Monday, November 3, 2008

Republican "family values"

Senator Barack Obama flew to Hawaii to visit his ailing grandmother, his "rock," sick with cancer and near death.

Madelyn Dunham has died.

The California GOP has filed a complaint with the FEC charging the Obama campaign violated the law by providing a campaign plane for Obama to fly to Hawaii.

Is Hawaii not a state?

The Obama campaign says the flight was run by its lawyers who pronounced its legality.

Ah, hell. What does it matter? The California Republicans are sick bastards. Family values, my ass!

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Anonymous said...

Too bad some Republicans do not have basic decency and Christian values. Obama, just like many people, loved and valued his grandmother. Her death must be difficult for him. He should be congratulated for his devotion to her. It is a shame that she didn’t live long enough to learn if he won or lost. Regardless, he has changed our perception of us, as a nation. If we discount all those that voted because he is black, it leaves us with an overwhelming number of people that judged him by his character, his accomplishments, his promise, etc. Color was apparently a minor factor, if it mattered at all to many. That is a huge victory for democracy, no matter what the results.
We should all judge people by their actions not their labels.
I am glad he ran and demonstrated that the younger generation has learned that labels are not permanent nor are they accurate in most cases. My generation did discriminate against all sorts of capable people. We wasted generations of capable people in all fields of endeavor because of bias and prejudice. I hope the lessons learned are permanent. We all will benefit!!!
I thank him for having the guts to try.
Bob Poris

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