Friday, November 14, 2008

Palin and you guys at the guv conference

I went through the transcript of Palin's speech to the Republican governors. Ugh! But I read all the way to the end. Ugh! Here are some highlights:

"Honored to be here. Get to speak with and to my fellow governors."

"...And I thank you guys so for your assistance with John McCain's good run." [My emphasis]

"...I think it's about time that we all remembered that the greatest measure of a president is whether he protected and defended this great country. America's 43rd president took that foremost responsibility, that most important charge, seriously. He poured his life into it. He succeeded in keeping America safe from another attack. I'm thankful he is my soldier son's commander in chief. And for that I say God bless George W. Bush. And I thank you, Mr. President." [She must have missed how Georgie was asleep at the wheel when 9/11 came around. Kept us safe? We are more vulnerable now than we've ever been and bin Laden is threatening another attack soon!]

"But on election night in Phoenix, after a hard and honorable defeat, I was more proud than ever to have been the running mate and friend of a great man, Senator John McCain." [Hard and honorable defeat? What the hell does that mean?]

"...I wish Barack Obama well ... it's time for us to reach out to this new administration. Time for us to reach out to Barack Obama, so that he'll understand our perspective as experienced chief executives ... so he will understand that bigger federal government and more unfunded mandates hurt the economy and our states and America's opportunities." [Yeah, Palin's reaching out means showing Obama how to run the country just like the Bushites ran it for the past eight years!]

"Let's help show him and Congress the way." [As if she has a clue!]

"Along the trail, it was my husband, Todd, who was my right hand. ... It's kind of relying on Todd with that optimism and the thankfulness in all situations, that I'm certainly going to be there with him along those lines." [Huh?]

"And I'm going to remember all the people along the way who said that they were praying for us. They were such a strength and a shield, those prayer warriors, and ..." [Ah, yes, those prayer warriors ... but god must not have been listening?]

"And I remember folks like Joe the Plumber ..." [Yup. Sam the schmoe. Got his own Web site now. Gonna go to Washington and tell people how to get the job done. Maybe he'll pay his back taxes first and return all the money he got from being on welfare, twice. That's too damn much spreading the wealth, it seems to me!]

Speaking of Down Syndrome children: "But so thankful that the thing is that they were welcome, and that that, too, is what we represented as Republicans is that good heart of America, that equal opportunity for all and defense of those who maybe are vulnerable and weak." [If there is anything that does NOT characterize the Republican party it is concern for the "vulnerable and the weak"!]

"John McCain knew what it is that we represent, what I represented, and all of you. From the moment he named me on Election Day (sic), I had the rare enough privilege in politics of praising a candidate whose story and character and personal heroism required no embellishment." [Election Day?]

"And, I say, God less you, in your states, and thank you for all you are doing for this great country. And we're going to step it up even more."

"So, RGA, thank you guys. God bless you." [you guys?]

There's much more but it is mind-numbing! 23/6 printed a quote from Camille Paglia on Sarah Palin which hits the proverbial nail on the proverbial head:

"She uses language with the jumps, breaks and rippling momentum of a be-bop saxophonist."

Hell, she's a cheerleader. What do you expect?

Prior to her speech, Palin performed at a press conference for 3 minutes and 23 seconds. 23/6 describes it this way:

"What did we learn? That...

* Republican governors 'govern with strong executive experiences.'

* She doesn't allow 'excessive extreme partisanship to get in the way.'

* She's just learned the word 'plenary' and likes to use it.

* 'This group' is 'uniquely qualified,' and a 'unique team,' and 'a team' and a 'unique group' and 'a unique team.'

* 'The past is past. It's behind us.'

* 'The future' is 'next year.'

* 'Only we, by working together, can bring back the change that has been so desired by the American public, that we know that we can usher in.'

* Her voice seems to make cats aggressive.

* She 'treats everybody equally -- women, hispanics.' ...

* Her intelligence apparently peaked during the campaign."

Several commentators noted that Ms. Palin was "cold-shouldered" by her fellow governors. Tim Pawlenty, for example, explained that "Drill, baby, drill," was not an energy policy!


the patriot said...

She like really bugs you guys, eh?

Anonymous said...

We seem to waste a lot of time with this ignorant lady. She has diarrhea of the mouth. She talks and talks and says nothing. If she has a following, it deserves her. If they elect her to anything, they will get what they deserve once again. We need intelligent leaders that have wide knowledge of their subjects and some ideas as to how to resolve problems. This lady will milk her moment of fame and take away as much money as possible. Eventually she will either be defeated or will find away to stay in the public’s eyes. In any event, I think we can ignore her. We need an educated electorate that actually listens to what is being said and makes an evaluation based on some logic. In the meantime, the people of Alaska can decide what her future will be as a governor. I think some investigation of her current term is in order re favors, per diem expenses, and her husband’s use of the office and his views on leaving the union, etc. If the people of Alaska enjoy the likes of Stevens and Palin, that is their right and their problem. Luckily, Alaska is a small state and somewhat isolated from the rest of the nation. It performs a service in watching for Russian planes, reducing the animal population.. What more is a needed in these difficult times?
Bob Poris

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