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Keith Olbermann - Lou Dobbs, Worst Person in the World!

Alan Grayson's "apology" - Heh, heh.

Anthony Weiner: The Republican Party is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of The Insurance Industry

The Obama "problem" can be solved by military coup

Just when you think the wingnuts can't get any crazier, they get a lot crazier.

I got this from Media Matters for America who got it from John L. Perry at Newsmax. Newsmax, of course, is so far right it's falling off their flat earth! And Perry is one of those extremists who believes any means justifies the ends, so long as they are his "ends." He is also a liar of great magnitude, crying that Obama is a "Marxist," who is trying to remake the United States into a Marxist state!

Well, if you think that is insane crapola, read the following. Methinks you'll begin to get a sense of the danger our country is in from the rightwhitewingnuts!

Perry starts his article by noting that what's he's talking about is not "unrealistic," and although he may be suggesting it's a great idea, he's not advocating it!

What is "it"? A military coup by which our generals and admirals take over the United States government.

Oh, not to worry, says Perry, we're not a Third World country, so such a coup would be civilized. His scenario goes like this:

"'...patriotic general and flag officers [will] sit down with the president, or [notice here the attempt to portray Obama has a mere pawn in a Marxist scheme] with those who control him, and work out the national equivalent of a 'family intervention,' with some form of limited, shared responsibility."

"Imagine," says Perry, "a bloodless coup to restore and defend the Constitution through an interim administration that would do the serious business of governing and defending the nation. Skilled, military-trained, nation-builders would replace accountability-challenged, radical-left commissars. Having bonded with his twin teleprompters, the president would be detailed for ceremonial speech-making.

"Military intervention is what Obama's exponentially accelerating agenda for 'fundamental change' toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama's radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible."

That's the gist of Perry's tirade. Here we have subversion and treason wrapped up in some unrecognizable form of "patriotism" and "constitutionalism" but is actually the reverse of anything remotely associated with patriotism! It is nothing more than advocating the unconstitutional overthrow of our democratically-elected government.

In fact, what Perry is describing is very similar to the methods by which the commies took over the Soviet Union or the the fascists took over Germany.

Which does not mean he's a commie or a nazi, but it does mean he's either crazy or he's a subversive and a traitor! Hell, I think he's all three: crazy, subversive, and a traitor!

There's more here.

Keith Olbermann - The GOP's "no" show health care plan

Alan Grayson - a giant among pussies

[Photo from Grayson's website]

Where the hell are the cowardly bunch of pussies who make up the Democratic leadership in Congress?

Finally, we get a Democrat with some intelligence and guts who has the good sense and the nerve to call out the Repuglicans for what they are -- nogoodniks who don't give a damn about the American people -- and when the Repugnicans start whining, the Democratic leadership is nowhere to be found.

Alan Grayson, whom I'm proud to say is from Florida, made a wonderful comment about the Repug health care plan as being a "blank piece of paper." Then he said, "If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly. That's right, the Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick."

Heh. Heh. Right on, Alan!

Oh, the poor Repugnican hypocrites! Weeping and wailing all over the place! "Apologize, apologize," they cried in unison, tears falling all over their custom-made $2,000 suits (paid for by corporate America).

Grayson wasn't dining at that table! No sir. He went on to say, "I would like to apologize...I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven't voted sooner to end this holocaust in America."

Can you hear me clapping and cheering? According to the latest research, which Grayson cited, almost 45,000 Americans die each year because they do NOT have health insurance.

Now the Repugs, feigning outrage, want Grayson to apologize, saying that he's doing the same thing as Joe Wilson did.

How stupid do they think we are? Joe Wilson heckled the president of the United States calling him a liar. The heckling was bad enough. Calling him a liar was worse. And the fact is, it was not the president who was lying, it was Joe Wilson, who evidently had not read the health care bill.

So, the Repugs are drafting a "resolution of disapproval." Hah. Hah. These Repugs are the same assholes who claim that Obama's health care contains death panels. The moronic senator from Iowa is still claiming that the government might "pull the plug on grandma"!

Why aren't the Repugs putting together a "resolution of disapproval" against Grassley?

