Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hair Trump

He told us what he was going to do.  He said he would be a dictator.  He said he would build a wall (even though more Mexicans are returning to Mexico than are coming here!)  He said he would ban Muslims (because of their religion).  He ran with neo-Nazis and brought them with him into the White House.  It was obvious he did not believe in free speech and in recent days several journalists have been charged with felonies for simply reporting the truth.  His Nazi consort has warned the media to be careful what they say for the Trump administration considers a free press to be the "enemy."

He told us time and again he had no intention of following the Constitution or the values for which this nation stands.

Yet enough people voted for him anyway.  And the so-called evangelical Christians?  Eighty-one percent of those charlatans put a check next to his name.

You may not believe in hell, but you will.  Under Trump, there's going to be hell to pay!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Day of Patriotic Devotion

We knew it was coming and we knew it was coming soon, but we didn't know exactly how it would take place - this move to totalitarianism.

Trump has shut down the EPA and has shuttered scientific research and has threatened ALL opposition with the power of his office if they disobey his commands.

He's going to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.  He's opening up the CIA's "black sites" so he can make dissenters disappear forever.  His minions, such as the black-hearted Newt Gingrich wants to jail people who dare show the Trump disrespect.

The difference between Trump and other fascist dictators is rapidly dissolving and Congress, the institution officially designated to pass the laws that govern this nation, is inhabited primarily by mealy-mouthed, power-hungry, hateful white men who will crawl on their knees to give obeisance to the new "Great Leader".

The incident which best symbolizes our democracy's leakage into totalitarianism was Trump's "national day of patriotic devotion" which he declared to be celebrated on the memorial of his inauguration.  The Guardian provides some context:

"Donald Trump has echoed North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, after declaring that the day of his inauguration should be a 'national day of patriotic devotion- – a rallying cry that would not be out of place in the secretive state’s propaganda.

"Trump’s proclamation, which was made official on Monday, has been uttered by Kim in speeches to his 1.2 million-strong military and members of the ruling Korean Workers’ party in recent years.

"In an address to a military parade in Pyongyang on 10 October 2015 – the party’s 70th anniversary – Kim thanked the “heroic men and women” of the army and security services who, 'in hearty response to the party’s appeal, have worked with patriotic devotion and created one heroic miracle after another' in their quest to build a 'thriving socialist nation'.

"The phrase also crops up in North Korean propaganda."

North Korea is not the United States and Trump is not Kim Jong-un, but there are similarities or as The Guardian puts it, "echoes" between the two which ought to terrify all those who love our country and wish it well.

Melanie, the terrified wife of Da Trumpf, has told reporters that her husband kept a copy of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf by his bedside as a reference guide.  If true, that should be taken seriously.  It's an omen, and not a good one.

Perhaps the best thing we can do at the moment is mock this idiotic "day of patriotic devotion," and certainly ignore it for coming from this monster who lies about everything, it means nothing.  And it is nothing more than a way he devised to con the people into giving him or as he likes to be called, "The Great One, "patriotic devotion"!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Will The Real Optimists Please Stand Up?

What follows is an essay by Alex Anderson who works for the Black Sheep Agency in Houston, Texas.  It was written for the Black Sheep Agency.  Alex is my grandson, but that's not why I'm publishing his article.  It stands on its own merit, is an excellent piece and as the events of January 20 left me grinding my teeth in the depths of despair, Alex offers a glimmer of hope for the future.

* * * *

2017 Doesn't Seem So Bad Anymore:  Motorcycle accidents, keyboard activism and my trip to the White House.

It's not exactly news that some things didn't turn out the way we had planned in 2016.  All of us started the year with an almost joyful spirit, as if for some reason we were confident of the good that would happen in the coming year.  And we were wrong about some things.  And we're still mourning, some of us.

I imagine that you and your friends had some hopes dashed as well, if the collective thoughts of Twitter are any indication.  It remember showing up to work the day after the election--an office full of determined activists suddenly silenced, if only briefly.  We just weren't sure what happened next.  Aleppo's tragic story lingered in the background of every social media trip I've taken this year, blood-soaked children orphaned and claiming the headlines consistently, almost as if they knew America wasn't eager to actually do something.  But eventually our fingers tired from the keyboard's solidarity, and we moved on to the latest Tasty recipe.  Syria is a world away.  What can we do?  We saw our legends die, far-off figures who fantastically seemed as if they lived next door. They had offered up words to remind us that we're not the only ones who are lonely, tired, or dying, and honestly, I'm not sure if we'll ever realize the impact that they made on our lives, or even how much time we spent alone with them. At least not until that moment when we pull their names up on Spotify or Netflix because we desperately need to see them again.

I've always thought myself as an optimist, but in a year that seemingly fought to quell any proactive thoughts I might've had, it's been almost exhausting to pretend as though I was still looking forward to what the future had to offer. Outside of my immediate life-is-good bubble, it was as if the world was determined to prove my optimism unrealistic.

Turns out my cynicism isn't unfounded, considering there's no reason to believe that suddenly humans will treat each other better.  America isn't what it was, nor is it what we hope it to be. ...

Please click HERE to continue reading the article.

[Note:  This article published with permission of the Black Sheep Agency.]