Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Musings in the afterglow

Sarah Palin will fly back to Alaska on the plane she sold to eBay, over the Bridge to Nowhere, above the pipeline she hasn't built, with luggage containing her lies, her character assassinations, her snide, whiny voice, her winking eyes, her religious fanaticism, her lack of ethics, and her astounding ignorance... to face new ethics charges.

Can we never, ever hear again of Joe the Plumber?

May the words, "lipstick" and "pit bull" be excised from all political speech!

Can the "First Dude" fade away on a snowmobile to nowhere?

No more, "I was a POW, so vote for me."

No more, "My friends," and "I know how to do that."

Are we done with the political attack ads?

Barack Obama won. Evidently, the god prayed to with such fervor by the Christian Right was not listening. Or, horror of horrors, she wanted Obama to be elected! Or prayer doesn't work.

The disease of homophobia is still virulent in our nation, witness the passing of anti-gay marriage amendments in California and Florida.

This is not a Christian country, but a country where all people of all religions are welcome as well as people with no religion.

All Americans are "real" Americans!

Liddy Dole went down!

The election of Michelle Bachmann indicates that Minnesota contains too many morons!

Hatred does not always prevail.

The Dobsons, Hagees, et. al., were discredited. Their power, hopefully, is waning.

Racism is less a force in American society than it was a few years ago.

The politics of hatred and divisiveness, ala Bush, Cheney, Rove, et. al., was rejected by the majority of the American people.

Bush will retire to Dallas and disappear, in disgrace.

Cheney will, god-willing, disappear from public view forever!

Finally, after so many desolate years, we have an intelligent - brilliant, even - and articulate president who cares about the people and the Constitution.

Hope is real, and change is possible.

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