Friday, August 29, 2008

McDonald's "blacklisted" by pro-family investor

McDonald's has been on the extremist Christian right's hit list for some time because the giant fast-food company had the unChristian temerity to donate $20,000 to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

According to the religious news source, onenewsnow, this pissed off "The president of a pro-family values mutual fund company." Art Ally says his group, which follows "socially responsible investing" and "includes screening of companies whose revenues or actions support pornography, abortion, anti-family entertainment, or promotion of non-married lifestyles," thinks McDonalds went 'over the edge.'"

Ally claims that McDonalds is using an "aggessive approach ... in promoting and supporting the homosexual agenda."

There is nothing new in all of this. A notorious screwball outfit, The American Family Association, has called for a boycott of McDonald's for the same reasons Ally's group will include no McDonald's stock in its portfolio.

It's just interesting that these fundy Christians, who claim to follow Jesus, spend their lives engaged in hatred of people because of their sexual orientation, and try to pressure companies to deny homosexuals the same benefits that are extended to other, non-homosexual people.

Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. So, they're not following Jesus here at all. But he did speak of not judging one's neighbor; and he spoke about treating people with respect; and he did say, very specifically, if you accept the stories as historical, that those who would follow him should "love their neighbors as they love themselves."

I guess even fundy Christians have to hate somebody.


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Anonymous said...

It isn't going to change such people to condemn them. We should ask the gays to stage a love in for them. That might be more in keeping with the teachings of Jesus..
Bob Poris

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