Thursday, November 6, 2008

Richard Viguerie wants all Republican Congressional Leaders to resign

Who the hell is Richard Viguerie? Do you recognize the man in the photo?

Mr. Viguerie has for years, been one of the most radical "conservative" extremists in our land. A true believer, he attacks with viciousness all those who refuse to share his vision. Although he's written several books promoting his nonsense, he's most famous for developing a direct mail system for political campaigns.

Today Viguerie is chairman of a right-wing extremist group called reports that Viguerie is now taking after those Republicans in Congress who, he believes, are responsible for what he considers an election debacle.

"Republican congressional leaders have failed their party, they have failed the conservatives who make up their party's base, and they have failed the American people. They should resign immediately."

Dontcha just love it?

Viguerie continues his diatribe: "The political party that conservatives have supported with their volunteer work, money, and votes has not supported conservatives. That has to change. The congressional leadership must be replaced with principled conservatives."

Now where the hell are you going to find a "principled" conservative? That's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one!

"If the congressional leaders refuse to resign, grassroots conservatives should cut off their support - their financial support and their volunteer support. ...

"Not one cent, not one minute of volunteer work, should go to the Republican Party until the congressional leadership is replaced with principled conservatives. These leaders still don't understand why the voters have rejected them, and they won't 'get it' until conservatives hit them where it hurts. ...

"In this election, the people did not reject conservatism. They rejected failed, incompetent Big Government Republican leaders. It's time for conservatives to do the same."

Methinks Viguerie doesn't get it, either. The people did, indeed, reject "conservatism," as well as what he so aptly describes as "failed, incompetent Big Government Republican leaders." They've had enough of this crap!

It's a new day, thank the deity! And while Viguerie is flapping his wings in protest, he ain't going nowhere!

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Anonymous said...

He is entitled to his opinion, as I am to mine. I think a thorough investigation by a new Attorney General should be instituted ASAP, with the mandate to punish any and all illegal actions taken by any government official, elected or appointed by either party. We need a return to laws, checks and balances, etc. Some of the decisions made by both Bush and Cheney may have to go to Court to establish if they were legal. We cannot allow anyone to assume powers that seem to go against our Constitution, no matter how partisan the Congress is. We need checks and balance; the right to call witnesses and demand answers. That lack has damaged our system and must be corrected ASAP. I doubt if either party will give up any real advantages, but we should try to demand it of both parties equally.
Bob Poris

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