Friday, August 29, 2008

Karl Rove doing McCain's dirty tricks?

Karl Rove, the man who has become synonymous with gutter politics, is still in the middle of John McCain's presidential campaign, even though he denies any "advisory" status.

Matt at ThinkProgress tells another story, noting how Rove is "dialed in" with McCain's campaign efforts:

"In private, Rove speaks regularly with the McCain campaign, where his former protege Steve Schmidt is now the manager. He's also dialed in at the Republican National Committee, run by Mike Duncan, another former aide. And he still lunches two or three times a month with President Bush."


Matt goes to to suggest that "As ThinkProgress has previously noted, one reason Rove may be reluctant to admit his ties to the McCain campaign is the fact that he is also reported to be 'developing outside groups' to help Republicans and McCain in November. It is illegal for outside groups to coordinate with campaigns."

Why isn't this SOB in jail?

You can read Matt's article here.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt if he will ever be made to testify and will probably get a Presidential Pardon for anything that might ever be charged against him.
Bob Poris

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