Sunday, November 2, 2008

God is a conservative - a poem

Dontcha sometimes wonder
Why politicians politic
If politics are dirty
And vice-a-versa?

Is that why pols wash their hands
And take a stand on principles
Promising to clean things up?
Oh yes. Oh sure. You betcha!

But why is it conservatives
The "values" party fuddy-duds
Who end up being the very ones
To sling the dirtiest of mud?

"Real Americans" they claim to be
And demonize all those who disagree
Liberals are the enemy
Aliens in their fair country.

Barack Hussein they denigrate
Obama, though, will be their fate
And while he rules as head of state
On him they'll concentrate their hate.

They'll do it in the name of god
Never thinking it is odd
In times when push had come to shove
Their god spoke not of hate, but love.

"Values people" that they are
They pay the price of what they dream
For all who dance the devil's dance
The ends will justify the means.

God's will, you see, they've come to know
And god is a conservative
So strike the heretic a blow
God will bless you, let you live.

In America.
The land of the free.

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