Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Conservatives deal with loss

Here's an especially interesting and humorous article from 23/6. The photo, I think, illustrates pretty well why the Repugs lost the election.

Conservatives to figure out how they lost women, minorities, gays, Jews, anyone else? oh yeah, college grads

So where does the GOP go from here, now that it turns out the Bridge to Nowhere didn't lead to the White House? According to Jonathan Martin at Politico, that will be the main topic of discussion at a super secret Republican strategy session to be held this weekend -- sort of [a] reverse Renaissance Weekend. The gathering, says one attendee, will include a "who's who of conservative leaders -- economic, national security and social." And, one presumes, plumbing. After all, how they can chart a comeback without their primary fiscal policy guru. Plus, with that many people in attendance, sometimes the toilet backs up.

Not surprisingly, Martin writes that the feeling in the party is that the party lost because it wasn't right-wing enough. "There's a sense that the Republican Party is broken, but the conservative movement is not." Paul Krugman, writing about the future of the party in the GOP notes that many of them are blaming ... the loss on the media and, of course, the powerful ACORN.

Sounds like they've really got their finger on the pulse of the American public.

While the names of the attendees aren't public, 23/6 happens to have gotten its hands on a super secret copy of the schedule of the super secret meeting. Or not.

You can read all about the agenda here. It's great fun!

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