Thursday, November 13, 2008

Children chant "Assassinate Obama"

This is from Tommy Christopher at AOL News.

It happened in Idaho - a red state? Elementary school kids riding a school bus. Chanting "Assassinate Obama. Assassinate Obama."

Occasionally they'd include the name of another child: "Assassinate Obama and Kate."

Where do you suppose they learned something like that? From a teacher at school? Unlikely. From a religious leader? Unlikely. From the manager at McDonalds? Unlikely.

From their parents? You betcha!

Certainly Ms. Sarah Palin, guv of Alaska, is not responsible for these children chanting obscenities on a school bus, but her rhetoric on the campaign trail was designed to foment hatred for Senator Obama, no matter what she says now. And it worked! As we've seen, the threats on Obama's life spiked greatly after Palin began implying Obama was a "terrorist," and asking her followers "Do we really know who Obama is?"

So evil remains entwined in our society at every level: From a candidate for vice president to little kids in Idaho.

It is so sad.

Here's how the incident was reported by KIDK TV:


Geri said...

This is totally wrong!! Even if people didn't vote for Obama, this shouldn't be happening.

Jacob said...

Thanks, Geri. It is wrong, but more than that it reflects, I think, how deeply ingrained racism is in our country.


Anonymous said...

Nazis or Taliban in training! Their parents, teachers, \ religious leaders must be proud of them!

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