Michael Steele claims Grayson's remarks are a "smear" against the GOP. God, I hope so! The GOP needs to be smeared. The GOP is no longer a political party, it has become a group of Jesus freaks controlled by international corporations and their lobbyists.

Go Grayson! And the rest of you Democrats in Congress better back him up! 'Cause many of us out here in the hinterland are getting mighty sick of you pussies caving into the ugly Repugs every time they wag a finger at you!

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Rachel Maddow - A rogue's tale

Rachel Maddow - Next target for right-wing smear machine

Keith Olbermann - Right wing craziness uses children

You've got to see this. It represents another piece of the ongoing attempt by FAUX News and the rightwhitewingnuts in this country to destroy the Obama administration. Satan may not exist, but evil sure does, and it's given voice these days by Glenn Beck and crowd.

The Survey

Thanks to Atheist Cartoons.

Lodi, California, public prayer in Jesus' name, same old crap

What is it these fundy christianist rightwing nuts don't get? The United States Constitution expressly forbids the establishment of religion. When some politico or preacher who loves Jesus stands up at the city council meeting and invokes the "Lord's blessing in the name of Jesus" on the work of the council, that sure as hell represents an establishment of religion!

Why don't these morons read the New Testament? If there was one thing the legendary Jesus disliked intensely, it was hypocrisy. Thus, he urged those who would follow him not to stand in the public square and pray like the "hypocrites" who wanted their piety to be noticed. In fact, saith Jesus, his followers should go into a closet where no one could see them, pray secretly, and they would get a reward from God, in secret...whatever that means.

In Lodi, California a battle is raging about whether the city council should have an invocation "in Jesus' name" at the beginning of their sessions. The Freedom from Religious Foundation, which righteously fights these kinds of breaches to our Constitution, is on the scene and warns that the dispute may end up in court.

On the other side is the fanatical, rightwingnut bunch of lawyers known as the Alliance Defense Fund who see the United States as a Christian nation where every public meeting should begin with prayer "in Jesus' name."

It is also an organization that knows not truth. According to the Sacramento Bee, Mike Johnson, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, made the outrageous claim that "Their organization [Freedom from Religion Foundation] is on a search-and-destroy mission for all things religious."

Bullshit, Mr. Johnson.

What they are attempting to do is ensure that wackos like yourself don't destroy the Constitution and turn our country into a fundamentalist Christian theocracy!

And that is exactly the motive of these rightwing christianist wingnuts? That's why they insist, in this secular, pluralistic society, to foist their particular religious views on the rest of us?

Do they really believe that by nodding to god at a city council meeting means the deity will intervene in that city's business so all goes well, and conversely, if they fail to nod to god, he/she will get pissed off and intervene to screw up the city?

No, of course not.

So, it's a power play; part of the ongoing attack on our Constitution. It also shows an extreme lack of respect for persons who do not believe the same crap they do!

Here's a scary video made earlier in the year...note all the numbnuts who either have not read our Constitution or just plain don't care about it. Actually, for all their talk, they don't give a damn about Jesus either as they fail utterly to follow their "savior's" teachings!

Palin in an ignorant insult, wraps herself in the flag

This image is from Cat in the Bag.

Here's Cat in the Bag's take:

"What does she care about anything? Violating a US Code for respect for the flag means nothing to her. And this is what the Republicans are looking at for their next shot at the White House."

I would add it exemplifies not only disrespect but her ignorance. And perversity. What is important to Palin and so many other christianist rightwingnuts is not our Constitution but power - the power to remake our country into their own very sick, self-righteous, godforsaken image.

Please check out the very fine website Cat in the Bag here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keith Olbermann - Blue Dogs in the hot seat

This is from last evening, but it's importance in light of the Senate panel's rejection of a public option has escalated.

Ministry prays for 10 years - nothing happens

[Image of Mike Bickle from The Pitch here.]

Insanity, some have said, is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, in spite of the fact that whatever it is you're doing doesn't work.

Mike Bickle is the founder of an outfit called the "International House of Prayer" located in Kansas City, Missouri. Notice the acronym, IHOP. You should know that evidently Mr. Bickle felt no need to attend college or seminary...he got his vibes directly from God.

Mr. Bickle is a fundy christianist who believes that prayer really works. His ministry is "known for leading 24-hour prayer and worship" experiences. The outfit has been on this road to nowhere for 10 years!

