Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fundamentalist Christian "moral" issues

Fundy Christians obsess over "moral" issues. In fact, CBN News (the Pat Robertson entity) carried an article yesterday on its website titled, "How Moral Issues Fared in the Election."

It is clear from the article what these folks consider "moral" issues.

1. Homosexuality and gay marriage. Both are bad and against god's laws and therefore, are moral issues. So, the fundys were elated that California, Arizona and Florida "protected" traditional marriage by outlawing gay marriage.

2. They were sad, though, that Colorado voters turned down an amendment that would have defined "personhood" as "any human being from the moment of fertilization." That would have meant, of course, that a fertilized egg was a human.

3. They were also sad that Californians declined to require minors to get permission from their parents before obtaining an abortion.

4. They were further saddened that South Dakota refused to ban abortion for almost any reason.

5. Arkansas, that place of southern enlightenment, passed a law with "bans all unmarried couples from adopting and/or becoming foster parents." Shit!

6. In Washington State, voters gave the OK which would authorize "assisted suicide."

So, in 2008, the fundys were batting 50 percent on "moral" issues.

Isn't it fascinating that these so-called lovers of Jesus, born-againers, bible thumpers, fail to see some of the really important issues of our time as "moral" issues?

What theological poverty! Unbiblical, too! And it sure as hell denies what their Jesus stood for!

Is not war a moral issue? Is not poverty a moral issue? Is not stealing from the poor to give to the rich (e.g., the Bush administration) a moral issue? Is not lying to the American people to attack a non-threatening country a moral issue? Is not authorizing the decapitation of one's enemies a moral issue? Is not caring for the aged and the sick a moral issue? Is not global warming a moral issue? Is not the sickness of racism a moral issue? Is not the threat of nuclear annhiliation a moral issue? Is not the destruction of our environment a moral issue? Is not torture of one's enemies a moral issue? Is not the corruption of our government by lobbyists and their corporate employers a moral issue?

Abortion is a concern, naturally. The fewer the better. But it is also an issue about which sane people might disagree. Homosexuality is not a choice. To deny one's fellow human beings the rights that you enjoy because of their sexual identity is horrific. Euthanasia is another issue about which reasonable people may disagree.

These so-called "moral" issues pale in comparison to the real moral issues that confront out country and the world. And what's worse is the fact that millions of people waste much of their lives worrying about them, and millions of dollars are spent annually to force a particular view of these "moral" issues on the American public, all the while the real moral issues are ignored!


Anonymous said...

The simple and correct answer for all your questions, is that Abortion, Same Sex marriage, and Euthanasia are the bigger moral issues. The Catholic Church finds these to be the biggest moral issues of our time, I cannot speak for other faiths.

For the Catholic Church Abortion is considered murder. There are somewhere around 3000 abortions performed every day give or take a thousand. I do not believe that you can truthfully say that you would think of anything else, before you try and stop the death of roughly 1 million people every year, and if you can, then there is no more use of us arguing on the issue, for your views on the world would be severely distorted.

With Same Sex marriage the Catholic Church feels that Homosexuality is a sin. With that in mind, any law that would encourage the act of a sin is fundamentally wrong. Personally, I have no problem with a civil union resulting in the same tax benefits, etc. I feel that Marriage, by definition, is a union between a man and a woman. And therefore I and the Catholic Church disagree with Same Sex Marriage.

Finally Euthanasia. Within the current system anyone who tries to commit suicide is labelled as mentally ill. Police officers are made to perform suicide watches. Basically, suicide is illegal. Except, for some reason, some people believe that when a doctor is brought into the mix it is no longer illegal. The other issue is that the patient is being killed, no matter if the person is being put out of their misery or not, they are being killed by the doctor. For that reason it is wrong.

Bob Poris said...

…and what about those that do not accept the Catholic views or definitions?

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