Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Body Language of Loss

From distributorcap NY ... couldn't have said it better, myself!

Well, at the risk of sounding cliche - the page has finally turned. We can actually countdown the days to the end of the Bush-pierre Reign of Terror (well he still has 70+ days to do a lot of damage).

It was quite a night. Obama's speech was amazing. He is a once in a lifetime figure when it comes to oration and inspiration. But now the hard work comes. The vitriol and nastiness has already started - just listen to the diarrhea hitting the crapper from Morning Dump with Joe and Pat and his assorted sidekicks. They cannot wait for Obama to fail and tell everyone "we told you so."

Be that as it may - there is plenty of time to deal with them. And they can be the news source of material for the Blogworld Comedy Hour.

But first to John McCain. No amount of good will from him - or even that gracious concession speech will EVER absolve him for running the angriest, meanest and most divisive campaign in history. He can be humble and give his hand in peace - but we will NEVER forget how nasty he and Mooselini were to Obama - from saying he palled around with terrorists, that he was a socialist, to labeling him
that one, and finally being called a celebrity and elitist. You name it, McCain and especially Sarah Palin called Obama everything but the word they really wanted to use - and we all know what that world is. We will not forget. McCain and Palin - you deserved to lose and lose bad -- because both of you really SUCK. This loss was not only a repudiation of the awfulness of George W. Bush, but also of John McCain, his nasty campaign and his unleashing of Sarah Palin on the American public.

May all three of them rot.

Speaking of body language. Look at McCain at the end of his concession speech. Look at his body language with Palin. It is SO obvious he is angry and blaming her for the loss. And you know, he should be -- she was a BIG reason he lost. He could barely acknowledge her - and watch how he greets/embraces her. It is quite telling.

On the flip side, so look at how ANGRY Caribou Barbie is -- she is not humbled (like McCain) or caught in the moment -- she is fuming that they lost -- and she blames McCain. She is not going gently into that good night.

What a team - they hate each other and blame each other for this demoralizing and overwhelming loss. You can't write this script.

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