But now Bickle has come up with something new: "At the 10-year mark, we're making a commitment by the grace of God to combine 24-hour prayers of justice with 24-hours works of justice until the Lord returns." Good luck with that! But what the hey, christianists have been waiting 2000 years, what's another 10 or 20?

Got to admit, though, Bickle a "pastor," has a flair for organization and fund-raising. He's got offshoots of his outfit in other places around the world and "some 4,000 people currently raise support to work with the ministry full or part time."

There's a slight problem though because when Bickle talks about "works of justice," he's really talking about "evangelizing" people (especially the down and out) by providing certain social services. It's an old fundy trick, but still works. So he's going to "convert" (pun intended) an old apartment house into a "Women's Life Center. The facility will house a crisis pregnancy center, and provide a home for former prostitutes and women rescued from sex trafficing."

Then he's in process of buying other properties to be "used for feeding and evangelistic activities." Oh, and a "100,000-square foot shopping center ... will serve as IHOP's new headquarters and house a Justice Ministry Center that will include an adoption agency, offices for the Bound4Life movement founded by Lou Engle, and Exodus Cry, a ministry that helps rescue girls in Eastern Europe from human trafficking."

Yes, you're right. It's all about abortion and that nasty "secular liberalism," and gay marriage. These are the things Bickle sees as America's real problems.

Oh, and persecution. "...he sees persecution looming." And, he's had a vision: "It will start out with economic persecution and troubles and pressures [in other words, send money!], and it will mount to verbal restraints--you can't cross the line, you can't even talk about gay marriage, you can't talk about abortion. It's going to mount up from there even in America. We believe that."

Well, hell. Christianists are good at believing things that aren't true, for which there is not a shred of evidence, and there is not a shred of evidence for anything that Bickle says. But he's got to create a sense of danger and urgency so people will keep writing checks.

Back to prayer. Over the past 10 years, Bickle's outfit has been creating a "'culture of prayer,' with some 1,500 full-time committing to 12, two-hour prayer times each week. 'It's part of people's job descriptions. ... We tell them, "You are intercessory missionaries; you're not just [employees]. Part of their task is to be in the prayer room crying out for justice.'"

What a con artist!

Have any of these prayers been answered? Thousands of prayers sent heavenward over a period of ten years. Thousands! What hath God done? How has God answered these prayers? If prayer really works, we should see quite easily a lot of evidence that the prayers were answered; evidence that can be tested and replicated.

Not to be. Oh, Bickle claims that "the ministry" has received "several prophetic messages" through the years. And those messages have to do with that same old crapola about persecution, along with news of a "great harvest."

"We think," says Bickle, "very strongly from the Word and the Spirit that it's great trouble and great victory-both of them are emerging at the same time. It will be the greatest harvest field in America, but it will be the season of the greatest falling away from the faith, or at least from the organized church."

Yup. All those prayers over all those years and that's all he got! Sheesh. How can people fall for this garbage?

To put it plainly, there is no evidence of any kind that any of the prayers were answered. None!

In fact, it has been proven that prayer doesn't work! Extensive and careful studies conducted by scientists from Harvard, Duke and the Mayo Clinic have found no evidence for the efficacy of prayer. And it is important to note is that these studies should have found some evidence if prayer was viable at all. As Victor J. Stenger writes in his book, "The New Atheism," "science is fully capable of detecting the existence of a God who acts in the lives of humans in an important way such as listening to and answering prayers."

It hasn't happened.

I actually feel a little sorry for these fools on their knees. Sounds like insanity to me!

Some of this material has come from an article in Charisma magazine here.

J. K. Rowling - too much witch and not enough craft

This from Think Progress.

Matt Latimer, a speechwriter for one Georgi W. Bush, says in his new book that the author of the Harry Potter series was denied a Presidential Medal of Freedom because, gasp, her Potter books "encouraged witchcraft."

The book is titled "Speech-less: Tales of a White House Survivor."

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is our highest civilian honor. It is given to people "who make an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors."

One doth not need to be a U.S. citizen to receive the medal.

TP quotes from p. 201 of the Latimer's book"

"This was the same sort of narrow thinking that led people in the White House to actually object to giving the author J.K. Rowling a presidential medal because the Harry Potter books encouraged witchcraft."

