Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beck Asks His Audience to Imagine a Terrorist Attack For the Holiday Season

This guy becomes crazier with every passing day! I'm amazed that someone named Glenn Beck, an insane wacko who is full of more shit than the proverbial Christmas goose, is allowed to spew his venom over the air waves every single day creating waves of hatred for our president and our government.

Is this a great country, or what?

From Crooks & Liars (Heather):

Happy holidays from Glenn Beck everybody! Beck in another one of his phony populist rants asks his audience to imagine a terrorist attack on the United States where we’re as lucky as we were when the World Trade Center was hit. Just when I think this clown can't get much worse, he manages to one up himself again. I will be thankful when he finally is no longer polluting our airways.

Beck: You know everything is too big to fail, but nobody talks about the little guy. Nobody talks about the individual. Let me ask you this question. Please ponder this over the holiday season. Heaven forbid anything happens. God help us if al Qaeda would come but imagine if somebody could succeed in blowing up any of our great American icons. If they destroyed all of Washington, let’s just pretend that we would be as lucky as we were with the World Trade Center where everybody was gone or most people were gone—and they destroyed the Washington Monument and everything else—all of our enduring symbols, all the monuments we’ve always treasured—would it matter?

I don’t think so. The monuments are meaningless. The monuments are there to remind us who we are. But we have forgotten. We have become about the structure. We are the people that defeated the most powerful empire on earth as a group of rag-tag farming colonists. We were the people that explored. We mapped. We tamed the west. We crossed the mountains in wagons. We stunned the world with technical marvels and defeated the Nazis. We defeated the communists. We walked on the moon.

Nobody else has ever done that. We are Americans—rich or poor. We have always believed in the rugged individualism and self-actualization. We are not the people I think the people in Washington think we are. We are not fearful people. We are not people that give in or give up. We’re not about to give into some new whiney mentality where “Ooh, somebody help me”. That’s not who we are.

The only one that is too big to fail is you. And the only one that will, the only one that will create your failure is you. The only way the United States government, or the United States of America, or we fail as a collective is if we fail as individuals. And the only way guaranteed we as individuals will fail is to depend on the government to prop us up. That is just not who we are. And for me I am thankful for that.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rachel Maddow - Centrist Republicans veer right

The cracker is God and Kennedy isn't having any!

[Image from the Huffington Post]

We've written before of the little spat between the Roman Catholic bishop of Rhode Island, Thomas Tobin, and Representative Patrick Kennedy. Kennedy is pro-choice when it comes to abortion. Needless, to say, the good bishop finds that reprehensible, believing that his position has been handed down by the deity.

Things seem to have heated up recently. Kennedy told the Providence Journal that Bishop Tobin has banned him from receiving the god cracker. "The bishop instructed me not to take Communion and said that he has instructed the diocesan priests not to give me Communion," saith Kennedy.

Heh. Heh. Well, Mr. Kennedy, why don't you tell this cracker of a bishop to take his god cracker and shove it where the sun don't shine? Who needs this? And why would you remain a member or want to remain a member of the organization that still lives mainly in the 16th century?

As long as you continue in the organization and insist on your right to receive the god cracker, the bishop's got you over a barrel and can send your sorry soul right to hell. But, if you tell the bishop to go to hell, and get out of that miserable institution, which has utterly no moral credence anymore (if it ever had!), you're free!

The truth will set you free! And here's a hint: there is no god in the cracker no matter how many times a priest says the magic words!

There's more here.

Florida's Senator, George LeMieux, a pawn of Miami's Cuban Community

[Photo from here]

When Charlie Crist appointed this nogoodnik to the U.S. Senate, many of us in Florida recoiled in horror. George LeMieux is a typical Repugnican wingnut who lives for the corporations who own his soul, and is a pawn of the rabid Cuban community in Miami.

Thus, LeMieux is front and center blocking the man the Obama administration has appointed to be our new ambassador to Brazil. Why would LeMieux do this? He's supposed to sit quietly in his Senate seat, keep his big mouth shut, and step aside when Charlie leaves the governorship to run for the Senate himself.

Here's why: The man nominated to become our ambassador to Brazil is Tom Shannon. Under Georgi W. Bushy, Shannon served as assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs. But, according to the goofball Cubans in Miami, "he wasn't tough enough on the Castro regime..."

But there's more. LeMieux is still working for Crist. And Crist is up against a Cuban-American in his bid for a seat in the Senate. So, LeMieux, it is said, is "trying to burnish his Cuba credentials to help Crist ..."

The Cuban community in Miami consists of a bunch of retrograde Castro haters who still think it's 1960. If they had their way, the U.S. would have taken Castro out long ago and forced their version of democracy on the island, which generally means the rich rule and the poor get the scraps.

And the rightwingnut Florida legislators in Congress, who are in bed with the aforementioned rabid Cuban community in Miami, are backing LeMieux one hundred percent.

Remember that LeMieux knows from nothing about Latin America. But under arcane Senate rules, one senator can put a "hold" on a nomination so it can go nowhere. Before LeMieux it was the nogoodnik Jim DeMint from, naturally, South Carolina, who held up Shannon's nomination.

The Obama administration is not happy, and claims that LeMieux's recalcitrance is messing up our relationship with Brazil.

Nine former assistant secretaries of state sent a letter to LeMieux asking him to withdraw his opposition to Shannon. Bernard Aronson, one of these former assistant secretaries of state, said that LeMieux "has every right, if he doesn't think this individual is qualified, to go to the floor and make his case, but why should one freshman senator with no background in Latin America, no background in Brazil, decide the Senate can't vote on the president's nominee?"

Why? Because with Repugnicans like LeMieux, it is eternally about politics, not about what's good for the country. Everything in this world is political. LeMieux doesn't give a rat's ass about Brazil or any other country in Latin America. He's playing to his base to give his old buddy, Charlie, a leg up. Well, he probably hates Castro, too, but that's not what this is all about. If the Cuban community in Miami told LeMieux they would support Charlie if LeMieux kissed Castro's ass, he would do it.

It's the usual game. And any respect I ever had for Charlie Crist has long since disappeared. He's turned out to be a disappointing governor in many ways (the only good thing he's done that I can think of is accept the stimulus money which has helped our schools immensely) and his appointment of LeMieux smacks of cronyism and political chicanery.

(The material in this post was obtained from an article at McClatchy, published on Thursday, November 19.)

The Last Thanksgiving

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