Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Personal Relationship with Jesus

Porky Pig and the Pledge of Allegiance

What? No god in Porky's Pledge. Omigod! Turn him into bacon!

h/t to the Friendly Atheist.

Todd Bentley and his encounter with a financial angel

We've written much about the fundamentalist, pentecostal, holy-ghost-loving, knock-em-down and heal 'em, divorced, heavy drinker scam artist Todd Bentley previously. Now he claims to have had an encounter with a financial "angel."

Send money.

Jesus Christ! How can some people be so damn dumb as to believe anything this religious freak has to say!

Beware, though: if you are sane you may fall off your chair laughing at this moron!

h/t to Dan Florien at Unreasonable Faith.

A new pope - pomp and ceremony

A little nonsense to brighten your day.

h/t to PZ Myers.

Enemies of reason

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Thoughts on the oil spill crisis

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This is a guest post from my good friend, Bob Poris.

I just read a few essays in the current Newsweek and thought they were more than interesting. Suddenly Governor Jindal of Louisiana, the gent that added Creationism to the required teaching of science, now wants the government, that he thinks is too large, to stop the oil leak, and spend more time looking at the beaches.

I prefer the president spend his time ensuring that all the scientists and experts get what resources they need to find solutions! The only people with the equipment to stop the leak seem to be oil companies, not the government. The president is the chief executive; he belongs at his desk working on all the country's problems while utilizing his staff and the experts in the most efficient manner.

Science, knowledge and equipment are needed. The oil people are the experts and have the money and the responsibility to fix the problem they created. President Obama has been on TV almost daily speaking about oil. He has visited the areas affected and looked. He has yet to join all those directly affected with a mop in hand, but neither have the media pundits or the politicians screaming for government to suddenly take charge and do what specifically?

The Coast Guard is part of the government and has been working 24/7 since they were called in. Scientists, oil people, and the national government are involved. The media, meanwhile, wastes everyone's time by asking dumb questions about what the president wore when he visited, what he ate, etc. How about asking specific and relative questions that experts can answer? In the meantime, committees are working, questions are being asked and solutions are being sought. What do they want anyone to do that is not being done? So far, a million suggestions have been made. Some of these might have merit but most do not. Should the president be expected to look into each one personally?

It's time for the "critics" to get real and stop their posturing. Let those who are effective do their jobs and get the cameras out of their faces unless they have something to offer that can be of help. Meanwhile the wars go on, the economy is still not where we want it to be, education is still in trouble, etc, etc.

All of our problems continue and the government has to address them all.

There is a god after all

[Photo by AP)

Nothing is slimier than TV preachers. TV preachers and fundamentalist "evangelists" are the scum of the earth, preying on the elderly and the ignorant, as well as those who are just plain stupid.

I've often thought if there were a god, he or she would strike down all the TV preachers and all the "evangelists" and their non-denominational mega-churches in a single stroke just as the deity was prone to do to Israel's enemies in the "good old days."

The fact that this has not yet happened is pretty good evidence that there is no god.

Except, now, evidence of the deity's existence may have presented itself.

There used to be a six-story statue of the mythical Jesus just off I-75 near Monroe, Ohio, on the grounds of the fundamentalist Solid Rock Church. Well, it actually portrayed just Jesus' torso with arms outstretched which led rascally people to call it "Touchdown Jesus."

Unfortunately, the leadership at the Solid Rock Church, fell prey to the whims of the deity - you know, the guy who rules the universe and has the world in his hands and grants every kind of wish to his followers - at least those who have "come to Jesus."

This huge statue, made of plastic foam and fiberglass, and costing $250,000, got zapped by lightning and burned to the ground!

God damn! He did it! He finally showed the fundamentalist, right-wing, Bible-believers what he thought of them!

And don't say it was just a "natural" force. I mean, if god can do anything, he surely can keep lightning from burning down a statue of his son, who was, of course, himself and the holy ghost!

You can read more about this wonderful theological event here.