Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pathology at Palin rallies

[Photo of Palin in Ocala, Fl by Joe Byrnes - Star Banner]

Two Palin rallies in Florida. Not unique, according to news reports. The pathology of Palin supporters is rabidly evident across the nation.

New Port Richey, Florida. Saturday, November 1. Palin's "preaching" to the choir. Halfway through her remarks the chant begins:

"John McCain! Not Hussein!"

A woman attendee who helped lead the chant said she did it because it rhymes. And she doesn't know whether or not Obama is a Muslim. "He says he's not, but we have no way of knowing." The woman's husband, even more brilliant than she, said that because Obama's middle name is Hussein, "I guess Obama was named after Saddam Hussein."

Ocala, Florida. Saturday, November 1. About two thousand people show up at a local high school to hear the cheerleader from Alaska.

Here's some of what she said:

1) She wants to hear Obama say, just once, he wants America to win [the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan]. The woman is a devious liar. Obama has said that very thing on numerous occasions!

2) John McCain should be president because he was a war hero and is the only one "in this race who has ever really fought for you."

3) Obama will levy "massive new tax burdens." Another lie.

4) Palin quoted from Joe the Plumber, that intellectual giant whose real name is Sam, who is not a licensed plumber, and who hasn't paid his taxes, who said that Obama's proposals "sound like socialism."

5) Rep. Kurt Kelly, another Republican liar, tried to paint over Palin's ignorance by blaming the media: "The press," he said, "has been nasty, biased, and, I guarantee you, they have been callous to the very values we hold dear. ... Nasty, biased and callous ... that's NBC."

Here's some of what her pathological supporters said:

1) One man doesn't trust Obama. "We're not ready to go socialist. I can't even believe we let this man run for president. He's a radical socialist."

2) Another man said, "Obama's blood is Arab. His middle name is Hussein. He has a gray area that's very bad. He wants more civil rights. He wants to change the Constitution." Palin, however, according to this clown, is "an everyday American."

3) A woman said she holds the same religious beliefs as McCain and Palin. "They're not trying to get rid of our flag and our anthem. If something happens [to McCain], Palin is more than capable."

4) Then a man said he doesn't think Obama has a valid birth certificate.

5) Ed Burkhart, a Repugnican volunteer who drives a McCain/Palin trolley around, spoke of Obama's "palling" around with terrorist, William Ayers, and Michelle Obama's remark about being really proud of her country for the first time. She should apologize, said Burkhart. Furthermore, said this Repugnican genius, Obama has a "socialist agenda" ... and "all of [Obama's] promises are nothing more than a trap that has been sprung on a free society."

6) One fellow had a T-shirt bearing McCain's picture and the words, "a Hero for President." The wearer said he was supporting the right man for the country. "Anyone who served this country, first and foremost, is a hero. But he is also a POW. ... So he knows what it takes to serve this country. He's been in combat. He's been held in enemy territory."

This is all so sad. Such ignorance. Such prejudice. Such just plain stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

The igorance is horrendous. Obama's blood father was an African,not an Arab. The name Hussein is quite common in the Muslim world. Arabs are a small minority of the total Muslim world population and not all of them are radicals. Blood doesn't determine one's politics. Ideas do. Can anyone tell us how Obama can turn this country into a Socialist one? It took our Congress to pass President Bush's bill to socialize our banks. That was not a Democratic Party thing! Do all of us know how a bill either comes to Congress or doesn't? Do we all know how many votes it takes to kill a bill, when one party has a majority of only vote and needs the other party's help to pass anything? When do we learn how government works? In the meantime, the ignorant are wiorried about things that cannot happen and forgot abut what just happened with our financial world. Do they have a clue as to wha sociualism is? Take a good look, we just got it from a Republican President!
Bob Poris

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