Friday, November 7, 2008

Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel

Already the carping has begun. Some folks are unhappy with the choice of Rahm Emanuel as President-elect Obama's Chief of Staff.

He's too conservative, they say. He's too intense, they say. He's too ferocious, they say.

He's too partisan, they say.

What we need now is someone willing to "reach across the aisle," they say.

Bullshit, I say!

Already, the Repugs are lining up their ducks to fight the Democrats at every turn! The Repugs know nothing except partisanship! Partisan is the name of the ship they've sailed for the past eight years - actually, for the last almost 30 years! And New Gingrich made that ship an ironclad in 1994!

Now, Roy Blunt, the current House Minority Whip is stepping down (shoved out?) and his place is being taken by Deputy Minority Whip, Eric Cantor, of Virginia.

Why? Because Eric Cantor will fight the Dems more effectively! He is an extremist by almost every measure, and is partisan to the extreme. When his name surfaced as a possible running mate for John McCain, Republican moderates went screaming into the night.

Some time ago, we blogged on Mr. Cantor. Click here for a rundown on what he's voted for and what he's voted against. He's farther right than Attila the Hun, to use an old cliche!

So I say, Welcome to the Party, Mr. Emanuel! You've got experience, you know what the hell is going on, and you're not afraid to take on the dipshits on the Republican side of the aisle. You'll protect your president from the goofballs on the right and all the other just plain goofballs.

You're in for the fight of your life because the Repugs aren't going to take their bitter defeat sitting down or standing up or in any other position. They're gonna fight every Democratic initiative and they're going to attack President Obama at every turn. They're also gonna use their normal M.O. and fight dirty.

It's nice to have someone who knows how to fight back and isn't afraid to deal with the scumbags on their own ground! They say you're hard-headed. Great! Put on the gloves!

Watch Chris Matthews eviscerate Eric Cantor in the video below.


Anonymous said...
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Jacob said...

Dear anon...

Thank you for your comments. I'm deleting them, however, as you're asking my readers to visit a website that I am unable to verify as to it's legitimacy.


Anonymous said...

I doubt if Emanauel will be any worse than Rove and those that served Bush for eight years. Obama is entilted to pick his own man.Get used to the change. So far, he shows that he was not picking draoes for the White House. He has been consulting with a wide rnge of experts inoreder to not waste time, inthe event he won. He did win and he is now far ahead of most previous winners in being able to start as soon as he is legally able to act.
I think he will do fine! If he doesn;t, we will still all be here. We will survive Bush; we survived all in the past.
Try to make belive obama has no labels and judge what is accomplished eventually.
Bob Poris

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