Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama the ethicist

Damn, is it nice to have a president who actually believes in ethics. For eight years, we been stuck with a religious born-again phony who talks about talking to god and loving Jesus and doesn't have an ethical bone in his body. Worse, he has surrounded himself with unethical, lying, thieving criminal types in sharkskin suits.

As the transition gets under way and Bush takes leave of the White House (finally!), Obama and his team have laid down some ethical rules, the violation of which will get your ass tossed out on the street!

John Podesta, the transition co-chair, claimed these rules provide an indication of what we can expect from the Obama administration: "the most open and transparent transition in history."

Here are the rules:

1. Federal lobbyists cannot contribute financially to the transition.

2. Federal lobbyists are prohibited from any lobbying during their work with the transition.

3. If someone has lobbied in the last 12 months, they are prohibited from working in the fields of policy on which they lobbied.

4. If someone becomes a lobbyist after working on the transition, they are prohibited from lobbying the [Obama] administration for 12 months on matters on which they worked.

5. A gift ban that is aggressive in reducing the influence of special interests.

(from the WaPo)

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Anonymous said...

Please remember that Obama is President elect and Bush is still President. Obama will find, as every new president does, that there are many things he did not know while running. The extent of the debt, the actual condition of our armed forces, the conditons we do not read abpout re environent, deals in the works that are too late to change, etc. Reality sets in once he assumes office and not before! Thast is our law and he dare not change it and shouldn't.
Bob Poris

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