Friday, March 3, 2017

Pwesidential Warriors

G. W. Bushki lied the country into war with Iraq.  Being a consummate politico and skilled fabricator, he convinced several people that Saddam Hussein was hiding WMDs.  That lie led to over 4,000 American deaths, many more thousand American casualties, hundreds of thousands Iraqi dead, the brutal destruction of the country, an American economic collapse, and the rise of ISIS among other things.

Bushki wore the gear of a combat pilot and didn't he look good, all decked out like a real warrior? In fact, he was a pilot with the Texas National Guard back in his younger days.  The problem he faced then, though, was the ongoing war in Vietnam.  Bushki didn't like the idea of having to actually put his military training to use for the good of the country; he might get hurt or even killed and he was a "Bush" so that wouldn't be a good thing and also being a coward of sorts he went to his daddy and daddy arranged for him to hide out in the service of a Republican politician and avoid Vietnam.

I'll give him credit for getting through flight training.  It was tough because he was spending a lot of time at night diving for young women in the local bars. But he got his wings and that says something.

Da Trumpf, on the other hand, did everything he could to avoid military service. He wanted to make money and if the country needed his help, well screw the country.  So, he never put on any uniform ... except for those he wore on certain nightly trysts in his tower of Trump.

Now that he somehow became president, he doth love the military.  He loves it so much he wants to make it bigger...with more people to send to die in the sands of the Middle East or the icy roads of Siberia...more planes to bomb Islamists into little sandy bits...more ships to frighten China, North Korea, Iran and other countries who might be recalcitrant to do his bidding.

So, he makes announcements on aircraft carriers, those yuuge war machines who would take up half of Lake Michigan if they could be berthed in Chicago. And he dresses hisself in the cap and jacket of a Navy admiral, thereby insulting every single person who wore a real uniform and served in a real capacity.

See, the thing is, Trump is a coward with little girly hands.  But he's also a bully. You remember those guys from the school yard.  They'd beat up on the smaller kids, and threaten others who protested but on occasion when someone stood up to them they turned and ran.

That's Trump.  And now that he's Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces (that's got to be the scariest thought ever to enter your mind) he thinks he can bully any country into doing his bidding; especially if he pours billions of bucks into a military build-up.

And he's going to be especially impressive wearing his admiral's jacket and cap while piling up the nuclear weapons.

And the peoples of the world laugh so hard they cry.  "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nothing's Changed! Trump is NOT normal!

In the U.S. we are blessed with a corporate media.  That is to say, our news outlets are by and large owned by corporations and their main concern is their profit line.

Back in the first part of G.W. Bushki's reign, it was discovered that he had failed to fulfill his military obligations and was able to avoid going to Vietnam by having his father pull strings allowing him to land a cushy political job while his buddies were being shot down in the jungles of southeast Asia.

The man who reported this worked for one of the corporate media, CBS.  Instead of giving this man praise and a raise, they fired him.  Dan Rather had a resume full of dynamic and fearless reporting from all over the world.  But when he told the truth about G.W., CBS booted him out the corporate door.

Today some of our comedians and less-than-corporate media are noting, rightfully, that the corporate media is falling all over itself to explain to the world that because Trump didn't come off as a insane lunatic in his speech before Congress, everything is changed.  "My god," they said in unison, "he's become 'presidential'"!  Whatever the hell that means.

Republicans everywhere rejoiced because he refused to divulge his plans for a nuclear holocaust and prattled on about what a great job he's been doing and will be doing without telling anyone what that means or how he intends to accomplish those few things still left undone after his first 100 days smelling up the Oval Office.

But nothing has changed!  Donald Trump is still a psychopath, a sexual predator, a pathological liar and an ignorant, bumbling fool.  You can dress him up in a suit and have someone who actually knows the English language write a speech for him, but that means nothing.  He's still Donald Trump, a man who should have been indicted, impeached and tossed in jail already for his treasonous actions against our country.

What's wrong with this picture?  While he's grinning goofily for the cameras and pretending to seriously know what he's talking about in front of Congress, we learn that his newly-appointed Attorney General is guilty of perjury and was working with the Russians during the election just like others of Trump's best and brightest.  What other president would still be sitting in the White House after such revelations?

Nothing has changed!  Trump continues his war against anybody he doesn't like, specifically people who follow the Muslim religion, Mexicans, Democrats, poor people, women, kids who want to go to school instead of work in fields, generals who don't ask "How high" when he tells them to jump; anyone who challenges him in any way.

Trump still gets his "news" from talk shows and the far right neo-Nazis.  Trump is still a failed businessman who will bankrupt the country just as he bankrupted most of his companies.

