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Keith Olbermann - Not Worst Person in the World

Heh, heh!

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Keith Olbermann - Gingrich bashes Obama

One has to wonder why anyone listens to Gingrich, a discredited flop and serial adulterer. And why does the christianist right give him any credence whatsoever. But he's become their darling!

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Arizona speed cameras and conservative principles

[Cartoon from here.]

Let's see now: under the regime of Georgi W. Bush, the United States grew rapidly into a more repressive society, what with the enactment of the unconstitutional so-called Patriot Act, the use of torture against its enemies and an incredible amount of undercover spying on its ordinary citizens, among other things.

The size of the government enlarged enormously as did the budget and the national deficit.

During this period of time, conservatives were inexplicably silent. Georgi's initiatives defied many of the "principles" upon which conservatives stand and about which they prattle on endlessly.

In Arizona, the conservative "principle" of less government interference in people's lives bit the dust a couple of years ago when the state installed speed cameras on state highways which take a picture of vehicles speeding 11 miles over the limit. Tickets are then sent to the homes of the offenders, said tickets demanding the payment of $181.50.

It's Big Brother time in the dusty, desert state, home of the reluctant warrior and Senate dissembler, Johnny McCain.

Some people don't much like these cameras. Perhaps they are the real conservatives. They've put silly string on them, covered them with post-it notes, and one guy took one down with a pick ax. One judge decided the cameras were unconstitutional and threw out 7,000 of the tickets.

Now the cameras came into existence at the behest and with the approval of the Arizona legislature, noted for its large group of ultra-conservative wingnuts. These are the same folks who praise God and conservative "principles," one of which is the unwarranted interference of government in the lives of ordinary citizens.

Is it hypocrisy? Yes. It this hypocrisy new? No. The conservatives in this country (which includes most of the Repugnican leadership in the states as well as in Washington) are noted for saying one thing and doing another. Their "principles" are abandoned whenever they get in the way of their tenure or financial well-being. Big government, for example, is just fine so long as they are in power and their corporate masters are being well-fed, the prime example in recent years being their revered dead leader, Ronnie Reagan, the B-grade movie actor, under which the government grew by leaps and bounds.

Thus, in Arizona, the ugly hand of Big Brother as represented by "conservatives" translates into speed cameras.

Now it seems enough folks are growing increasingly unhappy with this unconstitutional invasion of privacy. And so, unsurprisingly, "conservatives" in the Arizona legislature may again find the "principles" and do away with them.

Isn't this an amazing country in which we live?

By the way, Arizona is not the only state to have fun with speed cameras. Read more here.

Some of the material in this post came from Auto Blog.

Teach the controversy

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Suing the representatives of God

This was sent to me by a friend. Something to think about!

Be it established that:

1- God exists, as proven by Descartes and the Holy Bible as well as the testimony of the Apostles, the Fathers of the Christian church, and the Prophets of Judaism and the Prophet of Islam, known as the Messenger of Allah.

2- God is recognized as a legal person in the United States of America, which has declared that they are one nation, under Him.

3- The United States of America and its local jurisdictions recognize that the several churches of the organized religions are representatives of God for all purposes, and as such grants them tax exemptions and other special considerations.

4- God is recognized as, and known to be, the perpetrator of various criminal acts, including Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Lightning Strikes, Floods, Forest Fires, Tidal Waves and Earthquakes among others, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in property damage; these being collectively known, by universal agreement, as Acts of God.

Therefore, it must be legally possible to sue the churches, who are the recognized representatives of this malefactor, and in particular the Pope, who is his true Vicar on Earth by his own admission and the dogma of the Catholic Church, to recover damages, and to arrest them for conspiracy to commit murder, aiding and abetting, being accessories after the fact and other felonies, and to force them to reveal the location of God and the method by which He may be contacted and summoned to appear before a magistrate.


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Who's the deluded one?

The campout

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Stupidity will destroy the U.S.

[Photo of Mike Pitt from here.]

The Last Chance Democracy Cafe recently ran an article titled, "No, not fire nor even ice: stupidity will end the world!"

This was a pointed piece aimed at the numbnuts in our national legislature who, because of a couple snowstorms, claim there is no such thing as global warming.

