Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea bag losers - Conservatives without a cause


Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, none of them had a problem with the spending habits of Bush and St. Ronnie, but get someone in office who wants to fix the mess he was left by a bunch of greedy fucks and they all get pissed after getting all cranked up by two of the assholes who helped create this mess.

Anonymous said...

It must be so confusing for modern liberals. Imagine calling yourself a "liberal" when, in fact, the "liberal" party you support has become the party in favor of dominant, aggressive, controlling government.

The “tea baggers” want smaller government, less taxes, less intrusion in people’s lives. I would think you would embrace them, unless, of course, you are cloaking Socialist/Fascist desires under the guise of liberalism.

Tea-baggers are made up of BOTH parties and have been struggling with bloated government for years and years; including being fed up with George Bush’s exploding deficits. Obama is simply the recipient of the rage – which he brought on himself by becoming the biggest spender in the history of the nation. He makes Bush look like bush-league spender. He brought the rage on himself by attempting to steal private industry and nationalize everything.
Congress has the power of the purse strings – not the President. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply ignorant. The Democrats are in their third year of having that power. They have presided over the entire economic downturn, no matter how many times they say they inherited the mess. That’s just a fact … but had the Republicans been in power it would have been more of the same. They are the same party, people. They are the EXACT same party disguised as a choice. You guys are so busy fighting over talking points they both give you that you are missing the truth.

So, ridicule the tea-baggers … it only proves that you are big government; pro-slavery; anti-freedom liberty hating lemmings with no real understanding. There is no other option.

Jacob said...

Well, I won't argue much with someone who simply has no clue what he or she is talking about.

I will say, though, that all of what you say is bullshit. And the tea baggers could best be described as morons. First of all, to pretend they were someone doing what those of the Boston Tea Party did just shows how stupid they are. The Boston Tea Party was about taxation without representation. The TBer's have representation. It also shows how anti-democratic they are - they lost the election!!! Live with that. Try to make the country better, not tear it down!

Furthmore, most all of these morons (except maybe for the biggest moron of all, Glenn Beckie) will get a tax CUT!

The bailouts, etc., were initiated under the previous administration which in the beginning showed a total lack of economic sense by taking a Democratic surplus and running it into the ground while lying us into a useless and unnecessary war which has cost almost a trillion dollars of borrowed money.

Maybe President Obama can, with the help of other people with a brain, do something about the mess we're in.

But a bunch of treasonous tea baggers yelping about non-existent problems aren't going to help.

You are aware, of course, that the whole tea bagging thing was a carefully-construction operation funded by well-heeling ultra wingnuts on the right...not by the grassroots.

Have a nice day. Read some history. And to call me "pro-slavery" makes you one of the biggest dumb asses ever to write a comment on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, well, since you claim I am wrong I must be wrong, eh? Get a clue, ok? The right-wingers are being as crazed as the left-wingers were during the Bush years. When Bush was the President all I heard from the left was that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Now, according to you, it’s treasonous? I wish you guys would make up your minds.

You claim there was a Democrat surplus? When? Under Clinton? Uh, don’t think so. As said earlier, the Congress controls the purse strings and ALL the surpluses happened under a Republican Congress.

BUT, that is neither here nor there. Both parties are corrupt and hide behind each other. The knuckle headed socialists on this board might disagree, thinking that wunderkind Obama is the savior of the universe, but I’d say he is more an ignorant, inexperienced punk than anything else. But, what was the alternative? McCain? What a joke. They both sucked … but I can admit it.

As far as my “slavery” comment, it was neither ignorant nor does it make me a dumb-ass. It makes me astute. Many actual “slaves” did not want to leave the plantation because they had all they needed; they had subsistence. Exactly what the DemoRepub party has in mind for all Americans (with support of the mindless socialists). Tax them into equality; keep them all just above subsistence; and keep them confused. It’s Animal Farm all over again and the pigs are all living in Washington.

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