Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Republicans STILL don't get it!

Sarah Palin is one of the most divisive politicians to appear on the national political scene in many years. That is something that McCain will have to live with for the rest of his life.

Sarah Palin is also ethically-challenged and a liar, as we've noted many times.

The Miami Herald's blog, Naked Politics, has this:

Crist in 2012?

A poll of 1,000 Republican likely voters for Rasmussen Reports finds Gov. Charlie Crist trailing Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney on a list of potential 2012 Republican presidential nominees.

The results were Palin at 64 percent; follow by 12 percent for Mike Huckabee; 11 percent for Romney; 4 percent for Louisiana guv Bobby Jindal; 2 percent for Crist and just 1 percent for Tim Pawlenty.

Sixty-four percent for Sarah Palin? Sixty-four percent want Sarah Palin after this election where Palin and her party were soundly trounced and she was outed as a serial liar and con artist?

I'd say "Bring her on!" That would ensure that Obama would be reelected!

The Republicans STILL don't get it!


Distributorcap said...

oh please pleaes please run Sarah -- you are not only the most divisive person around - you are also a moron - and your idiocy will live on in YouTube forever

Jacob said...

By 2012, Sarah may well implode and it won't be pretty. But it will be fun watching Rush Limburger running around picking up the pieces.

Do you suppose YouTube is what the Bible means by "eternal life?"


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