Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vatican is afraid of Caroline Kennedy

It matters not that Caroline Kennedy is a lifelong Roman Catholic and comes from a family that has knelt before the Pope for many years; she is, according to the Vatican, unqualified to be the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See.

President Obama has not appointed an ambassador to the Holy See as yet, but word was that Ms. Kennedy was a likely choice.

Enter the pious prelates from Rome's heavenly realm. No, no, no, they said. She's pro-choice. We can't have anyone here who believes women should have the right to choose with regard to what they can do with their bodies! Furthermore, we can't have anyone within these holy precincts who favors stem cell research (even if those stem cells come from fetuses tossed in the garbage).

Now, the Roman Catholic Church is free to believe and promote whatever religious nonsense it so desires. Ironically, however, the majority of Catholics in the U.S. do not agree with nor follow the lead of the Vatican when it comes to issues such as abortion and contraception.

Nevertheless, it wouldn't make sense to appoint someone to the Holy See who is not wanted by the pompous papists in Vatican City.

So, if President Obama is restricted to persons who are anti-choice and anti-stem cell research, then perhaps he should consider not appointing an ambassador to the Vatican at all. The Vatican is like an one time it was a political it's a useless appendage.

That's right. As crazy as it sounds, the Vatican is not only a religious institution but a political entity, a political state.

Who needs it? And we do not need to send an ambassador to this pitiful little political realm in Italy.

Obama and his aides can send the Pope an e-mail if and when the need arises to communicate with the old guy.


Grandpa Eddie said...

I still don't see why we need to send an ambassador to the Vatican. It is not a country, it is a group of buildings in a city. It does not have voting rights in the UN. It does not have a political party, it has a religion.
When we start recognizing a religion as a country, we are really going to start having problems.

Jacob said...

GE - actually, the Vatican is a country, with its own army - the Swiss Guards. Crazy, but true.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Well if it is a country, does it have an ambassador to the UN and does it donate to the IMF?

Jacob said...

Well...I don't know about the ambassador to the UN and the IMF...but here's a link giving some information:

It's a goofball situation, for sure.

Jacob said...

Here's more: The Vatican has an ambassador to the UN and has an ambassador to the US.

Heh. Heh.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Heh...maybe we should kick their ambassador out of the country.

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