Thursday, November 6, 2008

Palin's religious ties explained

Bruce Wilson, who has written extensively on Sarah Palin's ties to a particular and scary religious movement, now offers an article which summarizes the salient points he has been making for months.

In "The Palin Scandal in The Living Room," he decries the fact that Palin's religious ties, for the most part, have been ignored by the MSM, even though they are much more questionable than the associations of either McCain or Obama.

"Sarah Palin's religious beliefs and associations should have provoked a national scandal given the possibility that remained, even as of yesterday, that Palin might become, as a vice president, a heartbeat away from the United States presidency."

Here's why that is true:

"High level leaders in that [religious] movement directly tied to vice presidential candidate Palin were on public record urging Christians to 'infiltrate' key sectors of society such as government and business and proposing a program of religious and social cleansing in which entire population groups would convert to the form of Christianity espoused by the New Apostolic Reformation or else be 'displaced', driven from 'the land.' ...

"On October 16, 2005 Sarah Palin was endorsed, blessed and anointed by Thomas Muthee. Video footage of that ceremony is in the public domain.

"In the video, Muthee tells his Wasilla Assembly of God audience, which included Sarah Palin, that 'God's Kingdom' (Christians in his movement, that is) should 'infiltrate' and 'penetrate' seven key areas of society including politics and government. Muthee also said that 'the Israelites' control the economy.

"Thomas Muthee is an international celebrity to millions for Muthee's role in the Transformations video series, by George Otis, Jr. which describes how crime, addiction and other societal problems can be cured by driving out 'witches' and casting out territorial demons. Sarah Palin, in 2000, while mayor of Wasilla, borrowed one of the Transformations videos from a former pastor of Palin's."

Palin is also a friend or Mary Glazier and joined Glazier's prayer group in 1989, at the age of 24. Glazier also proposes "a program of total social and religious cleansing, violent by implication."

Wilson put together the 10-minute video above, in which he examines, "in the context of its heavily anti-Semitic undertone, the New Apostolic Reformation's recently launched program encouraging and equipping Christians to begin taking control of business and finance: 'The Seven Mountains Mandate.'"

One might be tempted to dismiss all this as the Palin/McCain team lost the election and Sarah has gone back to Alaska to face her own demons. Not so. The New Apostolic Reformation movement is world-wide, engaging some 295 million people! Palin has implied that she may well show up again in the future on the national political scene. Some of her right-wing Christian followers are already touting her as a presidential candidate in 2012!

All of which gives an immediate urgency to what Wilson has to say. Please read all of Wilson's article here.

[Please note that has numerous articles covering Palin's religious connections and the New Apostolic Reformation.]

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