Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fundamentalist Christian rancor and hate, Part I

OneNewsNow is an adjunct of The American Family News Network, which probably tells us all that we need to know. OneNewsNow is part of a phalanx of right-wing Christian fundamentalist outlets that promote exclusiveness, prejudice, and hatred on a daily basis; all for Jesus, of course!

The target for Christian hate is now President-elect Barack Obama.

Here is one example.

Someone named Jane Jiminez, a freelance writer and ex-elementary school teacher, writes in a column titled, "Style over substance," that we cannot believe what Obama says. Obama is all style, no substance. The "package [that Obama] delivered to voters is beautiful," says Jiminez, but boy, unwrap that package and you'll find all kinds of evil stuff.

Here's what Obama is really all about, according to this woman who knows not Jesus, nor ethics, nor truth:

"Partial-birth abortion and infanticide, ensuring that babies die who 'accidentally survived abortion,' will be finally and permanently entrenched as lawful 'choice' in America."

No more "choice" for people who want to use tax money to send their kiddos to private/parochial schools.

Obama will "cultivate the already glowing approval of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Hamas leaders, and Louis Farrakhan, all of whom praise Obama's politics."

We'll have an "activist" Supreme Court which will make law, not interpret laws [kinda like the Supremes who handed Bush the presidency in 2000?]

Real marriage will be over; no longer meaning one man and one woman. [Did you ever wonder why god allowed those ancient Israelite males to have damn near as many wives as they wanted. And Obama wasn't even born then!]

Those who want to became citizens will need only to "'show up' at a window to fill out paperwork.

Taxes - boy, they're gonna go through the roof!

American jobs will move overseas.

We'll soon have a really bad national healthcare system - like they have in Canada and England.

Blah, blah, blah.

Almost everything this so-called "Christian" loony-toon writes is false. I guess her Jesus made her do it!

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Anonymous said...

Jiminez is an Hispanic name. I guess she is what anyone thinks of when they see such a name. It makes me think of Tacos, bad teeth poverty and ignorance, wet backs etc. Now if they had a last name like my Hispanic son in law'sside of the family, I would think of poetry, books, education, culture, etc. which is the true Hispanic?Obviously she is one of the wrong ones, judging by her closed mind and ignorance. I guess labels are just not dependable anymore. Too bad. It made life so easy before. I always knew who to hate and who to like just by the label. Now I have to work to find ou who to like and who to hate.
Bob Poris

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