"Global warming legislation isn't being killed by tea partiers, Rush Limbaugh or even Matt Drudge (although intelligent public discourse is). It's being killed by our elected representatives in Washington, a majority of whom fully understand the threat climate change poses, yet have chosen not to act."

This, says LCDC, is stupidity in spades!

I agree wholeheartedly. But stupidity rears its ugly head with regard to almost every other issue that has to do with the public welfare; our common good. The Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs and Ann Coulters of the world are doing their stupid best to bring down our country and our president for their own devious benefit, but throughout the legislatures of our land there are masses of numbnuts who are doing as much or more damage.

Here's an example. Mike Pitts is a Repugnican and a state representative in South Carolina. Now, I know that South Carolina's government is filled with just about as many assholes as is Texas' government, but Pitts stands with Jim DeMint on the same level of idiocy and chicanery.

Mr. Pitts introduced a law that would ban "the unconstitutional substitution of Federal Reserve Notes for silver and gold coin" in his home state. This means that in the "great" state of South Carolina, you'd have to use silver or gold to pay any debt you incurred. No more paper money with the Great Satan's (U.S. Government) seal on it!

Pitts claims that the U.S. economic system is going down in flames and he's just trying to get South Carolina ready to deal with such a catastrophe. He believes that because he's a nogoodnik Repugnican who somehow missed the massive deficit spending of Georgi Bush but blames the mess Bush made on our current elected leader, Mr. Obama.

Nothing racial, you understand.

Now, the bill is clearly unconstitutional from the start. Furthermore, as others have pointed out, silver and gold can't serve as currency because their value fluctuates.

Does that bother Pitts. Nah, he likes stuff he can hold in his hands. Real stuff, not paper money stuff.

Oh, this is also about states' rights. The feds have been intruding "on states' rights for eight years."

Hmmm. Isn't this why South Carolina started the Civil War?

Yep. Stupidity is gaining ground. The major threats to this country are not from without, but from within: from the Pitts, the DeMints, the Pawlentys, the Perrys, Repugnicans in general, FAUX News, and all their ilk.

Rachel Maddow - Republicans abandon principles to pander to the right

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Jon Stewart tears Beck a new one!

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National Prayer Campaign to save the U.S.

[Photo of Cindy Jacobs from here.]

On January 1, a national prayer campaign called "Root 52" began with a bunch of christianist numbnuts praying for our "national political leaders."

This so-called prayer campaign was organized by a couple of goofy religionists, Mike and Cindy Jacobs, who make money off the ignorant and gullible by pretending they know there is a god who really cares about the U.S. and will spare us from going down the tubes if we only abase ourselves before him, or her, as the case may be.

So, Mike and Cindy want people to pray that the U.S. will return to its "prophetic covenant roots," whatever that means, but suggests they really believe that the U.S. was/is a Christian nation founded by their Christian god.

This is a 52 week campaign and it's moving from state to state in the order they came into the union.

According to Mike and Cindy, "If we will take our place in repentance, bowing low before God in humility with fervent prayer and fasting, seeking God's face and his heart towards our nation, we believe that united with God and one another, a nation can be shifted."

Yup. Shifted from its secular nastiness, its drift toward "socialism," its tendency to treat gays like people, its refusal to allow christianists to impose their beliefs on the rest of us ... and won't that be fine? Just what their god wants! "...we will see the walls of deception, seduction, lies and rhetoric come down like those of Jericho."

Do you think they're talking about Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter and the other freaks that hang out at FAUX News trying to drag our nation down and make our president fail? Do you think they're talking about those morons that gathered at CPAC and spewed out "walls of deception, seduction, lies and rhetoric"?


These are people who want to take control of our government and turn it into their christianist fiefdom from which they can run your life and mine!

They're sick puppies. Unfortunately, there are thousands, millions of people, perhaps, who follow them on this ungodly merry-go-round.

Fortunately, as we all know, prayer doesn't work. It is pissing in the wind. There isn't any god "up there" waiting for people to fall on their faces in "humility" with "fervent prayer and fasting."

Cindy and Mike like their mentor, C. Peter Wagner, are dominionist con artists who would destroy the very foundations of our country! If there are any people guilty of establishing "walls of deception, seduction, lies and rhetoric," it is the dominionists (of which Sarah Palin is one)! They are very dangerous!

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