious fool driven by greed and blessed by God

Dick Armey is a Repugnican from Texas. He was at one time the House Majority Leader in the U.S. Congress.

He's always been a slime bucket, but these days he's outdoing his previous reputation. No longer a U.S. Congressman (thank the gods!), he is part and parcel of the corporatists who would destroy the world to make a buck.

According to Lee Fang at Think Progress (via AlterNet), Armey, after leaving Congress, "became a lobbyist for the firm DLA Piper, which represents many interests with a stake against curbing greenhouse gas emissions. ... "

He also "became the head of Citizens for a Sound Economy, a right-wing front group funded largely by oil companies like ExxonMobil. CSE later morphed into the astroturf organization known as FreedomWorks, which Army has used to orchestrate the viscious anti-Obama tea party rallies. ... "

On July 30, the Republicans in Congress held a bicameral hearing on climate change legislation. Armey, "Along with a cadre of polluter CEOs and Chamber of Commerce officials ... played his part leveling an array of attacks on any effort to transition to a clean energy economy."

This is not unexpected, but par for the course. Smarmy Armey, though, being a good christianist and lover of Jesus, said (and this so ludicrous it leaves one breathless) that "because God created the heavens and the Earth, it would be 'quite pretentious' for people to believe God would permit global warming to even occur ..."

After accusing those attempting to deal with the problem of climate change of becoming involved in "an eco-evangelical hysteria" and suggesting that "we are becoming a national of environmental hypochondriacs," this double dipped moron concluded with this "profound" statement:

"Let me say I take it as an article of faith if the lord God almighty made the heavens and the Earth, and he made them to his satisfaction and it is quite pretentious of we little weaklings her on earth to think that, that we are going to destroy God's creation. [...]"

Smarmy Armey would make an atheist out of most people.

Lee Fang's article is here.

Fake conservative protests by Rachel Maddow

Erik Prince of Blackwater a murderer?

This is from

Erik Prince, for those who have never heard of him, runs the highly secretive militarist guns-for-hire Blackwater organization. Blackwater has made tons of money in Iraq, among other places, and under the Bush administration got pretty much whatever it wanted and avoided punishment for its dirty deeds.

Newsblogger quotes from an article by Jeremy Scahill at The Nation:

"A former Blackwater employee and an ex-US Marine who has worked as a security operator operative for the company have made a series of explosive allegations in sworn statements filed on August 3 in federal court in Virginia. The two men claim that the company's owner, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. The former employee also alleges that Prince 'views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe,' and that Prince's companies 'encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life.'"

Other charges include "smuggling weapons into Iraq" - that is to say, "transporting 'illegal' or 'unlawful' weapons into the country on Prince's private planes."

The first thing that hits me is how money not only corrupts but money combined with the power money gives, corrupts absolutely.

In addition, Prince claims to be a born-again Christian. I don't know if he's affiliated with C Street, but it would fit. He appears to be an elitist commissioned by his god to rule the world and thus is not bound by the law or by what is considered normal human behavior.

Scahill's entire article can be read here. And there is much, much more, including the fact that Bush imposed "gagging orders preventing investigation of the wrongdoings of 70 major companies involved in Iraq ... "

There's another story here (which is where I obtained the above photo).

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rachel Maddow on GOP Thugs

One of the things that has become crystal clear in recent years is that the GOP, by and large, is a party comprised of amoral, often immoral, and even more often, ignorant thugs, many of which dress up in suits and ties and some, like Coulter and Malkin, in short skirts.

We know they don't care about family values by watching their behavior. We know they don't care about the American people by listening to their speeches. We know they are a bunch of thugs that will resort to just about any deviancy in order to win by experiencing what Ms. Maddow is talking about. Many of them are religious thugs but their religion is a sham.

Keith Olbermann Special Comment on Health Care

This is one you must not miss! It's a bit long at almost 11 minutes, but it's worth every second. Keith Olbermann pulls no punches. He tells it like it is. He names names. It's magnificent!!!

FAUX News - what a bunch of morons

Evidently, Iraq is just so not hot anymore.

From BSAlert.

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Cool your jets

Thanks to Atheist Cartoons.

The Collectible Jesus

The Florida Family Policy Council - the rightwing at work

It has always amazed me how so-called "conservatives" strive mightily to enforce their religious and political views on the body politic.

Conservatives had traditionally held that "big government" is bad and that the government should stay out of people's personal lives. But they don't mean that. That's a smoke screen. The think big government is just fine so long as it is controlled by conservatives and the churches and corporations they represent. And they don't see anything wrong with the government telling people what to do relative to marriage, abortion, sexual activity, education, and religion.

There is an outfit in Florida that we've mentioned before called the Florida Family Policy Council. Aligned with both James Dobson's wingnut group, Focus on the Family as well as the Roman Catholic Church and the goofy Christian Coalition, it is headed up by a rightwingnut lawyer named John Stemberger.

Last year Stemberger and the Florida Family Policy Council were major players in the effort to get an anti-gay marriage amendment added to Florida's constitution. This year Stemberger and company want the government to hike the marriage license fee in order to force couples to get pre-marital counseling.