Now there may be valid reasons for not giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ms. Rowling. Personally, I'm not sure that the Harry Potter series, as popular the books have become, constitutes a "meritorious contribution" of ultimate significance to the United States or the world. But to say her books "encouraged witchcraft" is just plain stupid.

That does not deny that they are well-written, interesting, and entertaining. But then a lot of authors write interesting and entertaining books. Some authors, such as Victor J. Stenger, write books that actually do provide a "meritorious contribution" to world peace. And while he would better deserve such a medal he would have been rejected also, not because of his witchcraft, but because of his science, which blows the Bushite christianist religious beliefs out of the water.

It is quite amusing actually to hear that the Bush White House would object to witchcraft. Most of what they believed and most of their actions were based on a certain kind of witchcraft - that espoused by fundamentalist christianists.

Bush led the nation to war because he heard voices in his head which he assumed to be the words of the God of Israel. Bush came to believe, without a shred of evidence, that this same God wanted the United States under his leadership to install democracy throughout the Middle East no matter the cost in treasure and lives. The Bush administration vigorously declined to fight global warming because to believe in global warming somehow violated their sense that the God of Israel would protect the planet from total disaster. Furthermore, the Bushites had faith that Jesus was coming back any minute to "rapture" true believers to some fairy-tale land in the sky. Why worry about a minor thing like global warming? Bushites went so far as to force scientists to rewrite their reports on the imminent dangers of global warming.

So what's another witch or two? Witchcraft, wrapped in the cloak of christianist fundamentalism was the modus operandi of the Georgi W. Bush presidency.

The full article at Think Progress is here.

Storm - by Tim Minchin

h/t to BS Alert

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Joe Wilson - An example of what's wrong with the Repugnicans

Messed-Up Bible Stores 5: Tower of Babel

I just know!

Thanks to Atheist Cartoons.

David (you and me) against Goliath (banks)

We've got a problem, Houston!

Hell, we've had a problem for a long time. Since the "glory" days of Reagan, anyway, when government "deregulation" became the "solution" to whatever ailed us. Government, saith the Alzheimeric sleepyhead, was the problem and not the solution, so take away all the rules and everything will be wonderful and ...

Well, it didn't work out that way. Reagan was wrong! The Bushes were wrong! Which, philosophically, is an interesting factoid. Conservatives are supposed to be about rules and regulations, keeping the status quo, not going off the deep end, "preserving" our values, etc., etc.

Doesn't work that way, though. Conservatives are basically amoral. They will do anything to bring in more money and gain the power. Deregulation was a code word (and is a code word) for screw the poor, feed the rich.

Our country is in a depression (yes, it's a depression!) because of deregulation; because the powers-that-be decided to allow banks and other financial institutions to basically do whatever the hell they wanted to do without government interference!

(We could also talk about the horrendous impact of Reagan's deregulation of the airline industry, but that's another story.)

Now some folks, namely the Obama administration, would like to do something about the problem of deregulation; would like to ensure that this monstrous financial mess that has impacted every country in the world, never happens again.

So, Obama and friends want Congress to put together a brand-new Consumer Financial Protection Agency "to regulate consumer financial products ranging from credit cards to mortgages, and to simply disclosure about them all."

Oh boy! Talk about the rats coming out of the woodwork! McClatchy says the opposition has formed and is fighting back:

"...the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is leading the fight against the proposed agency on grounds that it would make credit less available and more costly. The American Bankers Association, the Independent Community Bankers of America, and the Financial Services Roundtable also oppose the measure."

Of course they do. And if they can convince the folks on Main Street that they are really, truly concerned about their financial well-being and the financial well-being of the country, they can defeat this proposal.

Amazing how brazen they are. They're responsible for the mess and now fight tooth-and-nail any attempt to fix it!

In fact, the Chamber of Commerce is "spending about $2 million on ads, educational efforts [read "propaganda efforts], and a grassroots campaign to kill the agency."

McClatchy notes that according to the Center for Responsive Politics, for the 2010 election cycle "commercial banks have donated almost $3.7 million to lawmakers -- 54 percent of it to Republicans. Companies that provide credit have given about $1.4 million, 59 percent to Democrats. Mortgage bankers and brokers have given $581,423."

