Thursday, November 6, 2008

The education of Tom Brokaw

Frankly, I never gave Tom Brokaw much thought. He was an anchor on NBC News and seemed to do his job fairly well, and he wrote a book about how great people were during WWII, and, well, he was a TV fixture...

...who I thought was "fair and balanced," unlike, say, those folks at FOX News...

Then John McCain ran for president. And I realized that Tom Brokaw really liked John McCain. When he interviewed McCain, Brokaw fawned all over him, lobbed him easy questions, and neglected to challenge McCain on his falsehoods. Brokaw wanted McCain to be president!

Then this from Eric Alterman at Altercation:

"Brokaw is back at it -- he said on Morning Joe that America is a center-right country because a majority of land area in the United States, if you measure it on the county level, voted for McCain."


Alterman asks, incredulously: "When do they name that replacement?"

And, "Did he really say that? Does land vote? Is it possible for someone in Tom Brokaw's position to be that stupid? Of perhaps a better question is, 'Is it necessary?'"

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