It now costs $93.50 for a Florida marriage license. Stemberger wants the Florida legislature to bump that to $193.50. The kicker is that if a couple agrees to go through eight hours of pre-marital counseling, the fee would drop back to a mere $61.00.

So, religious rightwingnut Stemberger, a conservative very "concerned" with the state of traditional marriage wants "big government" to enact a policy which would essentially force couples intending to marry into an eight-hour pre-marital counseling class. Or if they chose not to go to counseling, they would pay an extra $132.00!


This moron doesn't understand several things. One is that the government should have no say in the marriage business whatsoever. Period. And that means the government should never charge a fee for a couple to get married. Nothing! Nil! Nada! It two people want to get married, let them seek a clergy or a friend and recite their vows. They can then register their marriage with the state if they so desire.

Secondly, as someone who was involved in pre-marital counseling for years, I can say unequivocally, by the time a couple decides to get married, "counseling" is irrelevant. Counseling rarely makes a difference at that point. When "love" is in the air, all other considerations are ignored or pushed into the subconscious.

Third, who the hell does Stemberger think he is to push his particular religious and political viewpoints on the people of Florida?

Stemberger also is fighting the teaching of evolution in Florida schools. He wants Florida's high school students to be taught that the mythological stories in Genesis are historically true accounts as to how the world was created.

Watch the video below and see how slimy, smarmy religious crap slithers through Stemberg's rightwingnut political "concerns." It's scary. And even more frightening is the fact that there are thousands of Stembergs all over the country working to force the rest of us to adhere to their religious/political views. All in the name of God and goodness, of course.

Bill Maher & Malkin's new book

I've always thought Michelle Malkin a low-class, nogoodnik, rightwing nutcase who wraps herself in God and the flag even as she stomps all over truth and goodness wherever she goes.

Now, it has been proven she's a no-class, nogoodnik, rightwing nutcase who wraps herself in God and the flag even as she stomps all over truth and goodness wherever she goes.

She has concluded, after six months in office, that President Obama is presiding over a "culture of corruption," and wrote a book about it. Well, it is more likely that she along with other rightwing nutcases collaborated and that the book was probably written even before Obama took the presidential oath, which, if you recall, a Bush-appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice screwed up.

How low will the Malkins of the world sink? There is, my friends, no bottom to the pit of darkness into which they have descended.

In this video, Bill Maher mocks Ms. Malkin, along with a few others on the side of evil.

Hagee plus Hitler, the half-Jew. Heh. Heh.

Oh, Reverend Hagee, you're so cute, you with the porky chops and slick-backed hair! And you say they funniest things! Hitler was a half-Jew. That's really funny! You're such a great Bible scholar, I'll bet you found that in your Old Testament, didn't you? What a guy! God's guy! Yup! No wonder so many thousands of the ignorant and naive come to hear you preach!

And you write books, too. I even have one of them. Not one of your best, I have to say. I know you don't drink (much) but I think you were probably smashed when you wrote it...ah, let's see, oh yes, Jerusalem Countdown. Out to lunch on that one, Johnny!

You remember Bruce Wilson? He's one of those guys over at talk2action who like to point out what an asshole you really are! Yeah, and now he's got a new article telling not only how in Jerusalem Countdown did you claim that "Hitler and the Nazis were divine agents sent by God to chase Europe's Jews toward Palestine," but you also said something else, something worse, that our lackadaisical media missed.

Sheesh, Johnny, I'm sure you knew this was a crock when you said it, but I also know you're good at making things up and convincing people that you not only believe it but that they should, too.

You said, Johnny, that "Adolf Hitler was born from a lineage of accursed, genocidally murderous 'half-breed' Jews."

Oh, Johnny. You really are full of crap.

Mr. Wilson has a lot more info, including the fact the people can read your insane ramblings on page 149 of your idiotic, moronic, hateful and ridiculously stupid book. You really have a fantastic imagination. Pretty soon you'll be claiming Hitler was related to Esau, even though biblical scholars know there was no Esau, that the story of Esau and Jacob was an old tribal tale lacking historical authenticity.

Omigod! That's what you did! You said "Adolf Hitler was a distant descendant of Esau." You wrote that right there on page 149.

Heh. Heh. Oh, Johnny, how could you be so wrong. Everyone knows that its those red-headed people who are distant descendants of Esau, and it's almost always red-headed people who do the bad stuff in the world, like starting wars, making castor oil, allowing George Bush (either one) to be elected, breeding Glenn Beck, not short circuiting Rush Limbaargh...

In fact, according to "many biblical scholars working in San Antonio, Texas, in a little room at the back of the Alamo, Hitler was really a red head, but dyed his hair with shoe black!"

I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Holy crap! That means, maybe, possibly, perhaps, Hitler really was a distant descendant of the non-existent Esau?

Well, I've got better things to do than point out to people what a stupe you are, Johnny, so I'm gonna quit now.

But folks can read Mr. Wilson's entire article here.