Chamber of Commerce ads trot out the same old tired "scares" - we should make government better not bigger. Or, this agency could become a real "monster regulator."

So obvious.

Would you believe that "Some leading Republicans are siding with the banks"?

I think that we are going to have to deny all corporate money and other sundry gifts to any politician for any purpose. I think we're going to have to shut down the lobbying industry--completely and totally!

Unless we do those two things, we shall never, ever see much progress in this country.

Rod Parsley wants your money

[Photo from pjmiller]

Rod Parsley is perhaps the most insane, wacko, ignorant, biblically-illiterate, and corrupt of the far right wingnut TV preachers in the U.S. today. He's a mix of Jonathan Edwards and Osama bin Laden.

He's also a very dangerous theocrat who is working hard to bring his particular brand of religion to Washington and make it the law of the land.

And he hates Muslims. Well, he probably wouldn't say that. He'd say he hates their religion. He speaks of the "historic" conflict between Christianity and Islam. And the Christians better win!

Unfortunately this goofball still has an audience and, incredibly, some people still believe him and still think he's a man of goodwill. Thus, the ultra-right fundamentalist, Pentecostal, theocratic journal, Charisma, gave him space to write a silly little Bible study on the story of Jacob deceiving Esau of his birthright.

This story, of course, has nothing to do with what Parsley's says next, which is this:

"You were bought with a price -- the precious blood of Christ. Nothing in you or that you have is for sale. You and everything about you belongs to Jesus."

Yup, bloody old Yahveh will surely burn you forever in hell but because he loves you so much he will accept Jesus' blood sacrifice to mollify his justifiable anger at your many sins and that is, according to Parsley, your "inheritance," just like Esau's inheritance from his father, Isaac.

So, says Parsley, don't let the devil take away your inheritance. The devil is trying to get you birthright!

"He will tell you it is all right to keep your tithe, all right to keep your offering and satisfy the lusts of the flesh and of this world. ..." Blah, blah, blah.

The key words, key to every TV evangelist are right there: "tithe" and "offering." Heh. Heh. What a slime! Parsley's worried that you won't give him any more money and he'll have to give up his mansion and his fancy cars and even fancier cars, 'cause his phony ministry will plummet to hell where it belongs!

When it comes to Rod Parsley and every other TV evangelist it is always and only about money!

You can read Sarah Posner's most excellent and detailed article about this fraud here. Another take, cracking the Parsley nut, from a fundamentalist "Christian" perspective, is here.

Sonny Perdue, Georgia governor and wingnut, continued

Yesterday, we wrote about Georgia's Governor, Sonny Perdue, and his predilections to wingnuttery and hypocrisy, as evidenced by his 2007 "prayer vigil" to bring rain, and more recently, his begging the federal government for help because he got too much rain two years too late.

But, as we said, when it comes to Perdue, more is more.

Also back in 2007, Perdue and a number of other governors wrote to the Majority Leaders and Minority Leaders of the House and Senate, as well as to the Speaker of the House, begging for federal funds to keep their states' SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) operating. Evidently, the feds, beaten down with the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the misguided Bush tax breaks for the rich, were not handing out as much money as the governors thought they should. Which meant the states would have to pick up the tab or lots of children would find themselves without health insurance.

Here's part of the letter:

"We request that you consider covering current year shortfalls at the earliest possible opportunity, whether as stand alone legislation or in the emergency supplemental appropriations bill. ... the clock is ticking."

Now, there may be some legitimacy to this concern. But doesn't it seem somewhat hypocritical for governors who constantly denounce the federal government to beg for federal money?

Thirteen governors signed the letter. The list included these three well-known Repugnican anti-federal government governors:

Sarah Palin, Alaska
Haley Barbour, Mississippi
Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota

What else has Mr. Perdue been up to?

He sighed the Feticide Bill in 2006 which provided criminal penalties for anyone involved in harming a fetus. You know, 'cause a fetus is a real person who should have all the rights of a real, live, human being.

He signed a bill allowing high schools to provide elective course on the Bible, using a fundamentalist christianist curriculum. Wouldn't want our kiddos to grow up not knowing anything about the fantastic, violent, goofy Yahveh and how he created the whole universe in just six days!

