Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lies on the right and the right of violence

Media Matters, on Monday, reported, in part, the following:

1. On The War Room with Quinn & Rose, guest host Mike Pintek opened the show by saying, 'You need to know that Barack Obama is a monster and a liar who would be very much at home in Communist China, where killing babies is an industry.' Pintek went on to claim that Obama 'believes so firmly in abortion, he is so radical in his support for abortion and infanticide that he believes if a woman chooses abortion, she's entitled to a dead body no matter what.'"

The "monster and liar" is clearly Mike Pintek!

2. An editorial in Investor's Business Daily claimed "that after Kenyan politician Raila Odinga lost his country's presidential election in late 2007, 'angry Odinga supporters crying fraud sparked riots that resulted in some 1,500 deaths. Amid his ancestral country's civil unrest, [Sen. Barack] Obama took time out from the campaign trail to phone Odinga to voice his support.'

"However, while IBD claimed that Obama phoned Odinga to 'voice is support,' Obama and his campaign have reportedly said that he pressed Odinga to conduct unconditional negotiations to end the violence during the phone conversation, which was reportedly approved by the State Department."

3. Over and over again, rightwing crackpots have, as did Fox News' Sean Hannity and Karl Rove, "that Sen. Barack Obama paid below market value for his house, despite the fact that the sellers reportedly said tthey did not cut the price for Obama." In fact, this claim has been disproved numerous times over the past few months, but Hannity and Rove and others of their ilk continue with the lies!

4. Again from Fox (Faux) News. This was before Michelle Obama's speech to the DNC Convention. Juan Williams claimed that Michelle would have a problem. "Well, she's got to her herself, but I do not think she can go for it all out in terms of this kind of militant anger that she sometimes uses."

Other than the sentence consists of lousy English, Williams is full of crap. What does he know of Michelle Obama? And he never states just what this "militant anger" is.

After listening to the speech, one would have to say that Mr. Williams should be given his walking papers.

5. "Radio host Neal Boortz falsely suggested Sen. Barack Obama is a Muslim, saying, 'Let's ask Obama how many prayer rugs he has.' Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim."

6. A contradiction in terms. David Freddoso claimed, on Fox New's America's Election HQ, that "Senator [Barack] Obama says that he is a reformer, an agent of positive change. And looking at his record, though, in Chicago, Springfield, and Washington, I found that he is absolutely -- there's nothing in his record to bear out that claim."

That's funny because "in Freddoso's recently released book, he specifically credit Obama with two 'real accomplishment[s] ... in the name of reform' -- the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, and a 1998 Illinois ethics bill."

7. Bill Kristol never knows what he's talking about, but he put his foot in his mouth again. When Obama chose Joe Biden as a running mate, Kristol whined that what "Obama's imposition of a glass ceiling."

The trouble is Kristol's not one who gives a damn about women or gender equity. During the primary he said that "'[w]hite women are a problem' and attributed Sen. Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire primary victory to here 'pretend[ing] to cry.'"

The above incidents and statements are not in the least unusual. Similar comments are broadcast around the clock on media outlets around the world. It is very clear that Republican leaders, operatives, and media pundits have utterly no regard for the truth!

Even worse, many of them call for violence against their perceived enemies. We've already seen how one man, no doubt deranged to begin with, was pushed to assault and kill "liberal" church worshipers because of things he had heard on radio and television. Ann Coulter, among others, has actually suggested that certain people be murdered.

If anything happens to Barack Obama, much of the blame must be laid at the feet of these self-righteous, yet evil people, who spew their filth across the airwaves and in the pages of their newspapers, magazines and blogs.

And if that seems harsh, or too "sectarian," ask yourself when you have heard a Democrat, either in the political arena or elsewhere -- in any capacity -- call for violence against a political opponent.


Anonymous said...

LOL you can never santize the monster known as OBUMMER... The rich racist guy who lets his brother live on 3 cents per day in some hell hole country, or who flip flops more than gymnast.

He is the next Hitler for crying out loud.

Get real.

Jacob said...

Dear Anonymous,

I find it fascinating that you felt it unnecessary to deal with any of the issues raised in the post. Rather, you further defame the senator from Illinois.

We've got "Hitler" now. Perhaps you're not aware of the difference between good and evil.


Anonymous said...

Obama and his wife left a world of poverty or low income to become successful, in spite of the odds. If they are now wealthy, they did it by hard work.Most of us, had a better chance to suceed but few did. I think they both deserve credit for making it.He was not my foirst choice but that had nothing to do with his current status. Look at what he can do, not what you are apparently jealous of. Do you take care of all your relatives? Do most people? Get real. Dislike him for his policies, or his ideas not your bias.Why are you afraid to use your name? What have you got to hide?
Bob Poris

Anonymous said...

I wonder when our electorate will reject the sound bites and begin to read what the issues are and how to respond to real issues. I have heard from people in my community all sorts of nonsense. Most know little and when told a rebuttal, tell me they hadn’t known anything about that. Don’t they read the newspapers or ever listen to news that tells them something? Apparently Obama is a Muslim; his wife is a racist;, he is a commie, a socialist; a radical; a Black Panther; a terrorist, a millionaire elitist; the Democrats are at fault for every bad thing since old man Bush halted oil digging off shore, including not allowing refineries to be built; and not passing any legislation since taking over the government. etc. These are voters! Apparently they have not looked into any claims and do not think global warming is an issue because Gore wants to use it to make millions for himself. It is very difficult to realize these are retired people with some education. I can accept differences of opinion of course. These are not opinions; they are stated as facts but never a word about two sides or anything to back up an opinion. It is very discouraging from middle class people that complain about the economy but know it is the Liberal’s fault.
Bob Poris

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