Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain's "press release" ads

Repugnicans are pretty damn sneaky.

Steve Benen, writing at the Washington Monthly, notes that "Just about every day, the McCain campaign releases a new 'ad' which is released to the media along with a vague promise that the commercial will air somewhere, at some point. Cable networks, predictably, run the ad over and over again, for free, as part of their coverage of the campaign. This has been especially true this week, with a series of McCain campaign 'ads' featuring Hillary Clinton."

What happens, though, is that the so-called ads just don't show up as commercials very often. Why bother paying for an ad when you can fool the cable people to give you the gift of free air time?

Aaron Rutkoff at the Wall Street Journal considers this "part of a well-executed scam." He quotes CMAG's Evan Tracey as claiming "These were basically video press releases." They are "designed to get under Democrats' skin in Denver and designed to get into the convention coverage."

Well, we've come to expect nothing less. Repugnicans always play dirty!

Read the entire article here (scroll down.)

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