Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama, Biden, and the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, run by Dr. Gary Cass, should be named The Christian Pro-Defamation Commission.

The CADC, along with other ultra-right Christian groups, is engaged in defaming the character and the religious beliefs of Barack Obama, and now, Obama's vice-presidential choice, Joe Biden.

Cass was previously the Executive Director of the late James Kennedy's kooky Center for Reclaiming America. Cass was ordained in the Presbyterian Church of America, which is the southern, fundamentalist version of the Presbyterian approach to Christianity. He is also rabidly anti-choice with regard to abortion and has worked in the past with the vicious organization known as Operation Rescue.

He believes that he is a "true" Christian and all those who believe differently than he does are "fake" Christians.

In a Media Advisory issued the other day by the CADC, Cass said that his organization was not happy with either Obama or McCain, but would consider supporting the one who chose a "true Christian" as a running mate.

Cass is not pleased at all with Joe Biden, as Joe Biden is not a "true" Christian: "Barack Obama's choice of Joe Biden sends a clear message, true Christians need not apply in the Democratic Party. Instead of picking a true Christian, Obama, a fake evangelical, has selected Biden, a fake Catholic. Biden is a liberal on social policy in defiance of Christian moral teaching. He has a 0% rating by National Right to Life and voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment.

"Now we are watching what McCain will do. Will he pick a pro-choice Republican or perhaps a moderate Mormon or a liberal Jew? I urge McCain to pick someone that conservative evangelicals and Catholics can support."

Fake Christian? Fake Catholic? Several biblical admonitions come to mind: Do not bear false witness against your neighbor! Do not judge other because how you judge others is how you will be judged. And I think the apostle Paul had a few things to say about the sin of pride!

I am constantly amazed at what crawls out of the sewers of fundamentalist Christianity! If Cass is a representative of god, who would want anything to do with that kind of deity?

How dare this clown claim to be a "true" Christian? This is exactly the kind of person that I think Jesus had in mind in the story which ends with the judge saying, "Get lost, I never knew you!" In that tale, Jesus reminds his followers that it isn't what you believe or what you say that matters but how you respond to those in need!

But do not take Mr. Cass lightly! He and millions of other "true" Christians are working day and night to turn the United States into their vision of what a "Christian" country should be. I can guarantee you wouldn't like it one little bit! The only difference between these "true" Christians and the Taliban is the name of their religion!


Jaxon said...

Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck just released a great book on the growing Socialist Christian movement and what a load it truly is. Why We're Not Emergent. It is a must read.

Anonymous said...

We keep reading of these “true Christians” and wonder how they gain support. They preach hate, they divide, and they do not follow the teachings of Jesus or the Bible. What is their appeal? Who needs them and supports them? Why are people so in need of such preaching? Aren’t the basic teachings good enough? If not, then question the teachings not the messengers. If one believes the Bible states truth, why are so many interpreters needed? If one has faith, why are so many willing to accept nonsense from such a wide variety of false preachers? What happened to love thy neighbor or thy enemy? If you believe, how can you accept such obvious power seekers? What are their goals? What do they do to help the poor and helpless? What is their real message? I think they seek power and wealth. Their supporters follow false gods.
What would Jesus say? I doubt if it would be wht tese guys say.
Bob Poris

Steve said...


You seriously need to read your Bible again. One thing I find very interesting about extreme liberal websites-they are always entertaining and rarely accurate. This site's banner is a contradiction in reality, and Jacob's rant is truly funny. How is it that liberal blabbers always engage in the same tactics they use to attack conservatives? Actually they're a bit worse, and much better at playing passive aggressive head games. I guess that's because they can't come up with programs to actually help America, so they'd rather attack those who differ with them. It's called intolerant tolerance, or, in other words, "I'll tolerate your ideas if they fit my definition. If not, I won't hear you." Very open minded.

Before you write me off as a wounded conservative, I once was very far to the left in my thinking. I didn't like the label "Liberal" because liberals were spineless jackals who would compromise away all their prinicples just so they'd have an audience.

For the record, I think what the head of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission means by a "true" Christian is one who has a personal relationship with Jesus, or one who has received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Actually they are both the same. Calling oneself a Christian because you claim allegiance to a denomination doesn't make one a Christian. It simply means you go to church.

Take a good look at your candidate. His name is Barry Sotero. It may have been Barak Obama at birth, but his adoption by his Indonesian dad changed that. There are other innuendos about his character which he ignores, and the media and wild eyed idealogues like you guys want to ignore.

God help us all if Barak Bin Biden get elected. Your comparison of Christianity to the Taliban, besides being offensive, is misdirected. When Obama has his way, we'll be in submission to a very different government than we now have. Hope you'll be happy then


Jacob said...

Dear Steve,

You have proved my point. Barry Sotero? Barak bin Biden?

If that's what you call Christianity, you can have it.

I need to read my Bible? What would you have me read. The place where Jesus says bear false witness, of the place where he urges his followers to lie about their neighbors, or where he says the ends justify the means, or where he says it's OK to try to destroy someone's character if the haven't been born again?

You, sir, are a joke!


steve said...


You call yourself a theologian, yet you trash the Bible and call me a joke?

This is what I meant. This is an election, after all. Obama may not be who he says he is, and the media superstar status on which he rode into the Senate is flimsy reasoning to elect him President.

Beyond that, your view of any world religion is your view, to which you are entitled, whether I agree or not. I claim the same priviledge.

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