He signed a bill that would allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed in courthouses. Doesn't matter that most of these have no relevance to our lives today and that it is unconstitutional to display them in courthouses.

Back in 2005, he became Jerry Falwell's "hero" for "saving Christmas. Perdue and his wife put up a "Christmas tree" and not a "holiday tree" in the gov's mansion. Falwell called that "a bold stand," and referred to Perdue as "one of the most vocal Christian leaders in our nation." I wonder if Perdue knows that the "Christmas tree" has nothing to do with a "Christian" celebration of Jesus' birth?

In 2008, Perdue signed legislation that would allow persons with concealed weapons' permits to carry guns into state parks and restaurants that serve alcohol, and said he thought people should be able to carry guns in public areas of the Atlanta airport. Can't you see the headline now: "Gunfight at Hartsfield-Jackson! Twenty-three killed in cross-fire!"?

Going back further: According to a report by Betty Clermont, a Senior Staff Writer for Atlanta Progressive News, "Since his days as a Georgia State Senator, Governor Sonny Perdue has an established record of corruption and contempt for the law."

Cases in point, according to Clermont: "From flying state-owned helicopters without a license, to giving testimony under oath refuted by three others, to shady land-deals and tax loopholes, it is no wonder he is the only Georgia governor found guilty by the State Ethics Commission."

All of this is spelled out in detail in Clermont's article printed at Political Affairs, dated September 27, 2009.

And, as you might guess, Perdue, being a "good" Southern Baptist, teaches Sunday School.

In truth, he's such a big hypocrite, he could run for president on the Repugnican ticket!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rachel Maddow - Chuck Norris runs another one up the flag pole

If you were to put together a list of our country's most ignorant morons, Chuck Norris would be very close to the top.

Messed-Up Bible Stories 3: Cain and Abel

Governor Sonny Perdue, prayer, and government handouts

Sonny Perdue, veterinarian, is the governor of Georgia.

Sonny Perdue, governor of Georgia, a state awash from a deluge, is begging Washington for assistance. President Obama has kindly assented to provide such assistance to Governor Perdue and his beleaguered Georgians.

In 2007, Georgia was in the midst of a drought; a devastating drought. Things were so bad that Governor Perdue organized a public vigil at the state house in Atlanta to which he invited his fellow Georgians to attend and "pray up a storm." Being a "good" Southern Baptist, Governor Perdue believed that if people prayed hard enough, the benevolent Southern Baptist god would hear their prayers and send much needed rain to the state of Georgia.

It was not to be.

Until two years later. Perhaps their god was out to lunch for a couple of years. The Bible says, you know, that a thousand years is as one day to the Lord. But, sheesh, he didn't have to send ten years worth of rain in 2009! Enough's enough. Stop already with the rain!

Things are pretty bad in Georgia. Time magazine put it this way:

"Severe flooding triggered by torrential rainstorms killed at least nine people in northern Georgia, rendered major roads impassable, inundated homes and forced schools to close. The flood, which has been called the state's worst in more than a decade, caused an estimated $250 million in damage. Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue declared a state of emergency in 17 counties and appealed to President Obama for federal aid."

All of which led nasty people like me to wonder: 1) Should the families of the nine people who were killed sue the governor for inciting his god to send so much rain, even if it involved a 2-year delay? And 2) would the governor organize another public vigil at the state house in Atlanta to "pray down a storm"; to ask their god to shutter the heavens.

With regard to the first wonderment, I don't think such legal action would get very far because there is absolutely no evidence for a Southern Baptist god who has power to rain or not rain. As to the second wonderment, it appears the governor has no plans to ask his people to address the deity about the excess of heavenly waters. Maybe he's afraid of another flood and hasn't built his ark yet. On the other hand, Perdue might be worried that more begging will really piss off his SB god and the latter will send another drought.

So, what he did was go hat in hand to the big evil federal guv'mint and that alien socialist Obama asking for some money to help put Georgia back together again.

And isn't it interesting how, for so many rightwhitewingnuts, the federal government is good for nothing until their needs overwhelm their pocketbook and their hypocrisy. All of a sudden the federal government isn't so bad after all.

When it comes down to actually doing something and money is involved, the feds beat god every time!

More on Guv Perdue coming soon!