He stood before Congress trying to look authentic as he lied 51 times in less than an hour.  He intends to beat up on Social Security recipients; he intends to get rid of what Republicans love to call "entitlements" - Medicare and Medicaid; he has already lessened regulations on food and drugs which keep our people safe.  He has already changed an Obama action which attempted to keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill.  He is going to build that goddamn wall if it kills us!  He is handing the military a huge budget increase even though they don't know what to do with the money they have now and tend to lose trillions of dollars without knowing why.

So, please don't listen to the corporate media, those paid "savants" of non-wisdom who would have you believe that Trump may be "normal" after all.  He's not and he never will be.  And unless you have a death wish you'd better fight him with everything you've got or in a few years you'll look back on the Great Depression with affection and longing.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Thanks to Crooks & Liars for the above.

Republican Cowards Run the House of Representatives

The Republicans are running this so-called democracy into the ground.  We are rapidly becoming a fascist dictatorship!  There's no equivalence here.  It's NOT the Democrats.  It's the Republicans and they are responsible. And if they don't re-write the history books, they will be held in contempt by the American people and the people of the world for ages to come.  And rightly so.

There was an attempt to use a relatively obscure law (the Repugs used this in 2014 relative to Tea Potters) which allows Congress to obtain the tax records of an individual.  The resolution would have given this Congress the right to obtain the tax records of da Trumpf.

Unfortunately, in a party-line vote, the Repugs shot down that resolution and once again, the American people, for the first time in history, will not be able to see the tax returns of their president.

Trump, of course, could not, under any circumstances, allow his tax returns to become public.  His chicanery - cheating, crooked deals, lies, abuse of the system to avoid paying taxes - would see the light of day and the darkness that is his heart would be put on display across the nation and the world.

Just think about this:  We the People, through our representatives, could have legally forced the issue and obtained Trump's tax records.  Our representatives in Congress, who swore fidelity to the Constitution, could have made the right and ethical and moral decision to obtain da Trumpf's tax records.

They did not do so.  They failed to do their job.  They showed their fealty is not to the well-being of this country but to themselves in order to retain their power. They showed that they are essentially traitors. They should be ashamed but more than that, they should be impeached for they have committed in this instance, by omission, a high crime and misdemeanor.

* * * *

Meanwhile da Trumpf blames Obama for the fiasco in Yemen.  He blames Obama for the protests against his government by millions of people across the country.  Somehow in his delusory state, believes that Obama, even though on vacation in Hawaii, was able to organize and carry out these multitudes of protests.

Like Hitler, Trump, a fascist, thrives on "rallies."  They are food for his miniature brain.   So he called for his supporters to come out and rally in support of him and his program.  And they did.  I've seen the photos.  Some of these rallies might have had a couple hundred people; some had maybe 10-20.  They were a monumental failure just like everything else he has done in these last 100 days. He has called for additional rallies this coming Saturday.  Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Trump is bad enough.  But we must also deal with a Congress ruled by Republicans (NOT Democrats) who have no morals or ethics (in fact they just voted to do away with any ethical check on their behavior), who care nothing for the well-being of the people of this country, who are incapable of doing the jobs to which they were elected, and who are so afraid of their stupidity and incompetence they intend to take it out on the women, the vets, and the elderly.

And all of this is why Trump's tax returns are so important.  They will show in detail the magnitude of his malfeasance.  They will confirm, once and for all, just how black is his heart and the result will be impeachment for not even the cowardly Republicans in Congress will be able to dodge that bullet!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Business as Usual by Melissa McEwan

The following excerpt is from a post on Shakesville, an excellent and informative blog by Melissa McEwan.  She tells it like it is with style and grace, but without pulling any punches.

What makes this article so important is that she turns on its head the stupid notion widely believed by so many that there is really no difference between the Republicans and Democrats.  "They both do that same things" is the mantra we often hear in an attempt to draw attention away from the horrible monster that has become the Republican Party.  The two parties are NOT the same and they do NOT do the same things.

Ask what the Republican Party has done for the good of the country over the past 80 years and you will usually get a blank stare or some nonsense about "lowering taxes."  Ask what the Democratic Party has done for the country over that same period of time and you would need a book to write it all down, beginning with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare for the poor as opposed to subsidies for the rich, legislation guaranteeing the right to vote, demolishing programs and laws discriminating against minority groups, national health care, etc.

This is not to say that the Democratic Party is "pure as the driven snow" but it sure as hell beats that beast that would shred our Constitution into bits of useless drivel and destroy what's left of our democratic way of life - the GOP!

And that's what Ms. McEwan is talking about!

"Business as Usual"

Over the weekend, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez was elected chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  The usual suspects are bitterly complaining about his victory, saying that he represents "business as usual" in the Democratic Party. ...

... Let's take a look back at the 2016 campaign for a moment.

The Democratic primary saw a woman and a Jewish man take turns making history by being the first woman or Jewish person to win primaries/caucuses.

The party eventually nominated the first female major party candidate in history.  She then ran on the most progressive platform the Democrats have ever put forward. ...

[Please read the entire article here.]